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  1. I booked a June cruise which included free drinks anytime. If that cruise is cancelled will I be able to carry over the free drinks benefit to a latter cruise if that cruise doesn’t mention the free drink benefit in the offer.
  2. Is the current cruise fare the cruise rate or the cruise rate and Taxes, Fees, Port Expenses and Fuel Supplement, and Optional Charges (Insurance)?
  3. In choosing either the 100% Future Cruise Credit and Onboard Credit, or the 100% Refund, I chose the 100% Future Cruise Credit and Onboard Credit. In later reading the fine print (*) it reads" FCC cannot be used for taxes, fees & port charges,...onboard charges or gratuities." What can the FCC be used for?
  4. I just booked a cruise and paid by cc. I didn't see anything in the booking screens regarding a doctor's letter. I'm over 70 and have type 2 diabetes. Will I lose my payment?
  5. I just booked a cruise for June 6, 2020. Paid the full amount by cc. How is the cruise credi applied?
  6. The worst burger I have ever had. They are greasy and have no taste. The fixings bar ingredients are slop.
  7. Leaving tomorrow for a 4 night cruise. I''ll take every precaution, but I don't doubt I''ll get the flu. I'll be home before the symptoms arise. Almost everybody will get this flu. I had a flu shot in November; still got the flu last month. Since I'll be back on FRIDAY the 13th, I'll post a note to let the panicked ones know how it went. I''ll also post a not after the two week incubation period has passed.
  8. Can I bring on board a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in a pint plastic bottle to use to wipe down surfaces , and my hands?
  9. Will the casino allow one to wear surgical gloves while playing cards or slots while gambling?
  10. 73 with controlled diabetes, still going on Monday. Had the flu last month after retuning from a cruise. Had a flu shot in November, but it didn’t seem to help.
  11. I also bought another 100 shares. Let's hope for the best.
  12. Still going Monday on my cruise. Anyone cancel?
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