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  1. Just off the Noro Joy, Just go early and enjoy your dinner. They were serving dinner in the Manhattan at 4:30 instead of the scheduled open at 5:00.
  2. Talk about sucking all the life out of a room , bring up the fact that you paid 90% less for your cruise and see what happens. It's just as bad as bringing up Trump at a large table in the dinning room it won't end well.
  3. The total for the 35 day cruise was $319.00 plus port fees. I was surprised that since we had never sailed with Hal and paid so little for the cruise that we would get an upgrade, especially when we talked with other passengers that paid many thousands more and that had status with Hal that did not.
  4. Example of a good deal , Vancouver to Anchorage 7 nights S 228.00 Norwegian Jewel May 27 . They also had the return back to Vancouver for the same price. 14 nights at $32.00 a night = $456.00 Book very early or after final payment is due.
  5. For anyone that was following my original post, here is the update. We just made it back from our cruise and all went well. We sailed on Holland America Noordam for 35 nights . Sydney to New Zealand for 2 weeks then Sydney to New Caledonia, Fiji, Pago Pago Hawaii, then Hawaii to Vancouver. Now for the numbers, we booked all 35 nights in an obstructed ocean view room and were upgraded to a very nice ocean view in a great location for a total cost of $319.00 plus port fees. My guess is that someone forgot a digit ($3819) and we just happened to see it for the hour it was online. I called the company that we use (togo) and the agent told me not to waste his time and that there was no way they would honor it, so i went to one of the major travel websites and paid in full and the rest is history. So if you see a great deal just book it online and don't speak directly with anyone. I'm not sure how many people got in on the deal but I did meet one other person that did.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. Jagsfan suggested I ask for the passenger confirmation and the agent confirmation, They sent the passenger conf and all was good but the agent acted as if she didn't know what the agent conf was. Cherylandtdk we agree with you and plan on canceling our other cruise. We are starting to think that our cheap cruise is going to work out and buying cancel for any reason insurance on the other cruise would end up costing us around $1200.00 (ins cost plus 25%), now the cheap cruise is starting not to be such a deal. Princess did say that we would lose our $200 Future cruise credit we used for our deposit. Great Idea buying cruise air, but we have a ton of air miles and I think they might be refundable if we need to cancel.
  7. Contacted the 3rd party site and they went over my reservation and said everything looked fine. Everything was paid in full and suggested I log into the cruise line and fill out all the documents, passport info etc. Done. Two day's later I received an email from the cruise line welcoming us aboard and promoting shore excursions and the countdown until we sail. So I guess we're good to go. Has anyone had a situation where they have gotten this far and something else came up? I tried to call the cruise line and said they see my reservation with my booking number but they refuse to answer any questions and keep referring me back to the 3rd party booking company. Again the 3rd party booking company says everything looks fine. It seems like at some point I have a contract that they would have to honor. The other cruise that I have booked during the same time period is due for full payment soon. Option 1, buy cancel for any reason insurance on both cruises and know I'm going to lose 25% on one cruise plus the insurance. Option 2 Just cancel the 2nd cruise and hope the ( super deal) cruise does not fall thru where I lose both. Then I wonder if I buy air and the cruise decides they need an extra $6000 and I back out will the travel insurance refund my canceled air. If this wasn't such an amazing deal I wouldn't be spending this much time on it.
  8. JUst an update, Credit card charge for 100% of the cruise posted today, Not sure if the price I paid was approved or computer generated.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I agree with Fishywood this is probably not going to happen, I have read a few other cases where the cruise line did honor the price that was booked so I'm going to hold on a little longer and see how this plays out. I'm still not 100% sure it was a price mistake and not a clearance sale on that cabin category, It lasted for a couple hours after it popped up then price went back up. I checked all the big cruise booking sites and they all had it for the price that I paid. We booked a 25-night European cruise last year for $1000 when they had a big price drop so we were hoping this was just them filling up the ship. Krazy , the other cruise is with Princess and we used future cruise deposits when we booked it, I'm not sure if we would lose them or we would be able to transfer to another sailing. Full payment is due the end of January on the other cruise so we might just sit tight for a while and see what happens.
  10. Or at least I think I did. 5 days ago I found a super deal on a month-long cruise (95% off) so I called my travel agent and he said there was no way they would honor that price and don't waste your time trying to book it. So I went to a 3rd party travel site, booked the cruise and travel insurance and paid in full with my credit card. I have a confirmation from the booking site and a booking number with the cruise line where I have logged into my account and booked specialty restaurants and excursions. As of today, my credit card is still pending for the cruise line but the insurance and specialty dining has been charged to my card. Now I need to start looking at booking international flights but I can see where this could turn into a big mess if they decide not to honor the cruise after I make all my travel arrangements. To make things worse I am already booked on another 30-day cruise with another line during the same time period that would have to be canceled so if they don't honor the cheap fare I loose on both cruises. Any suggestions?
  11. We're wanting to book a cruise on the Majestic Princess. We like the aft balconies. We're looking at the Dolphin deck, either D730 or D731, which are the only ones left. There appears to be a large wall between them and we're worried it may be a problem with the view. Does anyone have any advice on these cabins?
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