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  1. Glad to see it's on HAL's website now. Some of us booked with this promotion a few weeks ago, in our case we saw it on the Big Box site, asked our PCC about it, and he added it to our booking.
  2. Our (April 2) 39-day Sydney-Vancouver cruise was canceled March 14. We re-booked a January cruise (Mexico Riviera/Circle Hawaii) it includes the "Have it All" promotion. We still have September, December, and next fall cruises on the books. Not too sure about the ones this year, especially September 😞 I agree with those who say the best thing we can do for HAL now is to book a cruise.
  3. It will be canceled. Imagine if all the cruises were canceled at the same time, what a mess that would be. The number of people calling them multiplied by the thousands, all wanting to know when they're getting their refunds, etc. etc. and then sending out those refunds etc. etc. It may seem odd to us, but really, the alternative would be worse.
  4. It's been a long time since I've gotten the flu shot from my doctor, now I always go to a local pharmacy to get it. But they do send my doctor verification that I had it done, so it's always in my records.
  5. It is refundable. Ours will be credited to the credit card we used for the booking. It's just taking awhile, as everything else is.
  6. I don't know why it isn't showing on the HAL website. DH saw it on the Big Box site, asked our PCC about it, and he added it to our newest booking.
  7. Exactly. I haven't made many plans either, other than a refundable hotel in SD. Time will tell, a lot can happen between now and late September.
  8. Why??? September is 6 months away -- I'm worried for our Pacific Coastal too.
  9. When you can get there, you'll love it. We got there on our own (bus + taxi) a few years ago. But I wanted to say that Trip Advisor has been great about refunds and rescheduling, I don't think you'll have a problem with them. Wish I could say the same for the Victoria Grayline Hop on Hop Off. They've closed their operations (which is understandable) but aren't replying to emails or sending refunds. 🙄
  10. So disappointed, but understand why. When our cruise was canceled we booked our other most favorite vacation (we go every 1-2 years). We were ok with Xanterra closing restaurants and hotels, we have a booking in Gardiner with a full kitchen. We're hanging onto it *just in case* they open again by our May 4-8 reservation, but know we'll get there eventually when traveling is an option again.
  11. We have bookings in September and December 2020, and January 2021 but not holding my breath. What will be will be.
  12. I would definitely wait. Friends who didn't wait and canceled their cruises only got a 100% refund. Others, like us, who waited until HAL said the cruise was canceled, got 125% future cruise credit plus $250/per person on board credit. Try to be patient, they will cancel.
  13. Just yesterday DH asked our PCC this question. He said the FCC will go back to your Mariner # and you can use it on a future cruise. Just so you book by the end of this year and sail by end of next year.
  14. Too bad they have the wrong ship in the photo!
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