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  1. Would also recommend afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar at the top of the tower at Burj Al Arab. You need to pre-book otherwise your taxi won't be allowed across the little causeway. There is a free public beach near the Burj Al Arab and then a nice walk to the Madinat Jumeirah and Mina a'Salam group of hotels. For a more authentic taste of Dubai try a dohw trip across the creek and visit the spice and gold souks.
  2. We did a similar cruise two years ago and though it wasn't on Jewel we have been on her 3 times and she is probably my favorite ship. Does not have the central promenade or some of the big shows of Independence, but really enjoyed all my cruises on her. Khasab was great, booked a dhow trip and enjoyed watching the tiny boats trading in the port. We overnighted in Oman and Dubai and had a stop in Abu Dhabi which I found the most uninteresting port apart from The Grand Mosque. The prices for these cruises are pretty good at moment and if we weren't already committed to a couple of cruises I would book again.
  3. Does that mean there is no diamond lounge on the ex Singapore sailings?
  4. Cheers, thanks. Sav blanc and Melot, two of my favs 👍🍷
  5. Can you order an elite drink from the bar and take it into the MDR, or is that frowned on. Also is the Celebrity elite drink menu similar to RC?
  6. Looking forward to hearing more. We've done two transatlantics, both West to east. We were on Rhapsody in June and really enjoyed her
  7. Such a pity there are not more ports, from a European POV it would great to have a few Caribbean ports or even Portuguese or canary Islands, like you say wonder what they are doing to take such a long time. The more interesting transatlantic crossings seem to be the smaller ships. Looking at retirement in May 2021 so will have all the time in the world for long voyages
  8. Great review, it's on our, bucket list. Thanks for posting
  9. Our first cruise was QM2, I researched the dress code before. Bought a few nice dresses, some from ebay. Got my 17 year son a really nice evening suit from a charity shop. He looked amazing 😊. Bought my 14 year old his first suit from M@S. We had a ball
  10. Thanks for a great review, interesting to see what happens on the presidents cruise. Laura always looks very elegant. Bet Bella is happy you are home, our dog goes nuts when we get back from a trip away
  11. Thank you for a great review Norris, I really enjoyed it. We are on our first Celebrity ship in June, Silhouette to Norway too so found it especially interesting. Though hope we have better weather. We spoke to someone on our last cruise who said his June Norway cruise had thick fog but I guess that's the luck of the draw. Will definately search out your next review though we have no plans at moment to try Princess cruises. Thanks again for taking the time to do the review. London is only 35 miles from us and our son lives in Streatham but we don't go up to Central London nearly enough
  12. Pretty certain Americans don't need a visa for Dubai. From Europe its a fairly easy flight to get some winter sun and the prices are very cheap at moment
  13. NO, 'they' may enjoying the perk of a nice lounge, thinking Independence or Jewel. A few pre dinner snacks, and a couple of drinks before going into dinner. Plus sometimes enjoyable conversation with fellow passengers. We usually have two or at most three drinks, and then occasionally pick up a couple of bottles of water for our free 3 drinks. As someone else posted, earned one point at a time, one or two cruises a year. Its one of the reasons why we look at RC first, though we are also price and itinerary driven and obviously enjoy their product
  14. Is she still in Europe? Think that's the week of UK half term holidays so may be a lot of families on board
  15. We were just down the coast from you today, in Bournemouth, the weather was wonderful. Though we live in the south of England and drive to that coast regularly I had never heard of the Butser Ancient Farm. It sounds very interesting and will definately visit one day. Thanks Sue
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