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  1. Where would I look to see if our flight was a refundable one? Would it be on the original paperwork for our flights? Thanks. Don
  2. We were scheduled for the Thanksgiving cruise on the Radiance which was changed to the Breeze out of Port Canaveral and we were flying into that port. Carnival has canceled the Breeze cruise in November and I now have no intention to fly with any airline at all. Delta Airline would only give us each an e-credit for a future flight, which I really am not interested in at all. Has anyone ever been able to get the money returned to their credit card and NOT have to use the e-credit? I was told by Delta that no one else could use the e-credits, so I can't sell them. I sure would love to hear
  3. That was suppose to say that cabin is NOW available! Sorry. Old fingers, poor proofreading! Don
  4. As always...TIME WILL TELL! BUT, with Carnival just this last week pulling the plug on all stateside cruises EXCEPT out of Miami and Port Canaveral Florida, I figure it took just minutes for any cruises with cabins available to have filled up from all those that were canceled. Don
  5. We canceled Sept 30 for our cruise. All the hype about having to test 5 days prior to sailing, then air travel to the port and test again. Quite a crap shoot. To test at home without any symptoms is expensive, plus if you can't board the ship for what ever the reason, then you have to quarantine at the port in order to fly home. Plus if in some foreign port and you tested positive and went to a local hospital then had to fly home from there. OUCH an expense! Plus if the virus went hog wild, ship wide...what about your normal meds you needed every day? How do you get them to live? Just
  6. Quickly? No, but I put my cell phone down and wait. We canceled Sept 30 and were told that we would have our refund in 30 to 60 days. Don
  7. My PVP Sept 30 said it would be 30 to 60 days. I cancelled out of our Nov 21 cruise on he Breeze. So if anyone needs a handicap assessable Ocean Suite, one is not available. We will see how long that credit card refund takes. Don
  8. I paid our final payment today and it was due the 23rd. No problem paying it.
  9. If they cancel the Thanksgiving cruise on the Breeze I don't know if I want to know?
  10. Reading this tread, I am wondering if anyone is watching all the other cruises that have or about to start up? Especially the river cruises. Also pre-cruise quarantine for 4 to 7 days prior to cruising at the port will be a chore and expense and it sounds like they did that with the crew in Norway.
  11. I guess a way to check that theory would be to check and see how many ships are presently scheduled to sail within the first week, for any line (i.e. Carnival), regardless of which week. It could be the second week of November, or the third, etc.. If Carnival is scheduling maybe 10 ships off the get go then that would give an idea of how many crew might be needed.
  12. It is looking less and less likely for cruising this year. The cruises that have started up did not have any luck with all their planning.
  13. We are booked on the Thanksgiving cruise on the Radiance/Breeze out of Port Canaveral. With the reassignment to the Breeze, Carnival moved my final payment date back into August instead of September as when originally booked. That being said, I now have concerns about our airfare and how that will be handled if the cruise is canceled and I need to cancel out RT air to Florida. I booked our airfare myself because Carnival at the time of the cruise booking said my needs of more leg room would have to be addressed AFTER I booked from Carnival myself with the airline.. Yeah right. Good luck w
  14. There will be 5 adults, so I am hoping that elevators won't be to many problems. because as in football a great carry is based on great blocking. Its what is in front of you and behind you that counts. If Carnival puts 4 spaces in each elevator for people to stand like the one in EU has done. People might get tired of trying to get an elevator. BUT FIRST the cruise must take place!
  15. Come on 2021! My cruise will be in the record book as either it went or it didn't. Go figure. I am putting a bet on the rabbit saying 2020 is in the toilet.
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