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  1. We are boarding a ship tomorrow. I worry more about what I might catch from the shopping cart at the grocery store. 😁 Unless your Cruise is in Asia, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Norovirus and flu are a much greater risk.
  2. Loved reading your review! I think every cruiseline and every ship has their pros and cons. We have sailed Celebrity, Princess, Royal and Carnival and liked everyone of them. We, however, also prefer Royal and their ships.
  3. We just got one too. We leave Friday on the Explorer. Cannot wait!,
  4. Thank you so much! Just booked it. One we more question. Do they ask if you are staying at the resort or do they even care? Just afraid of getting there and being turned away. Have a great day!
  5. Thanks for all your input everyone! Very much appreciated! Will probably wind up trying Anthem. We always have a great time, so I’m sure we would on this ship as well.
  6. Would you happen to have the link where you booked it? I am having trouble finding it. Thanks so much!
  7. It depends on the sailing. Prices will be under Cruise planner. Drinks onboard are roughly $14 with tip. Figure out how much you would drink and take it from there.
  8. I would do the 9 day on the Explorer. Particularly if the port days are nice and long. And if the kids have never been on a cruise before they will have nothing to compare it to and will have an amazing time. Plus, the ship will have been refurbished. The Explorer is a great ship and I will always choose a longer cruise...especially if you have to pay airfare to get there.
  9. Of course there are other options. The thread is simply about “do you mind it”. I’m glad to see all the different opinions. It is a discussion board. It’s ok to discuss different views.
  10. Delta just cancelled flights to China through April according to CNN.
  11. Thanks so much! “Chopped up” was exactly the words my parents used too. We have always had an amazing time on any ship, but it can be expensive paying for five people so I want to try and make the best choice in choosing a ship. I did see Oasis coming. I wish they would keep it there year round and offer some longer sailings like 9 nights. We did a 9 night on Explorer one year from there and it was awesome having a few extra days.
  12. Oh yes, the waiters are great. My question was just if you mind having to do it this way?
  13. Have been toying with booking Anthem out of NJ to avoid airfare for five people. We have always loved the Voyager and Freedom class ships and want to try an Oasis ship as well. (Itineraries haven’t matched up for one of these yet.) My parents also love Voyager and Freedom class and just got off Anthem. This is the first cruise they came home and said they did not care for the ship. They felt like there were too many cabins and missed the Royal Promenade. They also did not like the overall layout at all. They said it was just not one of their better cruises even though they had a wonderful time overall. With their comments in mind, I’m wondering how others like the Quantum class compared to Voyager and Freedom class ships? I know the ship is made for colder ports and has a different feel. That being said, which class do you like better? I do take what my parents say with a grain of salt by the way, but just curious what others think.
  14. My parents just got off Anthem this last week and while they had a nice time there were some things they did not like and mentioned. One was the fact that when you go to the MDR they take your order for everything from appetizer to dessert at the same time. I remember this from the Freedom two years ago and didn’t like it either. That is not “dining” to me. How do I know what I want for dessert before I have my meal? What if I’m full? I totally get it is because they are trying to be efficient and feed thousands at once but I do feel like it takes away from the “dining” experience. Anyone else feel this way? We will be on Explorer next week and expect this to be the case as well and will just go along with it. Overall, it’s not a big deal but sometimes the little things all add up to the overall experience.
  15. Russia just announced this morning that they are closing their eastern border with China. Hate to say this, but maybe they need to stop people coming and going until this is under control. Problem is no one really knows how bad it is because the Chinese govt. isn’t exactly forthcoming. I also realize how how hard this would be to do..if not impossible.
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