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  1. Maybe they’re turkey burgers?
  2. He could always shower in the gym where the showers are fairly spacious.
  3. But will there be table space and chairs for everyone or will they be juggling plates and cutlery on their laps?
  4. I’m just curious how ten people can sit down to eat together. Also, considering that all courses are delivered at once unless you order them at spaced intervals it seems like a confusing mess.
  5. So you fill a glass and pour it into your bottle. Not a big deal. Been doing it for years.
  6. Absolutely nothing wrong with the water you can get from any bar or eating venue.
  7. And don’t forget about the balcony discount.
  8. If you have MTD you will be seated with your party only unless you request to share.
  9. I see no reason why you couldn’t get a roll away. Plenty of room in an OS.
  10. If you are not D or above, the drinks in the suite lounge will be great.
  11. Another critical thing to consider is whether the bed is near the door or the balcony. If near the door you won’t be able to get it past the bed into the room.
  12. No. You don’t collect points until AFTER the cruise where you earn them, usually a week or so after.
  13. Not only that but adults are welcome to order anything they want from the kid’s menu. Highly recommend the chicken noodle soup and Mac and cheese.
  14. Could be they want to use up their stock of bottled water.
  15. I drink a lot of water and have never purchased bottled water on a cruise ship. I do bring a sports bottle and fill it with glasses of ice water in the WJ to take on excursions. Otherwise, there are tons of places onboard to get glasses of water.
  16. So, wait, your experience was not on RCI? Why are you posting here?
  17. That is correct, you may not bring in a traveling companion.
  18. Check to see if there is an interior across the hall available. Most economical thing would be to change the booking to remove one of your children from your JS and put him in with your dad so he doesn’t need to pay a single supplement. Probably a good time to use a TA.
  19. Definitely cruise relevant. Most people shower and dress in the morning before heading out to work. Totally different vibe on a cruise (I don’t have a balcony looking out over the ocean at home. Glad you do.)
  20. I can shower, dress and do hair and makeup in half an hour but I really like to sit out on the balcony after my shower in a bathrobe with a glass of wine for a while before heading out.
  21. So exactly to whom are you planning to give a low rating and reduced tips? Surely not the waitstaff who had absolutely nothing to do with the mixup.
  22. I definitely need to learn to type faster.
  23. JR only serves breakfast on Oasis class.
  24. Not necessarily, maybe first time in a full suite with concierge access. We cruised a lot before getting our first GS.
  25. Where do you get “per meal”? Are you assuming people eat only one meal a day? No snacks?
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