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  1. We went in July (me, my 13 year old son and my 72 year old mom) so I can't help you with weather but here's what we did in the ports: Tracy Arm - Highly recommend the small boat tour through the ship. I debated it due to the cost but I'm so happy we did it. We got to get up close to both glaciers. Skagway - We rented a car and drove the Klondike highway (basically the same path the train takes) to Emerald Lake and back. We loved being able to stop anywhere we wanted to take pictures and to not have to wait for a giant tour bus of people to get on and off at all the picture stops. Plus we could stay as long as we wanted. We used Murray's Guide to pick where we wanted to stop and to learn more about everything we were seeing. Juneau - Whale Watching/Mendenhall combo through Juneau Whale Watch. We had a great day... got to see several baby whales breaching and had plenty of time to walk the trail to Nugget Falls. Ketchikan - We loved the Deadliest Catch excursion. Definitely worth the $. We stayed in Seattle for 2 days post cruise and got the CityPass to see all the sites. Definitely worth it to get the pass if you're planning to do those attractions anyway.
  2. CCLcruiserga - which company did you use for your private snorkeling and sting ray excursion in Grand Turk?
  3. Sorry for the delay lasvegascruising! I didn't see this until today. Springhill Suites is great for one night. We've actually stayed there a couple of times before a Galveston cruise. This time our cruise was Thursday - Monday. I don't know if that had anything to do with the cheaper rate. Our drivers both times said they basically just go back and forth from the airport to the cruise port on sailing days. We didn't get in until late Wednesday night and took the free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. It was quick and easy. The hotel has just recently been remodeled and the free breakfast is a nice perk. We didn't eat dinner but there is a restaurant just across the parking lot... don't know if it's any good or not! There's also a Pappadeauxs (cajun seafood chain) in the airport if you wanted to eat before you left the airport.
  4. I tried to apply $1500 at one time on our last cruise in August. They did $1000 and said they'd have to email corporate for approval for more than that. I went back the next day and applied the other $500 with no problem.
  5. My husband and I just got back from a Galveston cruise. We flew in to Hobby and stayed at the Springhill Suites near the airport. We took an UberX from the hotel the morning (about 11am) of the cruise and it cost $37 (I always check both Lyft and Uber and go with whichever is cheaper.) Coming back from the pier after the cruise (about 9:15am) was $39 with Lyft (it would have been $46 with Uber). I don't know what RC airport transfers to Hobby are, but Carnival's would have been $37pp each way.
  6. Just back from an amazing Alaskan cruise on the Legend out of Seattle. I'll post more about the specific ports to the Alaska board later but wanted to share some general thoughts and info about the Legend and Seattle port in particular. Embarkation day - We took an Uber to the port. Ride shares drop you off about a 5 minute walk away from the pier entrance so you either have to walk or wait for a shuttle. We waited a couple of minutes but then decided to walk. It wasn’t too bad. Debarkation day - Before 9am they had called all tags and everyone was clear for disembarkation. Super fast! We got a porter for the luggage and basically walked right through customs… no line, they just looked at the passports, didn’t even scan them or anything. The porter walked us all the way out to the app rideshare area so we tipped him a little extra and it was totally worth it not to have to lug our luggage ourselves. Love the unique layout of the ship. The decor is definitely more old world and I thought less cheesy than other carnival ships. Feels more elegant. Lots of public places to sit and hang out or watch out the windows. Stateroom 4224 (port side aft) - very happy with the view and the door right next to it made it super easy to go down to 3 outside and around to the starboard side whenever the naturalist pointed out something on that side. The only down side was that if people came in the door and didn’t close it all the way, it would rattle and bang and we could hear it in the room. Not a big deal during the day but definitely a pain at night. I had signed up for early dining at 6pm precruise but when we got on board, the early dining time had changed to 5:30. Would have preferred 6pm for sure. The only time it was super crowded was in peak breakfast or lunch dining times on Lido. Also sometimes hard to find a table due to people sitting and watching out the windows and not eating. They did try to alleviate this problem by moving the tables away from the windows and putting just rows of chairs there so that at least watchers weren’t taking up table space. Platinum laundry - I left the bags in our room when we left at 7:30am for our excursions and it was returned the same evening. Premium internet was great. I didn’t watch YouTube or Netflix but it was plenty fast for email, Facebook, Pinterest, and downloading podcasts. One thing that’s strange about this itinerary… since the Victoria port is from 7:30-11:59pm, the ship is entering Canadian waters in the afternoon so the casino and all the shops close at 3pm on the last day. I didn’t go to the casino on the first night so I don’t know when they opened but thought it was something important that casino players would want to know. There was a giant line at the casino cashier to cash in chips and casino accounts.
  7. Thanks for the review. We went to Pigeon Island years ago and enjoyed it but we just went on our own and I can't remember anything about cab prices, entrance fees, etc. so this is very helpful as I'm researching ideas for a friend going in October. Were the drinks that Serenity provided available while you were sitting on the beach? Like in a cooler or something? Or only when you were in the car?
  8. It depends on how many people are playing. On our last cruise we played on a rainy sea day so it was really crowded and we won a $1500 game. When we went later in the week the prizes were anywhere from a $200-800.
  9. I have always snail mailed my info to the address on the benefit info page (http://www.carnivalcorp.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=140690&p=irol-sharebenefit) and have never had a problem. It takes a couple weeks but they email me when it's been processed and it shows up on my booking online.
  10. Another tip... if you're a regular Walgreens shopper, check your receipts. The other day I noticed on one of mine that there was a coupon code for a free one year membership to AARP. If you're an actual member, you get 1.5x points for each of the quizzes so you can earn points faster.
  11. Perfect! Thanks so much for your quick reply. I'm super excited about this port day!
  12. Hey Trip! One more question... did you have to make a reservation at the Tutshi Dog Kennels or can you just show up anytime? Thanks! Amy
  13. Thank you! Got the guide and reserved a car with Avis! Thanks again for the great info.
  14. Thanks for a great review! We'll be on the Legend in July. I was planning to do the train/bus combo with dog sled in Skagway but I think you have me convinced to rent a car and do a self-guided tour. Did you have a particular resource book or map or something that you used to guide you or did you just make stops along the way that looked interesting? Also thinking about doing the Island Wings Fjords and Glacier combo in Ketchikan with the money we save going the self-guided route in Skagway!
  15. Exactly. It's not that I'm doing anything except sitting out there. I just didn't like the feeling I got when I knew people were up there looking down.
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