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  1. That's one "treat" that I don't like. Can't stand strawberries in any way, shape or form.
  2. Maybe the crew are just tired, overworked, and missing their families at holiday time. It is up to us to treat them respectfully, and greet them with a smile when they walk by.
  3. We have cruised aboard the Dawn many times, Boston to Bermuda, repo cruises, and a14 day round trip cruise between Boston and the Caribbean. The Dawn underwent a multi-million dollar rehab, around two years ago. She's a lovely smaller ship, minus some of the bells and whistles of the larger ones. That's what I look for on a cruise, plenty of parties blended in with peace and quiet. That's what the Dawn has. I don't need or want a race track, and all that stuff. Pay no attention to Nay sayers. The Dawn is a very nice ship, with a fantastic crew. After my 14 day cruise, I still wasn't ready to go home.
  4. None of the above interest me anyway. The new menu shows some things that I would order, such as the Mediterranean Chicken or the Skirt steak.
  5. I know. We boarded in New York a few times, and at least once in New Jersey. None were great experiences. Even Penn Station was difficult for getting to the street level with luggage. I didn't notice an elevator, and had to use the escalator to get to the street, or upon return to go down. That's dangerous.
  6. Better than NCL. They don't allow any liquids to be brought on by passengers. You have to buy it on board.
  7. As a Platinum member, I receive most of these perks anyway. I don't want the canapes, and there are coupons for spa on port days. No, I won't pay for any "extra" perks.
  8. The cabin steward is covered by the DSC, but you can tip him extra if you choose to. The Butler and Concierge are not included in the DSC, (daily service charge) so base your tip on how much they do for you. Just sayin'
  9. In Massachusetts, one can renew a driver's license at participating AAA offices. I did that yesterday, and was there for roughly one half hour. To answer the OP's question, yes, she should get a passport for her grandchild. For $60.00 extra, it can be expedited. Just go to your local post office to start the process.
  10. What are the perks that are included?
  11. If you contact the guest services special needs dept., they will help you. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. They say that every passenger will receive the post cruise survey, but I never do, unless I contact guest services from the website and ask for one. NCL has my email address, so I don't understand why.
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