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  1. Yes , but just because they can, doesn't mean it's right. Maybe cruise companies should be subject to the same EU law as airlines. They have to provide the service that has been paid for. If they don't or are delayed for any reason they have to provide compensation AND the service paid for. Or in this case a similar level , like for like. maybe consumer law needs changing as far as cruise lines are concerned. I could maybe understand if this was a technical reason but it is purely about profit for the company with no thought to the consumer.
  2. Airfares can only be booked around 48 weeks before hand so hopefully will only impact a few
  3. Our on board bills have been from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand (yeap we got done over good on the spa), so think we do spend money. Don't forget that a lot of UK cruises often include drink package but we always pay for upcharge dinners and RC tours each cruise
  4. I agree, they may find a lot of cruisers turning to other lines if limited choice and high prices
  5. I find the prices in Sept, when we try and travel, are a lot higher per night than say Caribbean or out of NY, even with added flight and hotel costs. Plus you have Bay of Biscay and chilly days at beginning and end to contend with. Limited choice next year with RC should keep the prices high on Anthem though
  6. In the past BOGO included 40% off bottles of wine, we have it booked for our next cruise, hope it still does
  7. That's a good price, our upgrade offer started with a minimum of £310 PP from OV to balcony (7 day cruise). Too much for me. Good luck on your bid
  8. I tried to do this a couple of years ago(upgrade to higher grade cabin) and was told by my UK agent I would lose my deposit and basically start again. Maybe things have changed now. I now also price with both UK and online US agent and go with the cheapest.
  9. In Europe there is compensation if plane is more than 3 hours delayed, EU law.
  10. We're also on Rhapsody in June but have fixed late dinning. Usually that's at 8.30 and the early show is around 7pm. The late show is normally around 9 or 9.30. She's just on her way over to Europe. Times may be slightly different as I seem to remember set meal times were a bit later in Europe. Maybe someone on board or on one of the May sailings can chime in
  11. Thanks guys, good news, we will do the self depart 👍
  12. Anyone currently on Rhapsody transatlantic, or on the first few cruises ex Venice, can you check how easy and quick it is to disembark and clear immigration. We have an 11.15 flight and I've heard that the airport is a zoo so will want to get off ASAP. Also are there plenty of taxi's at the port, thanks Sue
  13. We got 50%discount on the dinner theatre at Giovanni's on Jewel in February
  14. One of our table mates did this last year on Navigator. He obviously had to pay the higher on board price though, and not sure if it is consistent across the fleet that you can do this
  15. We have never been offered both. The interline travel agents deals are usually better than diamond discount deals
  16. For every £10 Tesco voucher is equal to £30 off RC cruise
  17. Loved the wine and beer package, such a pity they ended it. We just buy as we go, quite happy with the free iced water/flavoured water, tea, coffee during the day, especially as a lot of our cruises are port intensive. A glass of wine with evening meal and a couple of other drinks in the evening and I'm a happy bunny. And now we get our diamond happy hour drinks even better 😃
  18. We received our Royal Up email today. Min £310 for balcony from ocean View, seven nights on Rhapsody. Would be nice but min of £620 total is, a lot of money so I think I'll pass
  19. Not just Americans, we tip a few euros in Europe
  20. Not for me! I personally don't want to drink alcohol during the day, especially on the port intensive cruises we normally go on. Happy enough with the free drink options. So to have a few 'free' drinks in the evening is a nice perk. Also enjoyed the interesting conversations in the DL.
  21. UK airports aren't too bad if you pre-order currency, but terrible rates if you just walk up.
  22. Depends if you prefer the beautiful wilderness of Alaska or the man made wonders of Dubai, though the desert safari is interesting. We also found the stops in Oman fascinating. Flights should open up about 45 weeks before and the earlier you book, usually the better the fare
  23. Good to know, mine is 01 June but nothing yet
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