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  1. We got the free transport to the mall and then got a taxi to the Mosque. Our driver stayed with us and, gave us an informed tour of the mosque, took pictures etc, then drove us back to the Mall. He was from Egypt and very friendly and interesting. But apart from the Mosque which was amazing we weren't that impressed with Abu Dubai
  2. Plus of course expo 2020 from Oct20 to Mar21 is going to be a very big deal in Dubai
  3. I think cruise lines should insist on charters being booked by the charter at least one year before. That would solve the airfare problem as airlines normally only open for bookings 48 weeks before. Also would give people plenty of time and hopefully choice to rearrange their plans
  4. My problem is that's its also my birthday on 14th Feb. I get so fed up with us having to pay high prices for mediocre meals and also restaurants throughout the country packed out with adoring couples, red hearts decorations and balloons and red roses everywhere on my special day 😉😍. We usually end up eating in and celebrating another day.
  5. Is the weather better out there today? Heard there was bad floods yesterday in Dubai, it caused quite a few flight delays
  6. Thanks from me too for posting about this cruise. We have fond memories of our Middle East cruise two years ago and was tempted by the low prices this year, but decided to give cruising a break for a few months. Pity Royal Caribbean isn't going back next season, especially with Dubai Expo 2020 starting in October
  7. Last time we were on Allure was just after the last dry dock. It was a short five days cruise out of Barcelona. Unfortunately on the first couple of cruises after dry dock they cancelled Mamma Mia because the new cast were still rehearsing, so beware if you book on the first cruise out of dry dock
  8. I suppose the difference is that Christmas in one form or the other is celebrated in most countries, even Dubai gets into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is very much an American tradition and the date goes unnoticed in other counties, though Dubai is very multicultural and there is probably some celebrations put on somewhere for the American expats
  9. Can't remember, is zero alcohol beer on the diamond menu?
  10. And yet as MellowMel says earlier in this thread, Oasis put on a fine Christmas spread and celebrations. So if they can do it then why not other RC ships. I totally would of had expectations of a 'special' cruise, especially with the higher prices charged for cruising at this time of year. So thanks to the OP for this thread, I totally know now not to book a Christmas cruise as I too would of been disappointed.
  11. Thank you for this info about what a RC Christmas is like. Its definately put me off going on a cruise at Christmas. I too would of thought that they would of put more effort into celebrating what is (in the UK at least and in my opinion) the biggest and most important holiday of the year. Obviously it isn't celebrated by everyone but surprised they did so little. I would definately of expected a special dinner with turkey and Xmas pud as one of the options.
  12. What may seem like plenty of extra cabins may be that RC haven't allocated the guarentee cabins yet. I was waiting for prices to drop on a cruise from Southampton last September. 60 days before it showed hundreds of empty cabins but the price never shifted by more than a few pounds. Then almost overnight almost all of the inventory disappeared. I realised then that they must of had a lot of guarentee cabins to allocate. It's very difficult to play the game when you don't have all the info!!!
  13. Interested in your post cruise tour. As Europeans ourselves we also always have a late evening departure from US airports. Just FYI we did a day room at hotel near Mia Airport, the Sheraton and would recommend it to anyone who has a long wait for a flight. A quick taxi ride to the hotel from the port then a lovely big room to rest and a nice pool area to use. With lunch and a freshen up we thought it was well worth the money and is worth considering as an alternative to a tour. Thank you for your interesting cruise report
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