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  1. There's no through train service on NJ Transit from Philadelphia to NY Penn Station. You have to take a SEPTA Trenton Line train from 30th St. Station to Trenton then transfer to a NJ Transit Northeast Corridor train to NY Penn. Using SEPTA and NJ transit trains will take much longer...up to an hour more on the schedule than taking Amtrak, and as bad as Amtrak can be in running on time, NJ transit is far worse. It also can be difficult to find space to store luggage on NJ Transit, and if you need help with your luggage there are no porters on NJ Transit but there are on Amtrak. Yes, the fare is cheaper, but in my opinion it's just not a good way to make this trip.
  2. Interesting. How did you get to the Haven sundeck? Your non-Haven suite key shouldn't have gotten you in. We've taken many cruises in SEs and SFs on the Gem and have never had that privilege .
  3. Best and most cost effective are usually totally different. Best to me is a private limo service but it will no doubt be the most expensive. I'm usually reluctant to recommend it because of timeliness issues, but for one, two or three people Amtrak from Philadelphia 30th St. Station to NY Penn Station with a taxi ride to and from the cruise terminal in would likely be the most cost effective. Picking dates in June at random I saw round trip fares of $88 per person. Figure on an additional $20 for a taxi each way in NY and the round trip total would be $128 for one person, $216 for two or $304 for three. Note: I haven't included any taxi or Uber fare in Philadelphia because I have no idea where you live.
  4. No...SEs, SFs and the like do not get access to the Haven courtyard, pool or sundeck.
  5. We ate there about 25 or 30 years ago and enjoyed it. Of course our experience from that long ago is totally worthless for the purposes of a meaningful review . I only posted to show that it's been considered a top flight restaurant for a long, long time...the restaurant says almost 350 years!
  6. You undoubtedly have reached a Latitudes status level that exempts you from having to select an arrival time. Don't worry about the "no earlier than an hour before" admonition. You can continue to arrive at 9:30 or whatever time suits you best.
  7. Yes, 10 to 20% to the agency. Some agents might work on salary only, some on salary plus a small percentage of the commission, and some...what the industry calls "outside agents" on a large percentage of the commission only. I don't have the foggiest idea of the sales of a "typical" agency might be. The traditional brick-and-mortar travel agency like I owned is a dinosaur that is rapidly moving toward extinction, replaced by larger operations that are telephone and internet operations.
  8. There are many. I just did a search for Wall St New York City in the hotel search and booking engine trivago.com using arbitrary dates and came up with this listing: https://www.trivago.com/?aDateRange[arr]=2019-05-04&aDateRange[dep]=2019-05-05&aPriceRange[from]=0&aPriceRange[to]=0&iRoomType=7&aRooms[0][adults]=2&cpt2=312211%2F500&iViewType=0&bIsSeoPage=0&sortingId=1&slideoutsPageItemId=&iGeoDistanceLimit=16093&address=&addressGeoCode=&offset=0
  9. One cruise ship at a time. There's only one berth.
  10. You still haven't figured out what I'm saying. Somehow I'll bet you got a paycheck every week or two or every month and you knew how much that paycheck would be. That would be a lot better than what I got. My employees got their paychecks every week but whether I took any money home was very questionable and not something I could rely upon. The last thing I am talking about is luxuries. I just wanted to be sure I could pay my mortgage and buy groceries.
  11. Which is exactly what I and others have said. 10 to 20% is typical. 30 is not likely.
  12. You have no idea about what I was saying. At the commission levels we were paid it was difficult to earn a decent living. There's little sense in working 55 hours a week to make next to nothing. I could have made more money flipping burgers at Mickey D's. At 30% I could have made an acceptable living but I certainly wouldn't have gotten rich.
  13. No...that would be an unusually high commission. A bad assumption on your part.
  14. I owned a travel agency for a number of years. Typically commissions paid by cruise lines were 10 to 20%. Very simply it's cheaper to pay commissions to travel agents than to employ sufficient numbers of in house agents to service all the customers.
  15. njhorseman

    ATT cells

    Guam has also been a US territory since 1898. Both Puerto Rico and Guam were acquired as a result of the Spanish-American War, but AT&T does not provide cell phone service in Guam. You see, the answer to the question has nothing to do with whether Puerto Rico is a US Territory...it only has to do with whether AT&T provides cell phone service in Puerto Rico, which it does. Heck, there are even sparsely populated areas of the 50 states where AT&T doesn't have service.
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