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  1. In case it isn't clear...you drive on the right in Puerto Rico. The US Virgin Islands are the only places under US jurisdiction where you drive on the left side of the road.
  2. I always eat at Hog Penny when in Hamilton...in fact we were just there for lunch last Wednesday. It has an old English pub-type atmosphere. The menu isn't very good for a young child. I'm not sure I'd go to Woody's for dinner. Reputed to have an excellent fish sandwich if you were going for lunch and drinks. There have been a few incidents there over the years that would make me uncomfortable being there after dark.
  3. Flanagan's Irish Pub on Front St. lists spiny lobster on their menu as being available when in season. Although it's in season now I'm not sure whether they will actually have it available on the day you're there. They have an outdoor dining patio overlooking Hamilton Harbour...of course no guarantee seating will be available there when you arrive. They do have a kid's menu.
  4. But in fairness to the poster, the US Virgin Islands are also part of the US and the signs are in English, but you drive on the left side of the road , so the question was a reasonable one.
  5. This isn't going to be of much help, but the only spot in St. George that I'm aware of that was famous for its fish sandwich was Art Mel's, but they closed a couple of years ago. Perhaps someone else can recommend a different spot.
  6. The fixed price taxi to Manhattan is only from JFK airport. (Same in the opposite direction.) If you're going to be at a hotel you can take the hotel's shuttle back to the airport, but instead I'd recommend taking either Dial 7 or Carmel Limo from your hotel to Manhattan. Taking the hotel shuttle back to JFK just to get a taxi is inconvenient and a waste of time.
  7. You're wrong. I suggest you read the following from TSA: https://www.tsa.gov/real-id About enhanced driver's licenses. Michigan, Vermont, Minnesota, and New York states issue REAL ID and state-issued enhanced driver’s licenses, both of which are acceptable. Washington state issues enhanced driver’s licenses only. State-issued enhanced driver's licenses are marked with a flag. These documents will be accepted at the airport security checkpoint when the REAL ID enforcement goes into effect.
  8. We've always been able to get into the comedy club shows without a reservation. Last week on Escape we attended three comedy club shows simply by lining up on the standby line. In each case reservations had been closed days before, but a fairly large percentage of seats are held back for standbys and it also appeared that a large percentage of reservation holders simply don't show up. There were more people in the club from the standby line then there were reservation holders. The bottom line is if you can't get a reservation just get on the standby line and you'll almost certainly get in.
  9. Zenith was our regular ride from NY to Bermuda for a number of years. Coming back as part of the Japanese "Peace Boat" operation.
  10. Just to provide a brief update, I drove into Manhattan on Sunday morning, October 6, and returned on Sunday morning October 13. As I have found in the past, traffic on 495 is not disrupted by the construction project at low traffic hours, such as Sunday mornings.
  11. The last report we've seen on Cruise Critic, from early September, is that the free trolley is not currently running. Since Hurricane Maria over two years ago service has been on and off, but it's apparently off right now. That could change, but no one seems to know when or if it will.
  12. The sea water temperature in late April, early May will be too cold for most people although on a nice day you may be able to sit on the beach. Typically the beach season in Bermuda starts around Memorial Day.
  13. And there are a good number of them who have a passport or other compliant document that can be used in lieu of a REAL ID license.
  14. And that's been 19 years in the making and it happened because of something very important and tragic, the 9/11 terrorist attack. If something brought about by 9/11 took 19 years to implement do you really think that something DHS considers to be a low risk situation, US citizens on a closed loop cruise, is suddenly going to be upended?
  15. Ten years ago you were already required to have a passport to drive to Canada, so everyone knew it. The WHTI came into effect in 2009. The impetus for all the border security changes was the 9/11/01 terrorist attack. All the border security changes took years to put into place despite the magnitude of the 9/11 attack. Heck, the REAL ID drivers license is only being brought to full implementation on 10/1/20, 19 years after 9/11. Short of some outrageously important event that causes us to rethink border crossing security again, changes other than minor tweaks just aren't going to happen because the governmental processes just don't move very quickly. Think about it...it will have taken 19 years after 9/11 to have finally implemented REAL ID. If the government does eventually want all cruisers to have passports we will know about far in advance, and right now there isn't even a whisper about it.
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