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  1. I value all my kids awards, think they get a kick out of seeing them displayed in the house, even though they are adults now. But each to their own
  2. I guess the main difference in capacity is if you are now travelling inside school holiday time and original cruise was outside school holidays. This would mean more triple or quadruple occupancy of cabins. But they do have a limit on how many can be on board. RC are good with activities for children though so they should be busy in their kids clubs etc.
  3. Think a child would be pleased with a certificate proclaiming him the winner and a small trophy. They don't cost much, our children's football teams gave out several at end of season awards. Nice for the kids to display at home rather than a gift which will just, be thrown into a drawer
  4. Hi - have just booked our first Celebrity cruise for next June. Its a Norwegian fjords cruise from Southampton. We normally eat late fixed time dinning on Royal Caribbean but have booked 'open', select on Celebrity. Thinking of booking dinner each night for 1845, would that give us enough time to make the late show? We do enjoy the shows on RC and its a part of our normal evening routine to see them. Also are the Elite drinks available in the MDR? Thanks for your help, enjoying finding out about a new line for us Sue
  5. Personally I like either a hotel on the south bank , Park Plaza maybe or Premier Inn hotels are quite reasonable though not luxury. Or near the British Museum in Fitzrovia
  6. I must admit we usually pick up one or two bottles of water as part of our 'free' 3 drinks to drink overnight, didn't realise its was such a no-no!!!
  7. Agh, just booked this two days ago, didn't know there were discount codes. Will remember for next time
  8. I'm happy with the included drinks during the day, iced water, tea etc. A lot of our cruises are heavy on port days so off the ship a lot. So the DD are good enough for a few evening drinks, which I top up with a drambuie after dinner. Guess we spend under $200 on booze on a 10 day cruise
  9. We booked GTY within final payment window, about six weeks out and got room allocated within 48 hours, three days ago. Now we have the Royal UP email
  10. Glad we also got the opportunity to sail away down the Grand canel in June. We were there the week the incident took place and captain said in Q&A that it would delay our docking as we would have to go dead slow. My colleague at work is on same cruise on Rhapsody next year. Wonder if it will be affected. Its her first cruise
  11. Does anyone know if family members of staff get a good rate if ships have spare capacity? Still looking at Indy on 26th Sept. A month ago there was 270+ cabins available and these hardly moved over last four weeks. Then over night, last night they dropped capacity by 20+. Still over 200 rooms available but wonder why the sudden drop in capacity (rate has actually gone up last 24 hours). Wondered if it was being offered to crew families at knock down rate?
  12. Thanks for an interesting start to your trip report, looking forward to reading the rest. Jewel is one of my favourite ships
  13. I feel that once they know people will pay the higher prices they won't drop again
  14. I remember the excitement in the '70s when Hard Rock opened, nothing like that had ever opened in UK before, queues right down the road and round the corner. As to Buckingham Palace, I was gifted entrance tickets a few years ago and was a little disappointed. Big queues and crowds and not that special in my opinion. My eldest son lives in London now so we visit quite a bit, sometimes treating ourselves to a few days in town. Always so much going on and so much to see
  15. Thanks for a great review. We've just had our hottest day ever in UK but it's cooling down now. Hope you enjoy your post trip in London
  16. Thank you for your informative review, very interesting
  17. Ha ha, will come back and let you know.. If we lose the game by waiting too long there's always option B, the road trip in France, the upside to that is we can take our gougous collie with us on that
  18. Interesting, you'd think they would drop the prices to shift such a large number of cabins. Its all about filling it up to get the on board spend up I would think. Thanks for experience and advice. I'll monitor for a few days and count cabins to see if they are selling
  19. I have a dilemma and wonder if anyone has any advise. I am looking at Indi cruise ex Southampton on the 26September. This is an extra sneaky cruise, have really used up our quota for this year so would be doing this on the cheap. The UK website still shows over 200 rooms available. Do you think the price may come down after final payment with this large number of capacity? Final payment here in UK is at 57 days out which would be July 31st. The dilemma is that I have GBP200 of Tesco vouchers to use which would knock GBP600 off the price but the terms and conditions to use Tesco vouchers state that the cruise has to be booked and paid for no later than 56 days before departure, so a very small window Any advise from anyone who has done late bookings after final payment when there is still a lot of rooms available? We were going to do a land touring holiday in Europe, but if I can get the price down hubby may go for another cruise thanks for any advise Sue
  20. Thank you for doing the review. There aren't many of this part of the world and is one of the cruises that is on our 'to do' list
  21. Good to hear, we always get the BOGO, and sad that they seem to of done away with it
  22. Every airport has a legal iata minimum connecting time, sometimes different airlines will have exception, usually longer. You could try a Google search to find out what the MCT is in PHX
  23. This is one of the reasons why we changed to cash account. Its not a big difference, but its annoying
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