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  1. We have never been to Santiago (san Antonio) before. I was wondering would you recommend doing here for the day?? If you have been to Santiago (san Antonio) before, what did you do there for the day?? Also does the cruise ships dock near the city? or do we dock a long way from it? Any ideas / suggestions are very welcome :D
  2. Kiwi_cruiser

    MIssed me? :-)

    You have not seen my signature . I wont have cruise blues for a while!
  3. Kiwi_cruiser

    HAL's Amsterdam arriving Sydney 27 Nov

    Great capture David!
  4. Kiwi_cruiser

    "Reliable" weather app for New Zealand

    "Weather Watch" is another good weather app and ο»Ώis available in the app store as well.
  5. Kiwi_cruiser

    Maasdam in Auckland 26 Nov

    You will be "board" NSWP, , as there is very little day time entertainment, apart from listing to people talk and almost no evening entertainment, unless you want to her more people talk. There is NO production shows or singers/dancers on the Maasdam. If you like the Noordam then I would stick with other HAL other ships. I have been on the Volendam and its a nice ship.
  6. Kiwi_cruiser

    Maasdam in Auckland 26 Nov

    What house , what is that thing you talk about . We don't have a house
  7. I have not been on the WebcamSydney website for a month, but checking it today it looks like the guy / people running it has not paid there web hosting bill, as the login page says "Suspended" . Hopefully it might come back in a few days time! At lest we have other web cams to look at
  8. Kiwi_cruiser

    Maasdam in Auckland 26 Nov

    We are in Auckland for 3 weeks, before we get on the Noordam for Christmas.
  9. Kiwi_cruiser

    MIssed me? :-)

    Hi Everyone Have you missed me? :-P We just got back from our Massdam cruise today! (I guess we made the news in places in OZ & New Zealand). Will try and post a few photos / videos from our Majestic Princess & Massdam cruises over the next few weeks, once I get my head around the new Cruise Critic layout!. I see a lot has been going on in the Australia & New Zealand cruising scene while I have been away for the last 28 days! So let me get this correct the Regal Princess is coming down under in 2020?? and Celebrity Eclipse is also coming down in the 2020/2021 summer season, Correct? Any any news I might have missed over the last 28 days?
  10. The Port of Auckland posted on Facebook saying that they have installed a new platform for the tenders to be able to land at Admiralty Steps. I will see if I can find there photo they posted.
  11. Kiwi_cruiser


    We will be on the Noordam for Christmas / New Year and will be at the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia on New years day. @MicCanberra - Keep an eye out for the Noordam 😊
  12. Kiwi_cruiser

    Solstice in Picton today

    Great photo teigenes 😊
  13. Kiwi_cruiser

    Centreport webcam

    Yes, they took the "page" away last month :(, but at lest we still have a webcam there :)
  14. Kiwi_cruiser

    Maasdam in Auckland 26 Nov

    Great capture David :) We just got off her today!