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  1. NCL is advertising some cruises toward the end of 2020, and into 2021. I hope that they can sail. My cruise consultant called to book us, but we didn't do it yet. As seniors, we don't want to deal with restrictions, such a a letter from our doctor. Whether we decide to take the chance should be up to us, not our doctor.
  2. We were supposed to be on the Gem this week, Boston to Bermuda. This would have been our last full day aboard. WAHHHH. The only good thing is we're spared the sadness of packing to go home, because we're already here. Anyway, we will spend some time on Cape Cod.
  3. Will every activity be by reservation only, and will we have to make reservations to go to the pool?
  4. What if you drink cool water before getting your temperature taken.
  5. I always enjoy my NCL cruises, and hate when they end.
  6. Here in Massachusetts, Governor Baker issued a mandate for everyone with the exception of babies under 2, or those with health problems preventing the wearing of a mask, to wear one in public or face the possibility of a fine......No pun intended. Most people we see are following his orders. Massachusetts currently has over 77,000 cases of covid. The problems I could see with social distancing on the ships, would be in the theater. They would need to seat people in alternating rows, 3 seats apart. What about the performers? Many shows require them to touch each other when dancing.
  7. Bermuda is the port that we love to visit, because the island is beautiful with plenty to do, locals are very friendly, and we always feel safe there. That said, our next favorites are sea days. I just love to be on the ship, watch the sea and relax.
  8. When an NCL ship returns to Boston, ready to take us to Bermuda, we'll happily book. Right now we can't even go to the hairdresser, barber shop, or shopping at Marshall's, so a cruise in the future will be welcome when safe to do so.
  9. If you're into airplane spotting, you might want to visit Clearwater Beach. It's located within view of the airport, and a short cab ride from St. George.
  10. Thank you for posting your memories of the S.S. Norway. I never had the chance to sail on her but came close. Right before the news broke about the explosion, my friend and I were about to call for reservations. We felt so sad, about the loss of life aboard her.
  11. Four of us were in Bermuda last summer, and we recommend Arthur Wade the Calypso Cowboy. His phone # is on his website. We met him on the pier after disembarking from the NCL Gem, and he gave us a fantastic tour, with an excellent narration. We asked to see places where locals went, and he didn't disappoint. His fare was reasonable for a two hour tour, and we'll probable contact Arthur again on our next visit. Hopefully, Covid 19 will dissipate soon, and we'll be able to rebook our cruise.
  12. I can recommend calling Arthur Wade, the Calypso Cowboy. (441-300-8290} . His phone number is on his website. We met him last summer on the pier, after disembarking from the Gem, and he gave the 4 of us a wonderful tour of places where many locals go. Not necessarily tourist trap places. I don't remember how much we paid for a two hour tour, but it was reasonable. Arthur's narration was amazing. When we return, we'll probable contact him again. You can tell him that Nahoumi & Jones from Massachusetts recommend him. He may remember us.
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