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  1. Anthem is in UK at the moment until Autumn. There's not so many UK folk on this site and not many do a live review. There is quite an active thread, but it's mainly talking about getting pcr tests prior to the cruise and current cruise protocols The thread is called Anthem UK cruises in the Summer
  2. Cases are falling substantially in the UK Hope it continues 88% of over 18s have had one jab and 69% have had two in England BBC News - Coronavirus infections continue to fall in UK https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57962995
  3. There's a very interesting article below about how it will eventually become a coronavirus we can live with as we do with other coronavirus . The difference in opinion with the experts is how long it will take to reach that point https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ed774c62-ebc2-11eb-ba7b-b4d4e5c44898?shareToken=a529e9226a341fa3c225da9442ff55c0
  4. On my final push to lose a few more pounds before the wedding . Doing the fast 800 diet for two weeks which is quite popular over here. 800 calories a day 😱 Just made veggie and bean soup
  5. I had one of the first appointments when my dentist opened up after the first lockdown because she was half way through an implant series of appointments when the first lockdown happened. Only her and her dentist husband assisting in the surgery. No other staff. They both had a ton of PPE on and loads of other precautions. I actually felt quite safe
  6. We're thinking of booking a sailcation in August, this will be our first Celebrity cruise though we will be Elite because of our status with Royal Caribbean. Can I ask if people feel they got a good experience even under covid rules. What is the weather and seas like on these round UK cruises, much chance to sunbath? I know we've just had a hot spell but the forecast for the next few weeks doesn't look brilliant We've done a couple of transatlantic's and I'm expecting the weather to be similar to that Can you remind me on the Elite perks. We will probably book th
  7. I can't remember. If I posted this but studies have shown mixed doses give a strong response. There seems to be no reason why its not being allowed Another study has found the sweet spot in between doses is 8 weeks BBC News - Mixing Covid jabs has good immune response, study finds https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57636356 BBC News - Covid vaccine: Eight-week gap seen as sweet spot for Pfizer jab antibodies https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57929953
  8. So sorry your plans are in ruins . Best wishes that all your in laws have nothing serious and make a speedy recovery. At least you have the comfort that they are fully vaxxed if its covid . Hopefully you can reschedule. You MIL must be really upset Xx
  9. I was just thinking the same when I opened up this thread, I really enjoy seeing what you get up to Graham and all the regular contributors too BTW, wind breaks are really popular on UK beaches, probably because it usually windy 🤣 Nearly every family group on the beach seem to have them, often two or three put together
  10. I would also be interested to know if they have increased their permitted load (think it was 1000 before 19th July) or were they selling full anyway after 19th in anticipation of everything opening up? Does anyone know of they are going by UK government rules for next couple of months or are their covid regulations stricter ?
  11. Definitely Dog and Duck in the UK, maybe duck and dog is ironic ?
  12. Hopefully with your high vaccinated population the rising cases won't mean higher serious cases or deaths
  13. It's not compulsory to download the app though a good percentage of people did. I must admit with the wedding coming up I will probably delete it or turn off Bluetooth. But we are going to be very careful
  14. That will be fantastic sitting in the hot tub , drink in hand, overlooking your amazing garden
  15. Joys of retirement , spending our cruising money on the boat as we can't go anywhere
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