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  1. I think I read something like this, like if the other person is elderly the FCC could be transferred to someone else.
  2. If you purchase now the rate is locked in for you. If it goes down you can cancel and rebook.
  3. Won a cruise in review tape once. Glad I hadn’t paid for it as it was mainly stock footage. Did win $250 on a quarter slot before the casino became a smoking lounge.
  4. I was so jealous Saturday. Sent a birthday message to a friend who is currently living in Finland. She was on a cruise then ported in Latvia and looking forward to the grand buffet that evening.
  5. I think I would book daughter and SIL in the grand suite and children in the adjoining balcony (if you don’t want to spring for two GSs. No one will care who sleeps where. Think it would be easier to have children get access to GS perks than an adult.
  6. Which brings me to a question - if you stop there twice would your pass be good for both stops or would they expect you to buy a second pass?
  7. True. In addition, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing self-serve anything for quite some time to come.
  8. What legal exposure? You canceled. Your only recourse would be through the insurance that you apparently chose not to purchase.
  9. Not me but I did share a table at lunch in the WJ with a lady whose suitcase had fallen in the water while being loaded onto the ship. They were dry cleaning everything for her and paying her for things (e.g., shoes) that were irreparably damaged. I would never pack medicines or valuables in luggage that leaves my possession in any event.
  10. They’re supposed to be guaranteed so I guess if you’ve got the original receipt they will replace it. Not surprised it discolored as they are made from a base metal with a very very thin gold coating.
  11. They can do anything a 21 year old can do except drink alcohol. Surprise, surprise, not all adults drink alcohol and still manage to have a great cruise.
  12. Some people, I won’t mention names, take great pride in their post numbers even if the contents of some posts make no sense whatsoever.
  13. We sailed Alaska in August. While the solarium was open to kids for limited times, I don’t recall adults ever using the pool. Maybe the hot tub. For me, it was way too cold to even consider putting on a bathing suit.
  14. You would be better off buying some in the airport or if you are flying in the day before stop in a local CVS or something. Anything you would find on the ship will be limited in variety and seriously overpriced.
  15. Makes more sense. No one can get a trademark that quickly and it can take years to get something patented.
  16. I’ve always colored my own hair and have always received compliments on it (once I was getting a cut and the stylist in the next section said to my stylist,whose specialty was color, that’s a great color job - she said shush, she does it herself). I have a box of color and one of root touch up but since I live alone and don’t leave the house often I’m holding off doing it. I use the thinning shears I use to trim the cats to keep my bangs neat.
  17. You still have two months to work it out. I really don’t see a problem.
  18. I love sea days. I do remember a cruise about 30 years ago that seemed like we were on a different island every day (it was out of San Juan so might have been no sea days). After four days of visiting islands that all started to look alike, I decided to just stay on the ship for a day. It was wonderful. No crowds, pool to myself, truly a perfect day. I no longer feel guilty staying onboard if I’ve been to a port several times before or have no great interest in seeing a place.
  19. That’s wonderful. My aunt lived to be 106 and only needed to spend her last eight months in a nursing home. Otherwise she was quite active. However, you are totally missing the point. A year ago we were not facing this pandemic to which older people are most vulnerable. No one knows what is going to happen in June. I just received word that a large convention that I attend every year scheduled for late June has been canceled. People can’t just figure oh great, restrictions have been lifted so everyone is perfectly safe.
  20. Would you really feel safe having your 90 year old mother on a cruise at this time? While things might have calmed down by then I don’t see that it will be gone or a vaccine developed by then. Best to just cancel and collect on insurance (and please don’t tell me you booked a 90 year old on a cruise and failed to get insurance).
  21. I wasn’t replying to you, nor do I care to engage in your game play. bTW, if I were a week shy of turning 21 I couldn’t go into a bar and order a beer.
  22. Did they take your money before or after they became aware of the current pandemic?
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