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  1. If its like Anthem Solarium Bistro, it will have buffet starters and desserts and waiter service for main course. It is very nice, billed as healthy Mediterranean food and we enjoyed it very much. Also on Allure in September and looking forward to trying it again
  2. WOW that looks a lovely cabin. which type is it? plenty of room for parties on that deck ! Thanks for doing another review, I always enjoy yours. Always so positive and funny. And it will be interesting to see how you fill all those sea days. I have done two transatlantics but one was QM, so just a quick 6 night crossing. I wish they would have a few decent stops either in the Caribbean at the start or a few more in Europe at the end. Planning to retire in 18months and then hope to go on more long trips Sue
  3. on my Huawei phone go to google, instead of 'new tab' , press on 'new incognito tab' and then continue as normal. seems to work ok - thanks to Ourusualbeach for the tip
  4. My Huawei is the same - unuseable. Ok on tapatalk which I don't like. My PC is OK. Notice not many people are posting. May be time of day but seems less than normal
  5. Both our cruises are in Europe this summer so happy we are still covered with our EU card though we always travel with full insurance
  6. If they haven't allocated the guaranteed cabins yet that room availability could go down quickly. That's what happened to us last September. A couple of hundred cabins left went down to just a handful overnight about a month before departure. Can only think it was because of the allocation of guarenteed rooms. But as Biker says the coronavisus means that there may be cancellations which is causing the price drops. So not 'normal' times....
  7. Yeap, just heard this on the BBC radio news. They only arrived back in UK yesterday
  8. Anthem is a good cool weather ship as has a big indoor family pool as well as outside pools, plus lots to do indoors if weather is bad. No need to pay extra for specialised dinners, the included food is very good. Free tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chilled water and flavored water. Depending if you drink soda and/or alcohol you can either get a drink package or pay as you go. Shows are amazing and free as is entertainment. You can spend as little or as much as you want. You can also bring on board two bottles of wine per cabin and a limited amount of soda if you want
  9. Recently they have changed their economy allowance. It always use to be 30k but now depends in the price of your ticket. It can be anything from 15k to 35k, though most tickets, like yours, are still 30k. I work for Emirates and often see pax who haven't checked their allowance
  10. Dont forget you can't take it through security at the airport as carry on.
  11. Same here. Try to be careful, limit carbs, eat Salads, use gym, walk as much as possible. But still put weight on each cruise. I think it's the alcohol, though we never get the package, but have a few drinks in happy hour or a glass of wine with dinner. Next cruise I'm going to try G&Ts instead of wine, as wine seems to pile on the pounds for me 🍷😁
  12. Do you know if we get price drops now in UK. It always was a 'no'. That would be a great perk.
  13. Enjoy, glad it worked out in the end. Would of been a nightmare if you had stayed on original flight and not received notification of cancelled cruise before you left. Enjoy your middle east cruise. Love Jewel, and the weather will be so much better than here in UK
  14. We have two European cruises this Summer and as of now will still be going. Having said that we had a land holiday planned in Thailand and Singapore for April and are thinking of cancelling. Nothing paid for yet so won't be out of pocket
  15. I agree insurance is important. We have had annual insurance policies for years and I wouldn't dream of going to another country without it, even EU where we have our reciprocal EHIC card. Though we have had the good fortune in 40 plus years of traveling of never having to make a claim
  16. I agree there should, be some kind of compensation. I understand that it's not RC fault, but they are a multi million dollar company and perhaps they shouldn't of left it so late to cancel the cruise. They must know folk are travelling half way around the world for a Big deal cruise like this. Holiday time is limited and can't always be cancelled so that may be a person's main leave allocation for the year. Not to mention the high cost of changing flights which may not be covered by the cruise company.
  17. Op is not asking for reimbursement, just to use the money paid as credit towards another future cruise. This board is like Chinese Whispers!! It changes rapidly from the original post. Agree goodwill and retaining customers is not seen as an important business strategy these day unfortunately. My condolences to the OP. I lost my mum last year. Its a horrible time.
  18. Anyone travelling from UK will have difficulty getting flights to Dubai next weekend. Its school half term holidays as well as valentine weekend and most flights are full
  19. I read it that the OP was feeling confused with all the changes, not with your post....
  20. Hope everyone who stuck it out has a lovely cruise and the weather is kind. Come back and let us know has busy the ship is or if most people decided to cancel
  21. Does anyone know if Allure will still have Samba after the refub. Really enjoyed the free solarium restaurant on Anthem in the evening and was hoping Allure may change to same after her refub later this year
  22. Think most airlines that fly to that region will be waiving change and cancellation fees due to the virus.
  23. You use to get some nice boat trips from the marina. One went to the Creek which is really interesting area, and you can get Dubai metro back. Also Atlantis Dubai is worth a visit. They had half price tickets on sale on their website when we went last year. Easy to get a taxi over there. Enjoy the warm weather and hope you have a fab holiday. Jewel is my favourite Royal Caribbean ship
  24. My bookings are made as per passport with first name Susan. When I signed up for c&a I put Sue. So system doesn't recognise my number against my name and couldn't add the C&A number to booking. Luckily a quick phone to C&A club sorted it and now my C&A membership reflects correct name of Susan!
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