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  1. tigers2425


    It's in the Bahamas but I'm not certain what part. It's called "Grand Bahama Ship yard" I believe it's where RC does all of their dry docks? I could be mistaken though.
  2. tigers2425


    Has anyone heard if the dock where they refurbish/drydock ships was affected by the hurricane?
  3. When is the best time to purchase specialty restaurant pkgs. what’s the best price you have gotten by doing it this way..? Thank you for your help. Tigers2425
  4. We went from POM to Ft Lauderdale airport. $26 total for both of us
  5. Are back to back cruises given any price breaks? We have never done a back to back and are curious. We have only ever cruised Royal so nit certain if each cruise line is different with regards to this question. thanks for any insight 🌸 Tigers2425
  6. We used QLS and it worked perfect. You must book in advance but can do it online
  7. tigers2425

    Beach Limerz?

    We visited there two years ago. I don't recall the taxi fare but I do remember they wouldn't take ANY torn or worn currency. We had an issue paying the cab because we had minimal cash and they did not take credit card. Said our money was worn and their govt. would not take it. It's a lovely place. Small and quaint. We really enjoyed it.
  8. IUKI--We have purchased two alexandrite rings while on cruises. One in Jamaica and one in St. Kitts. I love, love them both. You are right, we could not find this stone at any of the jewelers where we live in Ohio. I just lost a small diamond from the one we purchased in St. Kitts and was looking to see how I might get this taken care of. We are set to cruise again in a couple of weeks but not to St. Kitts or Jamaica so I cannot take the right to them myself. I will also be letting RC know of this issue to see how they suggest we handle. Please let me know if you get any answers from them on your issue. I will keep you updated on my issue if you would like. I hope you enjoy your alexandrite as much as I do. They are beautiful and one of my birthstones for being a June baby (alexandrite, pearl and moonstone).
  9. Has anyone ever stayed at the Guild located at 230 NE 4th Street Miami? It looks like it's near the Bayside Market area. Please let us know. Thank you.
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