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  1. The other issue with vaccines is that there is an expectation that many won't get vaccinated. Has to be both in your home country and where ever you are visiting. Going to be tough going for a while
  2. So if you book a Crystal excursion could it include walking around a historic site or will you be restricted to staying on a bus. Gee there is that historic site but we can't visit it. I can understand the need but really doesn't make cruising a great thing.
  3. Thanks for the correct ship and date - sometimes I can't remember what I did yesterday - other than not being on a ship.
  4. Since this is a Crystal board is why I was mentioning Crystal. I was not picking on or criticizing Crystal but since this is a Crystal board mentioning it. What I thought I explained was not that people on this board would stop traveling on Crystal but people looking for where to cruise and saw that might cross Crystal off there list . If I remember correctly, and I think it was Symphony was banned from some California areas and ports a while ago for dumping sewage too close to shore in a no - dump zone. As answered the if build new ships was again referencing Crystal since with all the financial and other difficulties who knows what the future holds?
  5. I didn't think this would effect the thinking of people on this board - but there are those who are unfamiliar with Crystal and the ratings that this group gives and say - "NOT doing that cruise line" . I'm sure new ships, if ever built, will be cleaner but the nature of cruising makes "clean" almost impossible to achieve
  6. A group called Friends of the Earth rated cruise lines for environment issues. Crystal was at bottom with an F in most categories. There is an article about ratings on USATODAY under travel. Another non positive article for Crystal
  7. Although I agree it might not be a Crystal experience - I don't think we are going to see the old experience for years even if cruising starts again in 2021. What I do think, and this is for all cruise lines, if provide an experience for people who will find it easier to get to a cruise and most importantly, to me, to get home. Helping the industry and getting things started even if not close to the same as the old will help all levels of cruising. A lot of people cruise because they most enjoy sea days and this could be for them. Sure they'd have to provide maybe more and different types of entertainment etc. Not without risks but starting is needed.
  8. They have, in the past, done unofficial cruises when new ships were rolled out - with limited small passenger loads (my parents took 1 on Symphony). Who know how they will get things rolling again, with testing new procedures and making sure crew is all set.
  9. Interesting how many on this board were on that cruise It was the "worst" one I have taken on Crystal due to weather and other issues - decision not to use tugs to get out of dock in Reykjavik - the first try - causing us to miss a stop - taking hours to disembark in NY, etc. BUT it didn't stop me from cruising on Crystal again. As said in another thread it is the on board crew that makes Crystal fabulous.
  10. I've said this before but I think we should contact our Congress people in the US and ask them to do a temporary (or permanent) halt of the law that prohibits cruises without foreign port (ok not a totally accurate description). Lines could do a Boston to Miami or similar to get people back on board without having to worry that much about air transportation. Sure you might have to fly to ports but I'd think easier to manage than to/from foreign ports and you could drive if you had to. I think that would get things rolling again for cruises in the US.
  11. There are whole investment companies that deal with similar situations - lets say you think Crystal is worth $100 - so you offer to lend them $25 with provision if they don't pay back you own them.. If needed you can sell the assets for $30(maybe just the steel or furniture etc. after breaking up the ships or similar or even the actual cruise ships). So you make money and the company is given a chance to survive. Obviously not real numbers. You'd be surprised how many companies have gone through difficult times this way. In spite of comments about the fact that the cruise vessels are "worthless" - a 25 year old outstanding maintained and updated Rolls Royce is still probably worth more than a 3 year old Chevrolet.
  12. I think what has made Crystal great, to me, is the staff and how they react with customers and how they provide the kind of service that I haven't found elsewhere. The company that owns it is less important, to me, than the company that runs it. Sure owners can ruin stuff but it is still the staff.
  13. Even if not lethal as originally thought but do you want to be that sick anytime let alone on vacation? Recently, there has been plenty of evidence that groups cause this disease to spread very quickly
  14. I think it will all depend upon how soon they can start. If they can do world cruise even if modified they’ll be ok. If nothing until 2 quarter I think no more Crystal
  15. Although I was involved with commercial financing (for companies that had cash flow problems but with good assets), I would not attempt to predict based upon the information that we know and my knowledge. However, I feel that if Crystal can get cruises going in the beginning of 2021 I think they will be OK and able to bring their customers back. If there is another quarter delay I think we will have seen the end of Crystal as a brand. Hind sight is wonderful but as others have commented Crystal probably spent too much money going in directions that didn't lead anywhere other than River, and probably should have replace the ocean ships and expanded that segment which would have given them more valuable assets and a better chance of recovery. Time will tell and I hope it will tell a great story.
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