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  1. In the past when I've flown to Europe it has been for personal vacation. Fly in, have a car rental waiting, first and last night hotel reserved and the rest on my own. Is it common now for airlines to add transfers to the flight? Or do you make a separate arrangements? Charlie
  2. Thanks to both of you for the insights. Charlie
  3. I've been researching river cruises for 2022..In looking through the terms and conditions for various river cruises it looks like there may be costs normally affiliated with air fare that are not included in the cruise lines "free air" offers. This comes from Avalon: "airport taxes and fees, including the September 11th Security fee up to $11.20 per person, passenger facility charges up to $18 per person, Federal domestic flight segment fees up to $4.10 per segment, and U.S. and international arrival and departure and other government-imposed added by the airline and applicable at
  4. Thanks CarolAndNate! I don't see anything in your post that actually recommends any of the tours. I'm preparing for a cruise next (2021) September and was happy to find the results of your research. The ship excursions weren't particularly exciting/interesting.
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