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  1. Of course, but they don’t need to carry it themselves. In fact, if they are getting off the ship I would strongly recommend that the parents keep hold of the cards.
  2. Actually, unless they will be going there in and out of the cabin or making purchases (e.g., the arcade, sodas, etc.), there is no need for them to carry it at all. The youngest will either be in Adventure Ocean or with you at all times so has no need to carry a card.
  3. We never get a package. Being Diamond, we can have a few drinks in the evening. Don’t usually drink during the day, maybe one. Might purchase a bottle of wine or two in the dining room if the bottles we bring run out. Don’t drink either soda or coffee (I bring my own preferred tea bags). Have absolutely no problem drinking the ship’s water and bring sports bottles to take it on excursions. Mostly drink iced tea or water with meals. I think our total alcohol bill on our last cruise was maybe $250.
  4. How can you say you have a problem with customer service when they are following procedure to the letter? They do not own your reservation, it is owned by the TA that you selected. Of course if you can manage to have Royal take the reservation away from the TA you would lose the OBC they promised. The only other resolution you could pursue would be to contact a supervisor at the TA.
  5. You can also bring a couple of sports bottles and fill them from clean glasses in the WJ to keep in the cooler in your cabin so you always have some on hand for when the WJ is closed.
  6. Then she would have to check the policy to ascertain what is covered. We, obviously, can’t tell you that. Have her be a noshow and you will be fine.
  7. Excursions, prepaid gratuities, drink or specialty dining packages should also be refunded but without insurance that’s about it.
  8. Only the two people who actually have a drink package can get free drinks. The others will have to pay for theirs. Packages may not be shared.
  9. At one time children under a certain age were not permitted in specialty restaurants. Then they were allowed but only up to a certain time. Eventually the bean counters decided it would be profitable to allow them at any time. We tend to eat late so rarely encounter little ones. I do remember one formal night when we were seated at a table next to a couple with two toddlers. One started acting up soon after being seated. The father scooped him up and removed him from the restaurant. The mother stayed and ate dinner while the other child slept in her lap. Not the greatest experience for them.
  10. Only you can say if it is “worth it” based on the amount you drink. There is a dollar limit on drinks, something like &12 or $13 which covers most drinks. If you want something that costs more you just need to pay the difference plus gratuity.
  11. If it’s too cold/rainy to use the outdoor pools they will open the Solarium pool to all ages for certain periods during the day.
  12. As I recall, most of the beaches have snack bars where you can rent chairs and umbrellas and purchase snacks and beverages.
  13. I, too, would enjoy reading about your observations. Never tried Princess but always open.
  14. I remember a couple of years ago people hung Christmas decorations with tape that removed the paint from a wall that had to be replaced (maybe more than just the paint). Anyway, I believe they were charged about $400. Don’t remember if the charge was before or after they left the ship.
  15. On RCI the bed in the owners suites does not separate.
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