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  1. I do carry sanitizer and use it regularly in the store etc. I use it in the store and car etc. Do the gloves get dirty - sure but rather than than my hands - each to his own (or it is time will tell).
  2. Sorry to get back close to topic but I would think for many of us the price isn't going to be the final factor these days. Just due to a very low price I wouldn't take a cruise on an itinerary I didn't want or with COVID-19 caused conditions (masks all the time, not being able to eat with others, no sitting in bar lounges etc). To me, on a line such as Crystal, the only thing a very low price would mean is that I would lose less money if the line went out of business and I could not be getting my money back.
  3. I can't conceive of a thread staying on topic - even with a place to be off topic
  4. I think it is time for cruise critic fans to write to their Congress people asking for at least a temporary suspension of the passenger act that requires foreign port stops. It would be easier I think to do a Miami to Bar Harbor oR LA to Hawaii then having to deal with foreign to the US countries. Could be temp with rules about not becoming ferry service but I think it is time
  5. I wear gloves when I’m at a place like grocery store. Replace them often medical people blood workers etc wear gloves
  6. With people from the US not allowed to travel to EU countries I would think river cruises are not going to happen until that roadblock gets removed. Not sure what % of river passengers are US but I would think a lot.
  7. Here in Maine gas (and I assume due to oil) prices have gone up consistently over the last month or so.
  8. Have read a couple of articles in other press that refunds are a big issue for many people associated with cancelled cruises. Not sure, from reading, what detail and accuracy but it sure seems as if it isn't just Crystal disappointing their customers.
  9. To me, at the moment, there are too many questions that need to be answered before I'd go on a cruise. I don't want to get stuck on a ship or in some port without the ability to get home or get home quickly (I was "stuck" in Europe on 9/11 totally different circumstances but not knowing when or how getting home was real stress). Then even when things seem to start up I wouldn't want to be on one of the first few cruises for a line. As great as Crystal is it took them a couple of cruises before changes like all inclusive were tweaked to make them work well - I'm sure this will be the same. Do I wear a mask when out - sure do. Even if it was only 10% of solution to spreading it is worth it. These are tough times and we need to work together to get things back but that will still take time and effort.
  10. There aren’t too many companies these days without some financial difficulties just imagine if the prior Crystal president was still in charge. She’d be bragging about slowest refunds in the business and then she’d buy 4 more airplanes
  11. There is a difference (and happening here in the US) between people wanting and wearing and being required to wear masks. What does a ship do if required and a passenger refuses to wear a mask?
  12. On some thread I posted that an O ship is staying in a small port in Maine with no crew allowed off and paying a very handsome fee to the town - same town is now negotiating with NCL to dock one of their ships there for duration. Great business for small ports in the US. Maybe Crystal would dock over here also if next cruise in US based.
  13. Don't remember if covered in Keith's great post but you can also get other things all the time in Waterside such as Caesar Salad or Shrimp Cocktail. One of the key things about sailing on Crystal is if you want something ASK. The crew truly hates to say no and will get you what you want if they can.
  14. Wonder how long before will Crystal start moving Serenity to the East Coast US - I know they have plenty of time still but a long voyage and will they stay in Miami for a few days (if allowed) or park at sea for a while. Also which way will they go - west then across Atlantic or East and across Pacific and Panama Canal. I know it will be a while and someone here will let us know when they see the ship moving.
  15. I'd read the for first time cruises thread at the top of the Crystal forum. Keith does and outstanding job of telling you everything you need and want to know about a Crystal cruise
  16. What I miss is nothing to worry about other than what I'm going to order for dinner. Everything else all taken care of for us.
  17. To me one of the big questions is what will cruising be like in 2023, when hopefully this virus has well past in most of the world. I know everything changes but will cruising go back to what we are used to or is 2020-2021 going to be the new normal.
  18. The Oceania Riviera yesterday docked in a very northern town in Maine - for just waiting until? Apparently she has 131 crew on board and they won't be allowed off the ship. They are paying $50,000 a month to dock there. Nice revenue for a town of 1,300. https://bangordailynews.com/2020/06/17/news/down-east/large-cruise-ship-waiting-out-coronavirus-pandemic-in-eastport/
  19. I also believe that the Crystal policy says 90 business days which adds to the real day total.
  20. I assume Symphony will have to complete its dry dock before it can really head out cruising. When will the ship yard open?
  21. Not totally wanting to make excuses for Crystal but if, as a company, you don't have much experience with refunds it isn't just one of those things that you can hire a few temps to do the job. Those who are doing the refunds have a bunch of private and financial information about the customer and so you need to make sure you have the right people doing that job. Again, 90+ business days is, to me, another indication of financial issues. Look at the big companies that have declared bankruptcy during this financial crisis.
  22. Still looks good - 30 years. I remember it was a great ship - until you got on Symphony and realize what an upgrade - but it was a great ship with fantastic crew. Not that things would have worked out but it would have been great if Crystal could have organized a trip that caused Harmony and Serenity to meet up in some port this year. Glad all is well with crew.
  23. More important and more off the topic - is there any great pizza in Maine
  24. Isn't there also a CDC requirement still that you can't get off a cruise ship and get on an airliner? Maybe I'm remembering half of something that is not longer in effect. Maybe I'm not dealing with this correctly but I'm still a lot more worried about getting home and what is going to happen in ports than I am about actually being on a Crystal ship.
  25. Sorry Jim - I've been to all the "great" NH pizza places (used to live in CT) but nothing is better than the little stores in NYC where you just go in and order a slice. Does this go down as a "Food Fight"
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