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    ^ Well done!
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    1990 Carnivale-2.jpg

    Carnivale - 24th. Sept. 1990!
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    1990 Carnivale-1.jpg

    Carnivale - 25th. Sept. 1990
  4. AT the top end of the train-ride (fabulous Cherry Tree Hill view included!) the engine needs to do a rotation on a turntable: interesting. You get to see and even participate if you want to. Those two pics above ^ show the engine on the turntable!
  5. I live on the island -just East of Bridgetown I have my own car, so the two ladies and I drove ourselves up there. It was Sunday morning easy-going traffic, so it only took me 1/2 hour or so Plus I knew exactly where I was going! It might take more like 40-45 mins. during the week. You'll need to get a local taxi guy who knows where Nicholas Abbey is up in the remote highlands of St. Peter parish. If he doesn't know, get another driver who does know! How much? is he gonna charge you for taking you there, waiting for you, and then taking you back, or onwards on a tour of the East Coast ... is another matter. I suggest you arrange an island tour that includes the train-ride stop (1 hr.)
  6. Carnival Carnivale in 1987!
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    Bow section - Mardi Gras.jpg

    Upper bow section coming in!
  8. Aplmac

    Carnival's new MARDI GRAS!

    Due to start cruising in October 2020 A collection of artist's impression and photos from the shipyard at Turku
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  10. They prefer you to book online ahead of time which we did the very same morning we went up there but you can also book weeks or months ahead on their easily navigable ticket website at https://snahr.com/tickets Adults pay Bds. $ 60 = U.S. $ 30 and kids pay less. Pleasant-enough surroundings, nice landscaping - and there's a gift shop and cafe near to the train station! Take your camera!!
  11. Up in the highlands of Northern Barbados about 750 ft. above sea level -lies a small privately-owned railway that began accommodating visitors and locals for train rides. This service started in January 2019, and I finally made it in November 2019. Here's a short YouTube clip of the ride.
  12. Most of the time, that's a great way to see a lot of the island! Engage a local taxi and give him/her some idea of what your interests are. This is St. John's Parish Church, overlooking the island's East coast. Great views on a clear day!
  13. I cruise because I can depart from Bridgetown Port, 10-15 mins. away from my house and because I don't have to fly anywhere! Cruising makes a reg. Air Travel holiday look shabby! That's why I cruise.
  14. The individual's Biggest Carbon Footprint Of All Time
  15. Being the only passenger on a flight is also incredibly creepy not to mention the individual's Biggest Carbon Footprint Of All Time If it were me, I would refuse to fly.
  16. There's nothing left to cut! so get over it. Cost-cutting results in a crappy product, eventually.
  17. Thank you for saving your cards! Every one of my cruise cards represents a great week/cruise of my life!
  18. Would love to see SCANS of any really-early Carnival Cruises cards or what passed for cards in those days, pre-1990! This is history, people. Start recording history!
  19. Earliest cruise card I know of is 1986 -July. And he still has it! -Hope it's willed to me
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