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  1. Taken from RCI's Serenade of the Seas. The Dawn beat us to the port so we docked right in back of it. Jack
  2. Just wanted to share a couple of photos of the Dawn when it was parked in downtown Halifax. I thought the setting was pretty cool. Jack
  3. Thanks for following along. This is the last port, but for me one of the most interesting. Jack
  4. Downtown Halifax. No idea what this was. As we pulled up next to it people joked that it was the ship equivalent of jetway and we would use it to get off the ship. I think this is the Angus McDonald Bridge -also known as Old Bridge. It was built in 1955 and New Bridge was built in 1970. A third bridge is under consideration.
  5. Halifax harbor. A lot of history here. It was a major immigration port for Canada - sort of our Ellis Island. It was in this harbor that the great convoys were formed to take supplies to England and Russia during WWII. And it was in this harbor that the greatest man made non nuclear explosion occurred -also in WWII. [/URL Our first view of downtown Halifax - a very pretty city. Looks like the Norwegian Dawn beat us in. But Halifax is big enough to easily handle two ships. We did not encounter any crowds anywhere.
  6. Our first view of the Halifax harbor. As a Western Canadian, Halifax has been on my bucket list to visit and this cruise has made that possible. Obviously, a prime location for homes. Around a million dollars?
  7. This is St. Patrick's Church -the oldest Roman Catholic one in Cape Breton - dating to 1828. It was actually pretty small but had a really unique feature. The roof is actually the bottom of a boat. Carpenters laid down the keel of a boat and then turned it upside down to make a roof for the church! A last look at the Sydney harbor and boardwalk as we sail for Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  8. This is Cosit House - built in 1787 and turned into a museum depicting life over 200 years ago. Each of the major rooms - like this kitchen - had a docent explaining how the room was used. Really kind of interesting. A spare bedroom? A small eating area. Outside, tour guides in period costume talk about life in the village 200 years ago.
  9. The Wentworth park area had a unique history. Markers were placed around the area that is now the park and villagers were forbidden to cut down the trees as they were being saved to use as masts on His Majesty's ships. The lake had a nice walking path around it - it made for a nice stroll. Also a very nice cupola area. Here a couple were having a picnic,
  10. This church marks the end of the "downtown" area and from here to the park at the end of the road are houses that have been remarkably upkept. Examples of the houses along this very beautiful stretch homes. The park at the end of the road.
  11. Just down from the church is a little park with a statue dedicated to F.W, Desbarres - a past lieutenant-governor of Cape Breton and later of PEI. A little street art. I had no idea what this was supposed to be. Note the chairs on the sidewalk - there were several of these on every block and on both sides of the street. Perfect for taking a short break and doing a little people watching.
  12. Downtown was an easy walk to the main street. One of the first buildings one comes to is the Anglican church. It is the oldest building in Sydney and dates from 1765. Visitors can tour the church and even play the organ. Inside the church is a chair purportedly donated by Lord Nelson from his ship. Also is a picture of Queen Elizabeth taken when she visited. Inside a delightful docent gave us a tour. Another old building a little down the road is this old Bank of Montreal building. It is now a nice little museum and entrance is free. There are also a couple of new buildings in town - but not many. This one is a bank - of course.
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