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  1. We did buy it through Celebrity. Since we booked last minute, I didn’t have time to research other options. However, we probably had coverage through our credit card as pointed out by Dr. Koob.
  2. Enjoy your adventure. I’m not sure, but I do think the requirements changed once again. From what I read, NOW, you only need the negative PCR, not a vaccine. I could be. Totally wrong. Too many changes and I’m already checking requirements for our next trip. Anyway, I’m really glad you posted as I would love to hear about your trip. Have a wonderful time!
  3. There were people leaving the night of disembark. We were at JW Marriott, but I am sure they had the same set up for the passengers that went to the EB. (Although we only had an antigen, just insist that you are given the test that is required for your travel needs.) We had our tests at 7:00 pm and received printed test results within 2 hours. People going to EB arrived to hotel earlier so probably got tests earlier. Since we stayed 2 days, I think our tests were scheduled later than people leaving before us, but we all got results at 9:00 pm.
  4. Dr. Koob, you had it together more than I did… I totally forgot my walking app each day except one. Then I forgot about it until the ship sailed. Obviously, it was not accurate! Yes, walks around 2 miles and maybe about 2.5, but. With so many stops, we thought they were pretty easy.
  5. Hi. Each evening before dinner, there is a excursion briefing. You then sign up for the excursion you want. Yes, you can take different excursions.
  6. Good points. We are also looking at Viking Ocean. We already found 3 or 4 itineraries that look very interesting to us.
  7. Good question. Probably not because we don’t sail big ships. Would I go on the Flora again? Yes, absolutely, but at our ages, we have other destinations we want to hit before considering a repeat. I still stand by my opinion that the customer service before the cruise was terrible, but the actual cruise and package service were outstanding!
  8. Tuesday night…. My last update. We are home! Easy and uneventful travel day. Celebrity was there to pick us up for our transfer to Quito airport. 10:30 am pick up for 2:00 pm flight. We were the only ones going for this particular flight. They brought a small van. The Celebrity rep walked us in right to the ticket counter. Absolutely no line! We had our luggage checked and were through security in a matter of minutes. We had plenty of time in the Sala VIP lounge. (We have Priority Pass.) It was a nice lounge. Just a few minutes to our gate and we even departed a few minutes early. Again, it was an amazing trip and the Celebrity service in Quito and the ship couldn’t be beat.
  9. I would say some were about 2 miles. (Not what I consider a long walk.) One of the walks had about 350 steps and was steep, but not really rugged. Another had 150 steps, that was the one listed as a fitness walk. The last hike was rugged with some climbing, but really not difficult. We are only lightweight hikers and did not find any of the walks too difficult for our ability.
  10. Monday… the icing on the cake day! I can HIGHLY recommend our guide Vivian with Tours by Locals. She picked us u at 8:00 am sharp. (It is a customized private tour and she would have picked us up at 7, but too early for me) I was very specific that I wanted to see hummingbirds, butterflies, orchids and a chocolate tour in Mindo Cloud Forest. Well, I can’t even have imagined that this day would be as spectacular as it was! If those things interest you and you have the opportunity, do it! We could have also added a hike near Mindo, but we were really tired, so Vivian did what we chose. Still filled the day and she dropped us at the hotel around 5:30 pm. I forgot to mention that I had issues with the altitude again. Last night was really bad. I didn’t get much sleep and really concentrated on deep breathing all night. Mindo is much lower altitude, so today was ok. After we got back, we went to dinner in the hotel dining room. By the time we finished, I was having difficulty breathing. I ended up getting oxygen. Apparently, it is common enough that they had an oxygen machine and knew exactly what to do. I’m feeling much better, so hopefully will sleep ok tonight. Our pick up is at 10:30 in the morning. The airport is lower altitude and I didn’t have a problem there, so although this has been a fabulous trip, I am ready to go home now.
  11. I’m sorry, we aren’t snorkelers, so I’m not positive.
  12. The EB Hotel is near the airport. I was not there, but we stayed in the EB Hotel in Miami the night before we flew to Quito. It was VERY nice. We only need the antigen, so I can only answer to that. We did have one couple from Canada, but they went to the EB Hotel yesterday, so I do not know what happened for them.
  13. Sunday… pretty uneventful travel day. Of course, the morning was spent saying our goodbyes to the fantastic crew. We all agreed that we are spoiled for any future cruises. Not one complaint to be heard. So, we boarded tenders at around 11:15 to the dock where we were met for the transfer to Baltra airport. We and one other couple were randomly called for a security check of our luggage. We had to go outside the airport and the baggage handlers/security went through our checked bag. No problem. Once we passed through passport check, we went to the VIP lounge. (It was a Priority Pass Lounge, but no complimentary alcoholic beverages.) They had some snacks and juices and alcohol could be purchased. It was a long wait, 3 or 4 hours, I think. There were lots of little shops too. After landing in Quito, we were separated into groups. People leaving tonight or early tomorrow, were taken to the EB Hotel (I think 5 couples). The rest of us came to the JW Marriott and arrived around 6:30 this evening. Upon arrival, we were assigned our rooms and given the time for our Covid test. Our time was 7:00. Everyone was told to come back at 9:00 pm for results. In between, we were free to go to dinner. No specific time, but we all pretty much were there at the same time. They had a private room set up for us and it was nice with a pianist playing the entire time. Everyone tested negative, so that was good news, although expected. Time to sleep….
  14. I pretty much used everything I brought. I didn’t wear my regular sneakers. I packed them to use in the gym…. That never happened! I did have a lot of extra underwear, but only because I sent laundry out 3 times. Oh, and I never wore my leggings or hoodie. Thought I might want them to go out on deck at night, but it wasn’t that cool. I wore the hoodie tonight in Quito. It was chilly when we got here. I didn’t have a need for a dry bag.
  15. I brought 2 hats. One with a wide brim and chin strap. The other was a regular baseball cap. Either is ok. I alternated. Some of the excursions were VERY windy.
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