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  1. For those who may be interested. We got off the Queen a week ago. The cost is $20 per bag as previously stated. We each got 5 days clothes into a bag. The tag on it said "in by 9 out by 5". Purser said that was incorrect. 24 hour return. We gave them our clothes at 8 am on a Tuesday. They were back in our room around 3 pm on Thursday. They were clean but unwearable because they were so wrinkled. I had to go to the 4th floor laundromat and throw them through the dryer with a wet towel to get the wrinkles out. Needless to say we didn't pay for the poor service.
  2. Covid and inexperienced people both. Our server (Randall) had 5 years on the boat but his assistant was new (and not really interested in "serving" people). Server was let go after a couple of days. (Good bye, off the boat entirely) New assistant after a few days. Seems they work 6 weeks then get 2 weeks off. Our new assistant (E.J.) was just coming back from her time off. The biggest problem was the kitchen. We would be seated by 5:15, order by 5:30. Our appetizers and starters would be served within a reasonable amount of time. The first 4 nights our dinner would not be served until 7:15 or 7:30 and would be cold, cooked incorrectly or plated incorrectly. Unacceptable. Finally, my husband had a discussion with the maitre d'. He apologized over and over and admitted that there was an "issue" with the kitchen and not our server (which we already knew). The last 3 nights we had quick service and hot food. Some of the problem appeared to be training also. I had to ask for fresh ground pepper always. It was never offered. Drinks, other than water, were not offered if you weren't drinking the wine of the day. That was offered over and over. We had to ask for coffee with dessert, again, not offered. However, it was usually cold so we stopped asking. Breakfast in the main dining room could be interesting too. There was a small buffet but you could also order off a menu. No eggs at the buffet so my husband would gather some things from the buffet and then order some eggs freshly cooked. At the buffet they would mostly hand you things to avoid you touching the serving utensils. (makes sense to me) I do understand that you can't compare the service to a large ship where the servers want to do this for a living and are well trained. But the service in the dining room (at these prices) should be like a very good restaurant on land. And it definitely was not.
  3. Alcohol is included in the price of your cruise. I don't drink much but my husband would have a few every day. He mostly drank Jameson's. The bartender he got to know poured a nice stiff drink. There was no charge as long as you didn't ask for premium brands. (but if you tipped well you could get the premium brand without being charged) One bartender tried to tell my husband that Myer's Rum was premium. The next day he had no objections to pouring it without charging. The people at our dinner table liked chardonnay. Every night at dinner there was a red and a white wine offered as the wine of the day. You could also order whatever wine you wanted from the bar. I drink mostly Diet Coke and it came from a gun. Alcohol during the dinner service was mostly non existent unless you were drinking wine. My husband had to go to the closest bar to get his own drinks. Of course, dinner service in general was terrible. But that's another story.
  4. No, we didn't. Probably should have as we were only sailing with about 240 passengers. We were travelling with friends and had side by side cabins.
  5. Off the American Queen one week ago. Alcoholic drinks were included any time bars were open. We asked about an upgrade to get premium spirits. Was told by the purser it would be $149 for the 7 day voyage to upgrade. My husband decided he could make do with the "well" drinks offered. He then found a friendly bartender and ordered the upgraded drinks (and tipped her generously). Much cheaper options than the upgraded package. Our final bill included the 2 premium excursions (that were not cancelled) and the daily tips.
  6. Just got off the American Queen on Monday, October 18. We had cabin C320. The cabins are much smaller than what you get on an ocean liner. I was aware of that and willing to put up with it. What I was not aware of was the NOISE. On the port side of the boat (where we were) there is a CONSTANT 24/7 loud engine noise. At first I thought it was because they have a mobile generator loaded onboard because of earlier problems. When I went down to the engine room and talked to an engineer she said that the noise is always there. It has nothing to do with the additional generator. (which I understand they will be off loading as soon as their generator is fixed) While inside the cabin it becomes a background noise and we were able to put up with it. However, while sitting outside the room to watch the world go by it is VERY loud. I could only sit out for short amounts of time as it caused a headache. To me it really impacted my ability to relax after a day of walking around ports. I did walk around to the starboard side and there was no noise other than what you would expect. For what it is worth (in these Covid times) service was not at all what you would expect for the prices you pay. Just a warning for those booking future cruises.
  7. We boarded Monday in Tunica. Maybe because of water level but we also noticed there is major work being done at the port and along the river in Memphis. Today we are scenic cruising instead of visiting Vicksburg. Low water is the issue. This was the port my husband was looking forward to the most.
  8. We board next Monday. I have noticed a few posts saying they boarded in Tunica instead of Memphis. Is this normal? What time do the buses leave from the Sheraton Downtown Memphis to go to Tunica? It appears to be about an hour away. Thanks for any help.
  9. I just tried and got the error message. I think it's not just you. Must be system wide.
  10. We are boarding the Queen in 10 days or so and I am very disappointed to hear your report. They are not allowing any changes without the cancellation charge of $500 per person. We tried as I am not that comfortable yet with the idea of traveling. As they have already had my money for well over a year I don't understand why we couldn't switch dates. To add to my hesitancy the hotel we have booked in New Orleans (Hyatt Centric French Quarter) for 3 nights is scheduled to reopen on October 15 and we arrive October 18. Again, they won't let us cancel our reservation. I sure hope they reopen on time as this is the third reopening date they have announced. Going to make the best of the trip but I hope things calm down with Covid.
  11. I would also ask this question on the Carnival forum. Maybe they test on board before you leave. I'm pretty sure Princess is giving free pcr tests the day before disembarkation for those flying to other countries who may need it. Don't quote me but this is what I thought I read.
  12. We leave in about 4 weeks for our trip from Memphis to New Orleans. We will be traveling for 14 days total. I'm curious about laundry onboard the American Queen. Can I do my own (if need be)? Is their service good and reliable? Is it expensive? I hope to do some wash at our AirBNB before boarding but will still need something done to get us all the way home wearing clean clothes. Thanks in advance for any info.
  13. Just so you know you are not covered by your phone company for internet while on the ship. Your mobile phone will use the ships internet to connect if you use it while on board. As stated before, it can get very expensive. You should be covered while on land in Alaska. I have had no problems on land while covered by Verizon or Xfinity Mobile.
  14. We are booked for August 2022, Vancouver to Sitka. I asked my travel agent to find out how to change our dates to 2023. We are doing 2 other cruises in 2022 and wanted to spread out the third one. Victory replied that it would cost us $250 each and we would lose our payment for insurance. Really great customer service. I don't want a refund, just want to change dates. We are over a year from sail date. There is no reason that they shouldn't honor this request with no fees. Not a happy customer right now.
  15. Ombud: Just curious. I went to this website so I could have a copy of my vaccination card on my phone. Once it provided the info I didn't know what to do with it. I want it easily accessible on my phone but there was no option to "save". I ended up taking a screenshot of it. What else can you do to "save" this info to your phone? I wish they would make these things more user friendly.
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