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  1. I've been type 2 for 20+ years. As you've been recently diagnosed you'll need to watch your carb intake, take your meds, and exercise. At home I use the treadmill or go to the Y for the other equipment, but on a cruise or vacation I tend to stay away from the fitness center. So on sea days I do walking laps around the promenade deck or whatever is designated as the jogging track. Only if the weather is bad or too cold will I head over to the fitness center. More importantly watch your carb intake, no more second helpings of dessert 😎
  2. As a born & raised SF resident, I concur with the prior posts about visitors with luggage NOT getting off at Civic Center or Powell Street (unless your staying at the Parc 55) stations. OTH both are actually fine in the middle of the day as long as you keep situation aware & your stuff close or out of sight. AND NO LUGGAGE! Three of the city's theater venues are in the located between the two stations, Golden Gate Theater, Orpheum (current venue for Hamilton), and the Warfield. Add in the HQs for Uber, Twitter, and offices for Dolby Labs in the same area. Now if your looking for a slightly used iThingy or used $10,000 titanium framed bike/parts (at a huge discount) this is the area to be in 😎
  3. I don't think this will work for you. Although HK is considered another country for visa free travel purposes, you need to go to a third country, like Japan or Korea, immediately after Xian for the visa free to work.
  4. My Dad loved to buy those and pass 'em out to his buddies. I still have a few in my dresser, someday I'll open them and see if they can be useable
  5. The most popular apps used is either WePay or AliPay. SWMBO had a mini reunion with her school buddies for lunch. When it came time to pay she whipped out her Visa, but the waiterperson said they don't take Visa, MasterCard, Amex or any western credit cards as matter of fact. Her BFF took out her phone and paid with WePay. SIL took us to a nice Japanese restaurant, 10% off if you use your phone app. 8 years ago at a shopping mall I was sitting on a bench (along with 6 other husbands) waiting for our respective SWMBOs to finish shopping. It's 97 degrees and a nearby kiosk was selling ice cold Cokes, I was short one coin and did without. 5 years later at the same mall, 96 degrees, I came prepared with lots of coin, and the kiosk was still selling ice cold Cokes. NO CASH. App payments only 🤬
  6. If you plan on being here September 19 2020 then you'll be in town with a thousand or so dentists. The California Dental Association is having their annual thing that weekend 🦷
  7. Hong Kong was built about 11 years before Shanghai and after Tokyo. The Chinese market is different from the Japanese, but what they learned from HK they applied to Shanghai. What they didn't realize until the pre-opening was the mainlanders are different from Hong Kongers-Overseas Chinese
  8. You should proof of value(?) for the old ring too.
  9. The other ferry service has similar size/weight requirements too. https://www.cotaiwaterjet.com/ https://www.cotaiwaterjet.com/terms-n-conditions.html
  10. Since the paint hasn't dried yet on the new Hong Kong - Macau Bridge you have to use an authorized bridge shuttle service for the trip, private cars and taxis are currently not allowed. If you still want to drive to Macau, you'll have to go into China and back out, with border crossing formalities for HK-China and China-Macau. As a foreigner you'll have to get out of the car with your luggage, clear Chinese immigration and customs. Drive across the border and repeat with the Macau side. Drive through China Repeat when going back. And have the right Chinese visa. As you probably know the best way is by ferry. Or by helicopter
  11. In California insurance companies can no longer use credit scores as part of their underwriting.
  12. There are about 1800 taxis licensed in San Francisco. Compared to over 40,000 ride-shares registered to operate in San Francisco. While not all 40k will be "on", well you know....
  13. San Francisco has or has pending local legislation that bans the use of facial recognition by city entities; whether the Feds comply, i.e. Customs & Immigration, is another matter.
  14. A few chain restaurants: Elephant Bar, Benihana, or Original Max's, all across from the Hyatt Regency. The restaurant scene in Burlingame is on the other side of freeway. Take the overpass by Original Max's and go across 101. You'll be on Broadway, but be prepared to make a left turn once you past the railroad tracks on to California Ave. Be careful those are active tracks so don't stop on them. Go about a mile south on California Ave to Burlingame Avenue and make a right onto Burlingame Ave. Find parking. On your GPS just go to the "Apple Store - Burlingame", it's right in the middle of it. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g32124-Burlingame_California.html https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Restaurants+Downtown&find_loc=Burlingame%2C+CA+94010
  15. Just leave the cash and a write a nice review for the steward.
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