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  1. Not those particular snacks. Only what the chef has decided to put out. Big difference. So, if this goes fleetwide, I'll probably be looking elsewhere given that YC now costs about as much as other lines in a suite.
  2. Thanks to both of you for a great trip report! I second the recommendation of Norway, the fjords are amazing. As were the switchback trips up the mountains! Beautiful country!
  3. Thanks for answering. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. That would be completely unacceptable to me.
  5. It's not just you. Those prices are ridiculous. As a previous poster said, no amount of OBC could entice me to purchase any of that stuff. As for alleging that the t-shirts on offer on Celebrity previously were junk, some were of lesser quality than others. I still have and wear many of the good ones, all purchased for $10 on board. The thinner ones are the recent variety. So, once upon a time, they were able to sell good quality t-shirts for $10.
  6. I don't give a damn about the alcohol as just about anything one wants to drink is readily available in the Top Sail Lounge, a few feet away. I am not a happy camper about the snacks, though. That was something that made Yacht Club special and a better choice than suites on other lines. So, will take that into account when booking future cruises. I'm sailing November 30 on Seaside and hope this has not spread to that ship. Can anyone currently on the Seaside opine on this?
  7. No need to carry your own luggage off. The port of Seattle offers a free service to send your luggage directly to your airline. Just be sure not to miss the deadline to sign up for this on the ship. I missed it by an hour. 😪 Then either engage a car service or take a cab to the airport. The shuttles wait until they are full. That will not work for you. I see you've now arranged for a later flight. Then you should be fine on a shuttle. I had an 11:30 flight this spring, we ended up taking an Uber and arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare. It's a hike to where the Uber/Lyft folks pick up, so I wished I had paid attention about the luggage!
  8. I might possibly consider sailing with the CEO for a VERY substantial discount. Otherwise, no interest.
  9. I didn't find any savings for cruises I currently have booked. One of them, which is already a non-refundable deposit, concierge class cabin, was several thousand higher than what I'm booked at!
  10. I am also a long time loyal Celebrity cruiser and I have never seen a "perk" called cruise credit. I believe a bit of clarification is in order.
  11. Perhaps not on this thread. There have been many, both on CC and on FB. I just get tired of all the complaining. Guess I just need to skip over those threads. As I said, we'll either go there December 6 or not. I'm hoping we do as I'd like to see it but I'll live if it's not possible. End of story.
  12. I see nothing in the letter from Celebrity about 60% of what you paid. The letter specifically states "fully refundable onboard credit in the value of two day's cruise fare." In case you are not aware of what refundable onboard credit is, it will be credited back to the credit card you used to book the trip if you do not use it on board. I believe this offer to be eminently fair. Celebrity cannot control the weather. I had an experience like this with Celebrity in September. Not weather related. We were scheduled to stop in Nassau. It was after a devastating hurricane had just hit Freeport (also in the Bahamas). Celebrity made the decision to cancel Nassau and sail to Freeport instead to deliver food and water to the desperate folks there. 99.9% of the passengers agreed with this decision and joined with crew volunteers to make sandwiches and pack and deliver the relief supplies to the boats that were able to make it out to the ship. We were all given one night's cruise fare (based on what we had paid for our cabins) as refundable OBC. Mine was promptly credited to my credit card when we disembarked the next day. I found this offer to be more than fair.
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