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  1. We have done a tours private Siem Reap several times and loved it. I am sure that Princess, if you booked through them will do a great job. We loved our time in Cambodia. You will have to get the visa's for Cambodia, but check with Princess as they might arrange it for you. We got our visa's earlier and did not have to wait at the airport. It is easy to take taxis, and tut tuk and get around the city. Fun after tours to do. I am sure that you tour will be very fast paced and the heat off times gets the best of tourists. Princess will have water to drink and remember to drink it. You will have a great time.
  2. I will look into UberX also, thanks for your info.
  3. I use a wheelchair to board and disembark at the airport. I can walk about 25 meters at most with a cane. I understand that there is a new procedure at LAX, shuttle to an area, then walk to a site for your uber. First with cases, is there some help to board shuttle to parking lot. Second, and most important, is there a place for people with limited mobility to pick up an uber? Is there something or some other service that is better suited for me?
  4. LA is a bit different than most ports on turn around days. After everyone is off the ship, back to back have to sit a wait for the ship to zero out. Then comes the old crew leaving(end of contracts) new crew arrivals, and then back to back paxs can reboard. Along with transit card and passport check. This happens around 12:00. If you are taking a tour, not Princess, or a Princess tour, you will have to go thru security check and wait turn to board.
  5. We use to travel mainly with Princess until the quality of the product drop so much. We have done Hal, Crystal, which we love, MSC with the Yacht Club. We still cruise Princess, but not as much. If we are using it as a way to get to place to place and it is reasonable we do Princess. Crystal is great so is the Yacht Club on MSC for on board experiences.
  6. How about a level like Holland American, 1400 days to join a special group theirs is called the President's Club. Give all who want something more, something to work towards.
  7. Sad to see this cruise is ending, as we have enjoyed reading your daily reports. Can hardly wait for you to begin reporting the world cruise. We read your blog. with our morning coffee. Have a great holiday. Safe travels.
  8. Just to add, China is fast becoming a cashless society. The trouble one finds, is not having a Chinese bank to link your cell phone and pay service with. That being said, go with the Princess pre tour---they will lead you and assit you. They will take you where you can shop with your credit cards and cash. The China visa is now good for 10 years. I would go out of Shanghai. The airport is a long ways out of the city and to the port. It is easy to get around in signage in Chinese and English.
  9. Also one has to remember that Princess waits until the bus is full before departing to the airport. At times it makes for a huge que at the checkin and securities. In FCO there is a pre check to get into the terminal, a check to get to the counter and a security check. If going to North American, sometimes there is another check at the gate. It all takes time. Go with a service and you can set your own time schedule.
  10. I have read the new rules for pickups at LAX, but an confused, I understand Prime Shuttle can't pick up or return you to LAX, except through the new lot and shuttling you to your terminal. My question is does this apply to supershuttle. Can you still get it by your terminal baggage area, and can they return you to your departure terminal without transfering? My friend who is traveling with us in mobility challenged, and we would like to know? Thanks to anyone who knows or has experienced it.
  11. So sorry to hear of your tumble. Hopefully, with ice, and rest it will improve. We loved your pictures of Zurich, a place we dearly love. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  12. Ask to speak to a supervisor, if a problem, scan and send the letter to them. They are good in honouring letters, but sometimes have to be seen.
  13. We have never been to Portland before, and please would like some help planning our day here? What is it like? Are there good local transportation options? Thank you for any assistance.
  14. Yes they missed Bar Harbour. Also at last look the ship was going under 11 knots speed to St.John NB. Understand the seas are still a little bit rough. Glad to hear that the Noro is finally under control.
  15. On the last three cruises, there has been deep cleaning and delayed boarding at the turn arounds.. Code red on all cruises. The cruise from NYC to Quebec City had 15 cases in late September. The cruise down from Quebec City to NYC in early October had 7 cases, mostly staff, and entertainers. The staff on the ship is tired and worked extra from all the code reds. The ones at the buffet are having the most problems. They were told to dish out small amounts of food. This cause many pax to take their anger out on them. They even, with this ran out of several items five days into the cruise. This is a sick ship in many ways. Stay away from it.
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