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  1. I tried, but the whole town and of course Al's was filled with bikers & beer. Ended up at Locke Garden, the Chinese place at the end of Main Street 😖
  2. Rogelio's in Isleton, CA, Sacramento Delta: https://rogelios.net/
  3. None. Only large buses are exempt. All other vehicles for hire only requires them to allow the passenger to install one. The driver will not assist in the installation. Uber Family is in some cities and for an up charge may provide one. Some car rental companies will rent one to you, but after a two day rental, you could have gone to Walmart and bought one.
  4. House of Dancing Water...we saw that in 2010...that was W👀W!...Cirque meets Universal Studios Waterworld. Couple of blocks down from St. Paul's along the walking circuit there's this jerky shop, on the left side walking towards the Cathedral, sells by weight. Great stuff, SWMBO was going to buy 8 kilos worths, but you can't bring any of it back to the US. The ladies ask, "American? No US in." Get some for your cruise if you like jerky. The Asian style dried fruit was good too.
  5. Anime? Then you gots to go here: http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/
  6. In my younger days I had a "gunbei" session followed by beer chasers during a lunch; including one shot with snake bile in it. Never again 😣
  7. If you don't mind taking the subway to the airport then get your self to Kowloon Station where they have airline check-in for most airlines. You check in your luggage as you would at the airport, get your boarding passes, and then go out and explore HK. https://www.hongkongairport.com/en/transport/to-from-airport/airport-express.page http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/services/complom_checkin.html Mind that you have to purchase Airport Express tickets before you can enter the check in area AND you should be at the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time. In addition to security you'll have to go through HK Departure Immigration.
  8. Hey! That's what I'm wearing now, in the Summer! 😎
  9. In most cases yes. The medical provider will require full payment before you are discharged. In the case of the ships medical center, their bill will be added to your account. My aunt had to pay off my uncle's medical bills before they would release him to the mortuary people 👎 When you get home you file a claim with the travel insurance to get reimbursed. The fun begins when you don't have the documentation the claims adjuster wants and you trying to get it from the medical facility.
  10. A 2+ hr drive is nothing to an Angeleno whose daily commute could be just as long. LA to Las Vegas is a 4+ hr drive and you would think they would have built an HSR between the two already with all that traffic between the two.
  11. Great! Now that you've seen other options only you can decide if the $266 is worth it to you. You can do a search or wait for others to chime in about Allianz claims handling.
  12. As suggested go to one of the mentioned travel insurance brokers websites: insuremytrip.com or tripinsurancestore.com, plug in your information and you should get a couple of quotes back. For my example above I used $4500 for the trip price for two people, age 33 & 64 and I didn't even get to the part to customize your limits and coverage.
  13. I just went to one of the above mentioned travel insurance brokers website. Your mom's age was the only variable. At 64 premiums were between $260 to $312. Change age from 64 to 33, the premiums drop down by at least a $100. Of course the cost of your trip and limits, etc, need to be factored in.
  14. Born & Raised still living in San Francisco...recommend sailing out of Vancouver 😎
  15. Allianz is one of Europe's largest insurance companies; it is based in Munich, Germany. It is the third largest financial services company in the world. As Klfrodo says, $$ depends on what you are insuring against.
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