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  1. We sailed this itinerary on the AmaSonata in September of 2015 and enjoyed every minute! The weather was beautiful and we didn't experience any issues with water levels. Most excursions are included, with several to choose from. There were a few with a fee, but worth every penny - we went to Cesky Krumlov, which was lovely and attended a concert in Vienna. There were no issues with languages. Most locals spoke English, as I recall. I would do this one again! Allyson
  2. September 19, 2019 - Colors of Provence.
  3. We sailed on the AmaCerto in mid-April 2015. It was chilly, but absolutely fantastic! They had a cold winter that year, so the tulips were late, but the flowers at Keukenhof Gardens were spectacular! We loved it so much, we have been on 2 more Ama cruises and are sailing next September in Provence! Allyson
  4. Aft cabins are always our first choice. I don't mind the walk. In fact, I welcome it. There is no noise from the corridor and is very private. There is nothing better than drinking wine on a lounge chair while watching and listening to the wake. The few times we have experienced soot, the cabin attendant always cleaned it thoroughly and left pool towels in the room just in case. Love aft cabins! Allyson
  5. :cool: We'll leave a note with the cabin attendant :D:-)
  6. We are in 1602 this Saturday - NOrwegian jfords!! Allyson
  7. We did this same cruise last September with Captain Masson and loved it, but it rained alot! We booked Colors of Provence for Sept 2019. Allyson
  8. This has been an irritation of mine for many years. I don't think service and food quality should be lumped together in the same category and I have told the head waiters this many times. They all say that if you don't like the food, you should ask for something else until you're satisfied. How long do I want to wait for my dinner if it's not terrible but not great? I am always honest and make sure to make a comment about the excellent service, in spite of my less-than-10 rating for the food. If everyone continues to rate the so-so food a ten, why would they make any improvements? The quality of the food, in my opinion, has deteriorated over the years. Why have the survey at all? Allyson
  9. We have sailed 3 times with Ama (4th one booked for next year), and I might add that you can bring whatever wine (or anything else) you want on board with you. It's nice to be able to buy a local wine and enjoy it in your cabin. Allyson
  10. I was on this cruise too and loved it! Beautiful ship! Allyson
  11. As far as I know, those perks are still there. The Concierge was not thrilled with my mention of Cruise Critic (I said I had read about this issue here) and said not to listen to Cruise Critic. A gentleman came up and told him that CC is a valuable source of information, especially when there seem to be communications gaps at Royal Caribbean. I encourage all who may face this on future cruises to voice their objections at the time and not wait until after the cruise. Allyson
  12. The free coupons were listsed on the sheet that was in my cabin, but I could not remember how to set it up a few days later when I wanted to use one of them, so I went to Guest Services for assistance. That's when they told me I had to pay, even after I told them of the information on the sheet. If I had remembered to just open a browser, I would have seen the options available to me - "free with coupon", but I had not remembered that. The next person I met with was very helpful. Allyson
  13. I just got off the Anthem yesterday. I am Diamond Plus and was told by Guest Services that I had to buy a discounted package in order to use the Internet. I went up to the Concierge Lounge and the Concierge said it was not true. He called down to Guest Services and said for them to stop telling people this. Apparentlly, there was a communication to staff about this new policy, but, at least for now, they have backed off. I received my free two 24-hour access. Allyson
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