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  1. Wow, you had a busy year. Looking forward to your review. Jewel is my favourite ship
  2. Indy has a very nice diamond lounge with an outside area overlooking the sports Court. Have not cruised on Navigator as Diamond so do not know what their lounge is like. Indy also had very good shows on our recent Med cruise
  3. I also liked the hams and cheeses along with different breads, toast and preserves etc. Fresh coffee and juice was nice too. Though if on a ship with solarium bistro that would be just as nice and wider choice. Congratulations on reaching diamond!
  4. I work for an airline and our flights to and from Japan have been cancelled tomorrow and next day
  5. My hubby's favourite. The only place in UK you can get it is the Canadian pub in Covent Garden in London
  6. On Indi DL it is very nice continental, lovely breads, pastries, selection of cut and whole fruits, smoked salmon, toast and preserves, ham and cheeses. Plus the freshly made coffee and juices. There is also the outside area which is lovely to sit out. For lunch they also have a selection of sandwiches etc
  7. I was on it yesterday, so yes it is open. It was available to book on the planner beforehand
  8. Looking forward to your review, our good friends also from UK are on this cruise. Their first one, so we hope they get bitten by the cruising bug!
  9. Think the thing was he was there for 10 minutes before the end of HH, waiting to be served. Maybe there should be an override at barmens discretion when he knows the customer was waiting before the end of HH
  10. Not wanting to sound ageist but having done only one cruise leaving Southampton we were surprised at the very much higher age of a lot of passengers, so many in mobility scooters. Good for them still enjoying cruises. We are on our second cruise ex Southampton soon so interesting to see if its the norm
  11. They were offering 50% discount on Jewel last February. They came around the MDR with the offer for the next evening. We really enjoyed it but don't think I would of paid full price.
  12. I presume these offers are only available in USA/Canada? Does anyone know if they have any thing like this on other sales markets like the UK?
  13. Here in UK I just purchased it for £36.80. It comes with four cokes, so hoping to get 8 drinks out of it, so around £4.60 a drink. Not sure if it's a deal or not but first time I've seen it offered on a cruise that we are on.
  14. I got fed up ticking one box to be billed in dollars and get my bank to change to £'s and finding out they were always doing the conversion themselves at a worse rate. Not a whole lot of difference but it was the principle that was important. 😁Now we just put down $500 in cash on first day or so and cash out around 10pm on last day, believe it or not the queue isn't normally that bad. Also don't like coming home to a big credit card bill.
  15. I've seen basic language class but think they are run by a ship crew member and just gives a few phrases and words to get by. Usually the language of the country the ship is sailing too. For instance. Spanish if next port is Malaga
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