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  1. Hope you had a great cruise! This poutine thing is quite incredible. I went all my life never hearing of the stuff until our last cruise and came to find out that it is one of Canada's national foods. Now you tell me that they are serving it in Florida! I guess it sort of makes sense - most Canadians spend half there life in Florida during the winter months - or a trailer park in Yuma. Arizona. I forwarded your post to Jill in California and she is threatening to take your last line and put it on a T-shirt. Jack
  2. You are welcome. I do have one more "cool" picture to post but I have trouble uploading it. When Jill gets back from California I will see if she can do it (she is our designated computer expert) and then post it.
  3. Interesting review! It mentions the covered bridge at Stone Mountain - which is just down the road from us. We have put that on our "to see" list. With its historical significance I can't believe we have not seen it on any of our previous visits to Stone Mountain Park! Thanks so much for the tip. Jack
  4. I have to admit, Tom has piqued my interests in in covered bridges, but I don't think a trip to PA is in our immediate future.
  5. Wow...there is quite an active group of bridge affectionados out there. I also didn't realize that there were that many covered bridges. I will have to pay more attention next time we are driving through the country areas.
  6. Something like that happened to me with one of the reviews I posted. One day it was there and the next it was gone. It had pretty much run its course so I didn't repost. You might try reposting the link? Jack
  7. To get back on the ship we had to pass through the old Immigrant Processing building. It has been repurposed and is now full of shops and small stores - a last chance to buy something before leaving Halifax. I have no idea what they were selling here - I wasn't about to go up and ask.
  8. Well, I don't know if it really worth a trip up to Canada, but I am told by friends that there is an American version - something called Disco Fries. I had never heard of this before, but I am told that it becoming popular in the Northeastern states. Jack
  9. WHAT! I have been eating my way through the ship's buffet for two weeks and come ashore and eat something with High Fat Content! Now you tell me! Enjoyed your travelogue photos. I take it you and Liz are bridge buffs. I have not been to NB, but maybe I should put it on my list. I was intrigued by the "flower pots." Jack
  10. You are correct. I checked. The tour to Peggy's Cove takes a little over 5 hours - not much time to do anything else - even if you had the energy! Jack
  11. Ten years ago! So much for my theory that this was a new trend. I didn't know that I was that far out of the look about all things Canadian. I guess I need to get back home a little more often. Jack
  12. It looks atrocious, but it actually tasted quite good. In addition to the fries and cheese curd it had a very tasty gravy. I don't know if the gravy was a local touch, but it certainly added to the dish.
  13. My first visit to a Poutineria! Canadas new national food. I loved the "and you'll think you died and gone to Canada." For those who have not had the pleasure, this is what it looks like. Very appetizing. I don't think you can get it in the US - at least I have neve seen it.
  14. The board walk even had a rest station. Feeling a little tired - these hammocks offered great views of the harbor and were free to use. There were LOTS of specialty shops and eateries along the boardwalk, but the real action was at the outdoor food mart!
  15. We did not get to the Maritime Museum so that is also on our list to see next time. Friends told us about a place called Peggy's Cove, but I think that is some ways away from Halifax, but there is so much to do. Easily worth another visit. Glad you are enjoying photos. It is a great itinerary - you will enjoy the crossing. Jack
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