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  1. The PH is nice, but not really worth it unless you're traveling with friends and plan to entertain a lot. I'd always choose longer cruises over a 7-night cruise!
  2. My current TA (the one who is retiring) is also a one-woman shop. She can't afford to throw mega amounts of OBC at me like the big agencies can, but I get excellent, responsive service from her. Can't say the same about my limited experience with a big agency. Much prefer the smaller, more personal touch.
  3. Katie, you'll definitely be using your pool. 😁 Summer down here is interesting. Last year I scheduled an escape up to your area. Doubt that will be possible this year. You may get to experience Naples without the snowbirds.
  4. My TA has been great as always. She's worked very hard on my B2B2B which was cancelled by Celebrity. I have written confirmations from both her and her rep at Celebrity about the amounts which should be coming my way some day. Also written confirmation from her rep that the FCCs I used on one of the bookings would be reissued with an expiration date of December 31, 2021. Sadly, my TA is retiring this year. I had another major big dollar cruise booking that was originally booked by one of my friends with a large agency in Orlando. I called the booking agent three days in a row and left her voice mails. No response. On the fourth day, I called the agency itself and got another agent who cancelled the booking for me since I'm the only one left of the original three in the PH who might be able to cruise, and even that is doubtful since I'm over 70. Needless to say, that agent will not be in the running for my replacement TA!
  5. The doctor's note only says he/she found you to be healthy on the date you were examined. Which could be a month before you attempt to board a ship. The whole thing is unworkable.
  6. Well good luck with restricting those over 70. I'd say we're 40-50% of their passengers. I just finished cancelling around $50,000 of cruises for this year. Won't be back as long as they discriminate against those over 70.
  7. I may be able to help you out there, Bo, if I ever get mine. If they will let me on the ship, I'm game. That's the current uncertainty.
  8. Some is deposits. The bulk of it is from a B2B2B past final payment which was cancelled. I have requested refunds for all.
  9. I'm with you. The deposit amount is not an issue for me. The issue is: Will Celebrity allow me to board the ship? This is all very sad. I LOVE cruising. I had 60 nights booked this year.
  10. Refunds at not at the top of my list of concerns either, but I am concerned. Celebrity currently has about $14,000 of my money. Maybe you can afford to lose that much. I'd prefer not to.
  11. And I would suspect that some of those who die HAVE been vaccinated. I don't think these numbers are published anywhere, so this is all just idle speculation.
  12. I'm curious to know why so many believe that cruising will resume once a vaccine against COVID-19 has been developed. We've had a flu vaccine for years, and they come up with a new one every year. People still get the flu. And die from it. Why would this be different? What I think would be more important would be an antibody test to determine if one has antibodies to COVID-19.
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