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  1. You still have two months to work it out. I really don’t see a problem.
  2. I love sea days. I do remember a cruise about 30 years ago that seemed like we were on a different island every day (it was out of San Juan so might have been no sea days). After four days of visiting islands that all started to look alike, I decided to just stay on the ship for a day. It was wonderful. No crowds, pool to myself, truly a perfect day. I no longer feel guilty staying onboard if I’ve been to a port several times before or have no great interest in seeing a place.
  3. That’s wonderful. My aunt lived to be 106 and only needed to spend her last eight months in a nursing home. Otherwise she was quite active. However, you are totally missing the point. A year ago we were not facing this pandemic to which older people are most vulnerable. No one knows what is going to happen in June. I just received word that a large convention that I attend every year scheduled for late June has been canceled. People can’t just figure oh great, restrictions have been lifted so everyone is perfectly safe.
  4. Would you really feel safe having your 90 year old mother on a cruise at this time? While things might have calmed down by then I don’t see that it will be gone or a vaccine developed by then. Best to just cancel and collect on insurance (and please don’t tell me you booked a 90 year old on a cruise and failed to get insurance).
  5. I wasn’t replying to you, nor do I care to engage in your game play. bTW, if I were a week shy of turning 21 I couldn’t go into a bar and order a beer.
  6. Did they take your money before or after they became aware of the current pandemic?
  7. Now you’re really not making any sense. She charged for lessons provided. Failure to provide further lessons was totally out of her control.
  8. When they took your money they had no idea what we would all be facing at this time. I’ve had to cancel my husband’s memorial service that was scheduled for next weekend. A dear friend had to close her dance studio and will likely be unable to reopen because this is an expense many of her students will be unable to afford due to lost jobs. I’m set to manage the East coast’s largest cat show in July. Lots of money has already been laid out for something that just might not happen. To hear people come on here and whine about something over which the cruise line had no control really makes me wonder about these people.
  9. I am over 70 in good health. Have several good friends who are many years younger with severe health issues. Do I feel discriminated against? No. A line has to be drawn somewhere and I don’t feel this was done arbitrarily. Take car insurance. An 18 year old pays considerably more than a 30 year old but might be a much better driver. Lines must be drawn somewhere.
  10. To be perfectly honest I can’t recall but believe they did. I know I had to go back a couple of days later to get the form.
  11. No one ever said they were. I’m talking about a form necessary for boarding a cruise at the last minute. You’re talking apples and oranges.
  12. I’m over 70 and do not have a regular doctor. No flames, I do plan to get one. Anyway, when I had my hip replaced a few years ago I needed a doctor to sign off on the hospital’s pre-surgery form. I just went to one of those urgent care walk-in places where they did an exam and signed off on the papers. Easy, peasy.
  13. They will refund your money and you will need to rebook - of course, due to the virus concerns policies are constantly changing so it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
  14. Were you aware of their cancellation policy when you booked with them? In any event, if it was a published policy, they are well within their rights. Would I ever book with them again? No way. And I would definitely mention this to them. Under the circumstances they might reconsider.
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