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  1. Sorry they couldn't have the wedding or reception they wanted. My son should of got married last August. They've delayed till next August. Keeping everything crossed that they will be able to have the wedding they have planned by then. At moment in England we are limited to 15 people
  2. Think the problem is that when govt issues this type of guidance the travel insurance companies won't cover you for that type of holiday or destination. Many (including myself) won't travel without Insurance
  3. In our youth, hubby got a job interview in Ontario. Flew out from UK one day, up all night catching up with his best friend. Day long Interview next day and flew back that night. He got the job offer, but we ended up not going.
  4. We put my mother's house on the market in June and on the first day of viewing had 13 viewings and three firm offers
  5. The way our covid rates are shooting up, I can't see the UK govt lifting its 'no cruise' advisory before then
  6. Same here, our son should of got married Aug 2020, now Aug 2021 All our cruises now cancelled and nothing booked until things look more promising. Eyeing up some RC and celebrity cruises ex Southampton to Norway next summer. Cunard also has an interesting British Isle cruise. Don't want to go to far afield until covid is well under control.
  7. Not just USA, Europe has serious second spikes too. Only positive is deaths are way down on what they were last Spring.
  8. The airline I work for has a mandatory negative covid test requirement within 72 hours of departure..... And another one for return flight
  9. Drove past her yesterday. She was docked at Southampton along with one of the Cunard Queens. We should of been on her 20th Sept this year 🙄😏
  10. There are private clinics where you can get tested. The airline I work for (in UK) needs a negative test 72 hours prior to dept (and another one for return), costs a small fortune though. Believe in Germany Tui cruises has made arrangements with a chain of private hospitals across Germany, cost included in the cruise fare
  11. So my day, we had booked a boat for four nights on the Thames. We did our helmsman course, mugged up on going thru locks, learned how to do knots. Worked out best riverside pubs to stop at each day and then with car all packed up, just about to leave we get a phone call from holiday company to say the Thames is at code red due to all the rain on last few days and environmental agency has barred all boats from using the Thames 🤔 holiday is canceled 2020 wins again...
  12. Boris got it back in March when little was known about Covid or how to treat it effectively. Thank goodness the medical world have discovered some existing drugs help and are better positioned to treat it. I'm sure Mr Trump will get the very best possible care and wish him and all with Covid a speedy recovery
  13. Italy (along with Germany) is doing pretty good, among the best in Europe. I think they got hit so hard back in the beginning that they have taken this very seriously and keep to the social distancing rules.
  14. The airline I work for you have to produce a negative test result before you are accepted on the flight. And same for return flight. The test had to be within 72 hours of travel. With fast tests being developed I think that time frame will come down.
  15. Can't say I blame your Manx government, looking at our rise in cases on the mainland. Must be difficult for those that have close family living on the mainland though
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