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  1. Does anyone have any experience with sugar free dessert options on Celebrity Summit?  Do they have a sugar free dessert option in the main dining room for supper.  The last cruise I was on only had sugar free ice-cream as an option in the main dining room.  Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Happy Cruising! :classic_smile:

  2. Does anyone know how picky they are about your dress in the Grande on the first night. I'm hoping we will be unpacked, dressed and ready to go by 5:30 but who knows?? We will have good jeans and a nice sweaters on for boarding. Does anyone know if we can just wear that the first night???

    Thanks for any imput you have.

  3. John posted quite a few pix to his blog. We're very impressed with Quantum's beautiful decor and we like our cabin, 10262, a D7. Meals so far at Jamie's Italian (outstanding!!), American Icon (OK), and Chic (very good). I'll post some menu photos soon, but in the mean time, check out John's blog post. The link's in my signature or else you can just google TravelwithMindy.


    Mindy, Thanks for the link to the blog. Great pictures!! :D

  4. I'm wondering how hard it will be to change dinner reservations. We have ended up with lots of late times and were told "You can change it on board." Hmm..... wondering about that. I also would like to know if we are asked if we would like to share a table. We really want to eat with other people. We really enjoy making new friends which is one reason we aren't sure we are going to like dynamic dining. Thank you so much, Judy

  5. During the online check in for Quantum you will be requested to add a photo this is your boarding photo to your account ( to save time at check in at the port).

    The set sail passes will have a Boarding Group on it...as in Boarding Group A for suites and Pinnacle, B for Diamond Plus and so on.

    You will also have an Arrival Appointment showing on your set sail pass.


    Also you will need to print a set sail pass for each person, unlike the old ones where a couple would just have the one but with both names on it.


    When you check in they will scan your set sail pass,check your ID but you will not get your sea pass card until you are on the ship. It will be in a sealed envelope outside your cabin door.


    When you go into your cabin you should find a WOW band for your wrist, which you can use rather your sea pass card. You will need to take the WOW band to Royal IQ to activate it and it does cost $2 for the use of this wrist band. You do not need to wear it all the time, you can take it off if you like.


    Hope this helps.:D[/quote


    I assume we don't have to use the wrist band?? I didn't realize it would cost extra and I really have never had a problem using the regular card. Thanks for the info.

  6. Question: I'm wondering if you will always be seated with whoever you make reservations with (My DH and myself) or if you can ask to sit with other unknown guests at a larger table? I love getting to know new people. My DH and I eat together every day of our lives. We enjoy making friends and meeting new people over dinner. Does anyone know the answer to this question????? Thanks :-)

  7. Quesion: Do we have to reserve all of our meals before the cruise if we are eating in the complimentary venues? Or do we just need to reserve for dinner? Or can we wing it as we go? I know you need to make reservations for the specialty restaurants. I really hate the idea of making all of these decisions ahead of time. Personally I loved the MDR and the friendships that were built while eating dinner together with the same people each night. We booked this cruise before we knew of the change. I admit I am a bit disappointed but I will try to make the best of it. Who knows I might like it. But as I said, dinner was the highlight of each day - new friends to share our memories of the day with as well as waiters who knew us by name and what we liked and didn't like each meal. Sigh!!

  8. On Paradise Beach's website they say you have to buy a minimum of $10 per person of food to go there. How do they monitor that?? So if you buy the $12 fun pass you still have to buy $10 of food?? Just wondering. Someone in the know, let me know. :rolleyes:

  9. Thanks to everyone for your imput. It is very helpful. I'm pleased to hear that it is performed late night. I was afraid it was replacing the normal evening show and I would have hated to have missed that. I always enjoy the evening productions. You all are correct - go if you want, don't go if you don't want.

  10. We will be leaving on Celebrity Equinox in a few short weeks. I have heard they have a show called "Sin City" and that it is rather vulgar. Has anyone seen this show? I don't want to waist my time if it is a show that should be rated R. I have always thought of Celebrity as having decent family friendly shows. I hope that has not change. Any imput??

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