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  1. DS actually normally really likes museums, just not the art ones! That said, I remember being around his age (10) and going to Hermitage for the first time and being in absolute awe of the grandiosity of it, so hopefully he will feel that too.
  2. Haha! They are in every museum in Russia and LOVE yelling at museum goers. I remember bringing my than fiancee to Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and his utter shock at being yelled at for standing in front of one painting for too long, and that was 20 years ago! Some things dont change... I am trying to convince DH that we really dont need to see Hermitage, but it is a no-go so far. I am hoping it will be too stuffy and crowded and we can bail out early (before DS gets extremely bored). Thankfully we are on private tour, so if we want to skip or leave early, it wouldnt be an issue.
  3. to XBGuy: But Royal has Alfredo's! Not as good as SHARE in my opinion (DH is the opposite), but their veal tortellini are amazing! Plus if you DW likes sushi, Royal has whole sushi/raw fish bar with excellet view of piazza. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as Ruby!
  4. Not always, sometimes "humongous box" I normally use doesnt have the same sales as Princess. Last time the extra $$ they were offering were less than total sum of perks Princess was offering during a sale. Plus cabin i wanted was not available in "humongous box" inventory but was available on Princess.com. Other times, $$ were worth dealing with third party. It all depends!
  5. I am sorry, you have the same chance of your cc being hacked by Russian hackers in US, as in Russia itself. Internet doesnt discriminate on the country of origin :) Our private tour required deposit of $100 that we made by Paypal and the rest is payable to the operator in USD upon arrival.
  6. Thank you for correcting me, fishywood! I always forget that Caribbean Princess is referred to as CB, not CP! My apologies. The pool I was referring to on Caribbean Princess was specifically designated as "kids pool", it was right next to kids club, had a sun sail over it for shade and no lounges around. Kind of really well kept secret :). I have not been on Star Princess, but the other Grand class ships I have been on didnt have same pool (Coral, Crown, Emerald, Ruby)
  7. Swimming diapers are/were permitted in the kiddy pool behind kids club on CP. CP is/was the only ship in the fleet that has/had such a pool, on other Grand class ships it was replaced with outdoor kid play area for the kids club use only. Kiddy pool on CP is/was open to everyone and was great place hang out and meet other moms. I once chatted with 1st officers wife for entire afternoon not realizing who she was until her hubby came by 🙂 Good times! I used "is/was", because we have not been back to CP in a while (5 years or so) and I dont know if pool is still there. The point is, if area is designated for kids, I am pretty sure swim diapers will be permitted.
  8. I agree. Frankly, all the belly aching from the "old guard" about Princess changes (for the worst) is getting a bit tiring. Yes families with kids do cruise Princess and some of them are even Elite (gasp!)
  9. You DC will LOVE Princess kids clubs. They do fantastic job with kids and have very caring staff members. I remember chatting with them in Princess Cays facility on one of our cruises when DS was little (3 yo) and he was the only one in his group attending - most of the staff had child development degrees of some kind (albeit not necessarily from US). We have been taking DS (now 10) on Princess for 7 years now and he has never been bored on the ship. As for screen time, it is normally allowed only in the first and last hour of the opening window (marked as "cruisers choice" on itinerary). Might be different with less kids. On our last 14 day I have rarely seen DS play video games, as they were more interested in air hockey tournament :). Technically, you should pre-register and we try to do that even if we are not planning to go. However, I have never been refused a spot if I forgot to pre-register the night before. You might get a reminder that you should, but we were never told "No, your kid cant stay". Keep in mind that for port day activities, groups are often combined (older and younger kids together in older kid's space).
  10. We are going to Market Square and catching ferry to Suomelinna from there. Should be fun!
  11. I am Russian and tipping is appreciated but not required, it was wide spread before USSR and came back with Russian Federation. In Russia it is not called tipping it is called "tea money"
  12. We are huge Princess fans and are in fact doing Regal out of Copenhagen in June. Regal is amazing ship fully integrated with Medallion and has awesome internet service (at least it did last year in Caribbean). Normally Princess is my first choice and NCL second, we have not sailed RCCL in a long time. Why dont go with longer cruise (11 nights) and give Princess a chance? They are cheapest per your post, so you will have more $ to go on excursions with! Princess has a bit different "feel" than NCL. I would say it is more "classic" with great entertainment for all ages. My DS (10) loves cruising and he really liked Regal, especially the Princess Live! Princess ships also have great teen clubs with their own dedicated hangout spaces/hot tubs/discos. If you need extra info, ask. We have loved our cruise on Regal!
  13. I just did this. For the "security picture" it only lets you take a photo. This makes sense as photo should be recent and not one from 20 years ago with better "lighting". For profile picture (avatar) you can upload whatever you like. We did pics of our dog.
  14. Just booked 14 day Circle Caribbean over holidays with May sale promo. Free grats made the deal over Costco Travel.
  15. Not to be a detractor, but painting a matryoshka doll would be a punishment for a 10 and up boy (generalizing, but still). From what I have seen of prepackaged "for kids" tours, they tend to cater to under 10 crowd, and OPs kids are 10 and up.
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