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  1. We are platinum and have 250 free WIFI minutes each so basically this is a perk we don’t need for this sale. We are looking at a 16 day sailing to Hawaii for 2021 and would be interested in this sale for the drinks package and gratuities. However, the base price is much lower than the best sale ever. It may work better for us to wait for the S&S promo and just pay the gratuities. Wondering what others thoughts are as the majority think this is a good deal. I am having a hard time understanding the add-ons as I do not see this anywhere on the Princess website. Can you just book the cruise at the base price and choose your add-ons?
  2. We were on the Bliss from June 23 to June 30, it was very warm and sunny in both Juneau, Skakway and Glacier Bay, When we were in Glacier Bay it was so warm that people were sunbathing and swimming in the pools, It was a little cooler in Ketchikan but still very pleasant, This was my third time doing the inside passage and I think it is hit and miss with the weather,
  3. No, it does not. It is separate. We got off the Bliss last week and several of our group had the NCL cruise app. It works really well but is a separate charge for the length of the cruise. $9:95 + for one week cruise per phone, internet credit is totally separate. Highly recommend the NCL app as you can both text and call a person. We found it very useful,
  4. Thank you so much. Very helpful.
  5. Wondering about the following: 1. Is there a limit to how many bottles of wine you can take on if you pay the corkage fee? 2. Is the pool on the Bliss heated? 3. Are the specialty restaurants open for lunch on embarkation day? 4. What is the best time for embarkation? Thanks for any help.
  6. This was an excellent review. Very balanced and informative. We will be on Bliss later this month with a family group for our 50th wedding anniversary. I especially enjoyed your review of the day at Glacier Bay. It was a great summary. So well written. Thank you so much for all the information. My question would be where would you suggest to hang out (dining and otherwise) to avoid the crowds especially on the first day?
  7. Thank you so much. I have found this so helpful. Why I love CC!
  8. Thanks for all the input but I am still confused 😐 Not too difficult on my part! I am the grandma and this is our 50th anniversary. Wondering what would be the best time to arrive given all the priority guests ahead of us. We would like to arrive early enough to book go carts, laser tag etc and specialty shows. However, do not want to be waiting a long time after check in to board with children. What would you suggest? Thanks, Ann
  9. Thanks. There are actually 15 of us, 7 being children. Could we all check in at my time of 9:30? The others all got 10:30. Do we then board right after checking in? I am not very familiar with Norwegian and their procedures. I was wondering how long from checking in to actually being on the ship.
  10. My husband and I received different boarding times. Mine is earlier. Can we both board at the earlier time?
  11. I got an email today telling me they are doing this. Is it refunded pretty quickly or do you have to wait awhile?
  12. I did a group booking for a family group. I just got an email telling me that I have Tour Conductor Credit. Is this the same as onboard credit? Will it just be usable on the ship or can I use it beforehand to purchase shore excursions etc. Thank you for any input.
  13. We are booked on a June 23 inside passage to Alaska. I tried to book an internet package online but it says 0 internet packages available. This is only my second time on Norwegian and I wondered if I am booking it too early?
  14. We have booked the Transatlantic on the Sky for April, 2020. I am wondering if the UBP will be offered for this voyage. It usually becomes available in June I think. Wonder if it will apply. Any input would be helpful. Thank you.
  15. So to clarify this, I need to transfer my booking within 60 days to my TA. It might be easier to book with them in the first place. I usually leave my booking with Princess for a few months before final payment. I do all the work anyway. I know which cabin I want and have recently been booking on line. So now I will be sure to transfer the booking to my big box store to get the onboard credit.
  16. We are a family group of 15 booked on the Bliss for June, 2019 for our 50th wedding anniversary. We booked through one of NCL’s agents as a group booking. We are having some conflicting information from her on what I have read here. Basically, she doesn’t want to confirm things with us until final payment. She told me reservations for specialty dining and shows could not be taken until final payment and that I need to call her for all reservations and excursions . I think she is correct about shows but not specialty dining. My question is: Can members of our party reserve specialty dining before final payment? We don’t all want to dine together every evening. Some of our party have the specialty dining package and want to make their own reservation. Can we do this through our own individual account or do we have to go through her for everything? Thank you.
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