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  1. not meaning also to steal great thread but also with some 2022 itineraries out and “all” soon it’d think they’d run into confusion and issues with people booking a 2022 then finding out a new ship with cancellations and rebooking. They should be more definite about when.
  2. Was on 7 on Symphony earlier this year -was never disturbed by people walking or talking by. I tried to look inside our window from the promenade but could see anything but a lighter area - but nothing inside. Since we spend as little time possible in our rooms the size doesn't bother us. Plenty of storage space, etc. Too much to do on a Crystal cruise to want to spend time in your room
  3. The airline industry, at least the US one, competes on how little service and comfort they can provide. But domestically, at least you have little choice.
  4. I have this issue and not only with the Crystal site, very frustrating
  5. There are some excursions for which there are cancellation dates or fees or non-cancellable . These are clearly noted in the description and when you sign up
  6. As another person who was on that 2012 transatlantic = interesting how many of us were on that and still on this board etc. Yup Jim was great and Crystal was Crystal but the rest of the trip - not so much - missed ports, really bad weather, delays in NYC getting off. Remember we couldn't get out of dock in Reykjavik due to winds pushing us against the dock and then waiting 5 hours for tugs to get our out of port - so then we missed Halifax because we "couldn't make it on time " - but we passed the port there several hours before we were due to dock. A trip to remember but we'd probably like to forget.
  7. Many years ago we took a Crystal Cruise that did Scotland - one of the optional golf outing was a round at St Andrews - not the old course but still how many times do you get to play at St. Andrews.
  8. I would think traffic would drop somewhat post Olympics but potentially increase as people who went to Olympics want to go back and also tell all friends about it. As much as I'd like to go back since we didn't really see all we wanted to when we were there in May joining Symphony it is such a long flight from anywhere in US especially the east coast. With the long flight to get the fancy sleeper seats (which I sill don't do too well in due to my size) it is very expensive to fly to Japan. I used to go to Atlanta a lot and the change from pre-Olympics to post was amazing Maybe some ship line needs to start transpacific regular voyages such a Cunard does for trans Atlantic.
  9. Since it has been a couple of months and.. I believe either when you board or in documents there are instructions to go to Connect.Crystal.com where one choice is connect to WiFi where they "walk" you through steps - this is also the location to go to for menus, Reflection etc.
  10. Yup Whisper. I got off you got on. Must have been an interesting cruise not totally knowing what you were going to. We even considered trying to get back on figuring it might be a quicker way back to USA although I agree we can do so much more ourselves these days a great TA can still provide options you might not think of.
  11. Symphony looked great earlier this year. There were a couple of hall carpets that looked warned but those were replaced at a port stop. if I remember correctly Harmony was retired because it could no longer meet all the safety regulations for many countries. As things change as in so many more ships countries will tighten regulations. I live on the bay in Portland Maine and many days this time of year we have 2 very large an a smaller ship in a small area. There are battles these days since Portland is also a lobster and fishing port with discussions about how much is too much. if I remember Crystal also got in trouble in CA years ago for dumping not far off shore
  12. Gosh I guess I need to switch from Crystal, Regent, Seabourn , etc since I like to eat early I guess I’ll head to mass marketing cruise lines. Will I still be allowed to be at the gym at 5am?
  13. On a cruise this May/June several ports didn’t have excursions listed until a few weeks before where other ports had them months out. Unfortunately seems somewhat normal these days.
  14. My feelings about TA's is that when you need them you NEED them. We had just gotten off a cruise in Dublin on 9/11 and were to fly back to the US the next day. Obviously, that didn't happen - our TA found us hotel in London, and several days later a flight in to Halifax, a 1 night hotel there - then ferry to Bar Harbor, ME then car rental etc. I'm fairly certain we would have never been able to do it as well with a great TA. Hopefully, none of ever experiences those days again but when you need you NEED. Unfortunately, our great TA retired a couple of years ago and I'm certain we haven't found an equal yet.
  15. First I'm one of those old people who eat dinner at 5:00 pm when home (ok maybe 5:15) so eating at 6 on our last cruise (May- June) was late for us but really not a problem. We saw some lines at 6 when Waterside opened but not as long as the picture indicates but everything moved quickly. After we had "picked" our wait staff and table we asked for it a few times and then when we got up to the front of the line - we were told which table - our pick. Worked out great. We weren't in favor of open seating but after the first few cruises it seemed to work out great. A typical Crystal experience where great staff just makes things work
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