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  1. Cruised NYE out of NOLA... Platinum but FTTF is similar. We arrived at 10:45am for an 11:30 assigned time. We were in the Platinum waiting lounge by 10:50am and on the ship by 11:15am (they said that was one of the earliest clearances for boarding in a while). FTTF and suite holders loaded just after us. We always get the kids FTTF when they cruise with us. Find that sweet spot in timing where you can get right in with that little PRIORITY symbol on your boarding pass, but not have to wait forever in the upper lobbies waiting to board the ship. 10:45am or so has always worked well for us. Weather can throw a complete kink into this tho, so be prepared...
  2. They want to stay close to the port? I'd suggest a fun hotel in or near the Quarter and a taxi/Uber/Lyft to the port. If $$$ is not an issue, we like Hotel Monteleone on Royal in the Quarter. We have also stayed at the Marriott and JW Marriott on Canal, and at the Courtyard just across Canal St. from the Quarter on St. Charles. There are also a few boutique hotels throughout the Quarter we've used. We got the Marriott on Priceline for $87.00 a night this last December for our NYE cruise. Food: We always have a meal at GW Finns when in NOLA. Reservations needed. Pelican Club is great. We always visit Coops and Cafe Maspero for more laid back meals. If they like BBQ, The Joint out in the Marigny (an easy 2 mile walk or bike ride from Jackson Square) is the best BBQ I've ever had. Blue Oak BBQ is also really good - an easy streetcar ride from the Quarter.
  3. We rode in on bikes. Parked them. Went right in. They didn't ask if we were cruisers or not.
  4. We also did Buccanos during the day one day while down. Great snorkel, but the current was strong so we did it as a drift rather than just swimming where we liked. They have one of the nicer set ups we visited last summer. Food and drinks were good.
  5. Figure out what time sunset is and then make reservations for 30 or 45 minutes before that. Wife and I ate at Buccanos at sunset twice on our last trip down. Both meals were amazing.
  6. In Cozumel, sand = bad snorkeling, rocks = great snorkeling, so you have to choose. If you want beach, my favorite is Playa Palancar. Free to get in. Food and drinks are great. If you want to snorkel from the shore, my favorite is either Money Bar or Buccanos. Both are free to get in and both have great food and drinks.
  7. shaneandpamela

    Beach Club ?

    If you want beach , grab a cab out to Playa Palancar. Prettiest beach we found in two weeks at Cozumel last summer. Free to enter. Pay for what you eat and drink. Food and drinks were really good. If you want snorkeling, grab a cab and go to Money Bar. Pay for what you eat and drink. Snorkeling off the pier is fantastic - good enough that the snorkel tours stop there. Drinks are strong. Food is great. Money Bar is our go-to spot in Cozy now for a laid back day. Neither place will be crowded. Neither place has a pool, but... really? A pool in Cozy? Cabs back to town or the ships are easy.
  8. Happened to be on an Ultra cruise in 2017. The only bad thing was all of the smoke. Worst cruise for being around cigarette smoke I've ever been on. You do know those things are killing you right?
  9. Print them online from your cruise manager on Carnival.com. Fold them up. Put them in your nice luggage tag holders - Amazon search for "Cruise Tags Wide Luggage Tags Etag Holders Zip Seal & Steel Loops (6 tags)" (I don't sell these. I just found them a few years ago and they make things so much easier.) Attach to your bags. Go have fun.
  10. Get off the boat and straight to Money Bar to snorkel. Snorkeling is as described above - best shore snorkeling we found in Cozy during a two week stay last summer. Food is good and drinks are strong. An alternative we found would be to go out to Playa Palancar. It's a beach, but you could grab a small boat there out to the reef to snorkel. Think it was like $35 a person. Free entrance into Palancar. Food was good. Go into town to shop a bit and grab a drink at the Thirsty Cougar. End of the day prices. You win. Dinner at Bucannos At Night if you can get a reservation. We ate there twice at sunset last summer. Wonderful meals. Go back into town to the square to hang with the locals until you have to go back to the ship.
  11. Had a spa balcony on the Dream for NYE. If your ship is so equipped, and you think you will use the Thalassotherapy Pool and private thermo suites (basically a giant amazing hot tub and sauna rooms), then yes. My wife loved the pool and the suites so I'm sure we'll book one again. The older, smaller ships don't have them, so for us no advantage to booking on the smaller ships.
  12. Cabin availability. Help with a big group of cruisers. Immediate help when I need it. Knows me by name. My PVP takes care of me when there are price changes on Early Saver. I'll stick with her until she doesn't work there any longer. I have booked online when I couldn't get her and there was a deal/sailing/cabin available that I wanted to grab. She even helped me with that booking when I needed some information.
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