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  1. We just booked this cruise for April of next year and appreciate the comments. Jack
  2. Just got back from our first Seabourn cruise. The caviar event was held on Sir Bani Yas Island in the UAE and was one of the highlights of our cruise. Huge tubs of caviar were placed on surf boards and the crew waded the boards out in the Gulf with enough caviar to feed an army. Other crew members then waded out with never ending bottles of Champagne. Warm Arabian Gulf water, bright sun, caviar and Champagne - it doesn't get a lot better than that!
  3. Just got back from Dubai. What an amazing place! Thanks for all the help on this thread - it helped quiet a bit on our visit. Jack
  4. Great. Thanks for the quick reply. Jill is already packing and this helps her decide on what to take. Good photos also! Jack
  5. Does anyone know if the Encore has the same facilities? Thanks.
  6. Thanks! That is going to help with the packing. We will be there in about 6 weeks. Jack
  7. Wife wants to know about head coverings while visiting Dubai. I assume it is necessary if visiting religious sites, but how about just around the city? Must all hair be covered? Scarf/ Shawl? Thanks
  8. We just got back from a three week trip and saw your post - sorry for the delayed response.😊 Glad you enjoyed the review - Norway is really quite beautiful - it will be well worth the wait. Enjoy! Jack
  9. Thanks for the heads up re FlickR. I had totally forgotten about them. Now, along with John&LaLa's suggestion I have a couple good alternatives to Photo Bucket! Jack
  10. I did not know that you could do that on CC. It would certainly make it a lot easier! I will have to find out more about their capability. Thanks. Jack
  11. LOL. But thanks for looking. I really enjoyed Trainman's posts but haven't seen any recently. Jack
  12. I don't know what was going on with photobucket. It only happened for the last few photos that I posted. I probably won't be using them again. I need to find another site that I can use to post and download photos. Jack
  13. Glad you enjoyed the review. I normally do not say much about the ship in my reviews because so much of it is subjective. The food, the entertainment, the condition of the ship, etc. For example, on one cruise we noticed about halfway through the trip that the deserts seemed (to us) to be better. We later learned that the pastry chef had changed at the last port. Our travel partners said they didn't notice a change - a example of the subjective nature of things. However, I will point out our favorite place on the ship: This was our favorite place to hang out. We would come down here early in the morning and watch the ship wake up. The chairs were really comfortable and it was fun to watch people stagger down for their morning coffee at the coffee station (in the background)! 😁 People in bathrobes, hair in curlers, slippers, barefoot, sweatshirts and pajama bottoms - it was a very unique parade. Of course the officers and spa staff would be stopping by also. The roles, donuts, and assorted pastries were also an enticement. My personal opinion is that the IC on Princess was a little better, but this was pretty good as well. I know you will enjoy this part of the ship as well. It is located right next to the "future cruises" desks. I forget which deck - probably 6 or 7. Jack
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