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  1. Unfortunately, a couple of months seems right these days I don't want to start a storm of visitors to here in Maine but both local grocery stores have plenty of TP and paper towels. Very different from 1 month ago.
  2. Read a couple of days ago that Seychelles will be closed to ships through 2021
  3. not to steal or bend this thread but in this day and with what is going on if you get on a cruise how many extra days of medicine do people plan on taking. I usually take a week (after getting stuck in Europe on 9/11 but I think that may not be enough now.
  4. Maine says they will re-examine in September but that could change. Saw an article today that a Oceana ship will be docked in Maine for a while - not taking passengers or ? just a place to dock. I think that is one of the other issues - how many ships will be attempting to dock at a port when some country opens a lot I'm sure and the bidding will be very tough to get a port. Going to be very tough at the beginning. I think we all should write to our Congress member that the PVSA should be gone anyway let alone for this time period. It was designed to protect the ship building industry and people working in the industry - well that didn't work. I can see a need for some regulations so that a foreign vessel and crew don't replace a US one for ferry like service but as long as, for instance, you don't do the same start and end ports more than 2 times a year.... Since I'm sure I don't know 10% of the details of ship itinerary, etc. there are plenty of other issues/ solutions but I think it is going to take the industry a while to figure this all out - personally I wouldn't count on cruising for a year and even then it will look very different.
  5. The other big issue to me is travel back and forth. I don’t want to get stuck anywhere. personally I think it might be a couple of years before I cruise again. Even if in a year things appear to be ok someone gets a cold on a ship panic will ensue and we’ll be caught up frozen and stuck until issue resolved
  6. Another issue with social distancing. Last summer when a couple of Eagles sat on the deck rail on 7 how do you tell people they can’t come out and see. We were within 6 feet of eagles let alone each other. Same with deck crowding to see glaciers. you might hav e to dull cruises to keep people away from each other vaccine is needed and in use around the world
  7. I think you also have to eliminate the panic a case would cause and some assurance that you could get home easily after 1 person on your ship got sick. I think, for the next xx months if cruising restarts and some one gets a cold while on a ship the ship could be blocked from entering a port and the passengers refused disembarking for 14 days of so.
  8. not denying any of this. One thing that makes the travel industry unique is that much of their money is received months and more before the product (trip) gets delivered. Although I spent a lot of years in commercial lending none of it involved the travel industry so obviously I'm not the expert there but the cash flow problems must be unbelievable.
  9. Wonder when some of the popular ports will re-open and allow ships? I would expect there may be significant changes in itineraries when plans are released from the lines who are providing new open dates.
  10. Lets not forget the getting to and from a cruise. Even if all is well on the ship and then something happens and you can't get home. I think it will be a long time before cruising gets back to "normal" - sure there maybe ships sailing but back to a year ago - I think it will be a while. I also feel that if someone coughs on a ship that could lead to panic which would spread via news all over the place I also think there is going to be a financial impact that may exceed the health one. The US and it states as well as other countries and spending more than they take in especially with so many unemployed and many businesses may never re-open and jobs and savings lost. Time will tell but I think it will be several years before cruising returns to normal - there may be some ships sailing before that but new normal will take a while.
  11. Also the issue of tendering and for many people the land excursions whether Crystal or not. I also thing for a while - vaccine or not - if someone on a ship starts coughing they will quarantine the entire ship for a while - not that I blame them safe is the first importance. Even a few years from now after, hopefully, this is cured and prevented there will be a lot of concerns about the next pandemic and are cruise ships safe
  12. Read an article in USATODAY. Yesterday about this is a general complaint most cruise lines. Doesn’t mean it is right but no one was prepared
  13. been to that shop - hopefully we can get up there later when things open up more here in Maine. I'm sure Bar Harbor is really going to suffer this year
  14. Maybe - but who knows - some of the BIG ports could develop a pre-cruise stop off site - individual bungalows or similar where guests would check in - get tested, wait for results and then cleared to join a ship for a cruise. Would be a lot of effort but maybe an only way to get people started and feel comfortable about being safe on a ship.
  15. I'd do a cruise to nowhere - but as Keith and others have stated it will be just as bad getting there and getting home as possible. Not going to happen but it would be nice if the US would wave the foreign port requirement for the next year.
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