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  1. You can change the cruise away from your TA to Princess as long as you've booked within the last 60 days. (Just make sure you never want to use that TA again as she's likely to be pretty angry.) I found a link to an actual form...https://www.militarycruisedeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Reservation-Transfer-Request-Form-1.pdf https://www.militarycruisedeals.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Reservation-Transfer-Request-Form-1.pdf
  2. As I said - I emailed my TA and asked those exact questions. She answered that this promo is an "add-on". We have 3 for Free so will "add-on" $25/pp/pd.
  3. Not sure what you mean by discuss but I emailed our TA and she's adding the code to all of our future cruises so that she can just do it all Wednesday morning. She's a very popular TA and I'm sure she'll be swamped with requests (or has been already).
  4. No problem. I'm on the Pacific 12/22 (with you, I think).
  5. Does anyone have any idea of who is the Maitre D' on the Pacific?
  6. I think whether or not you are charged taxes has to do with when the drink ticket is turned in. Whenever I purchase a drink (or the package) upon boarding I ALWAYS ask the bartender to please hold the ticket until we are out to sea. (And then add a nice cash tip for his or her inconvenience)
  7. Just a note. I think this sale is great and we plan to take advantage of it but Princess has pretty much rendered a lot of our Elite perks valueless. Thank goodness for the laundry! 😉
  8. We are booked under 3 for Free. If the chart is correct we can add the drink package and unlimited WiFi for $25/pp/day. As someone said - that's 3 drinks a day . Seems to be a no brainer. From previous postings I think we share the same TA. I'll email her in the morning to see if that's accurate. (I feel really bad that she's going to be overwhelmed with everyone checking about upgrading! 😞) The chart specifically says if you have a certain promo then gives the cost of upgrading to this perk. Why did you/she think you'd lose previous perks?
  9. FCCs are charged DIRECTLY to the card you have registered to pay for your onboard charges. They don't get charged to your onboard account so don't appear as onboard charges.
  10. Snoozecrooze Thank you SO much! I've made a copy of the Patter and will give it to them. I think they are totally overwhelmed right now and I think this will give them some idea of what to expect. Also glad to hear that my memory of first day tours wasn't totally in my imagination.
  11. We won't be on the ship with them. Does Princess still have the game where you get stamps from lots of areas around the ship to enter some kind of drawing? Getting those might be a mini tour. As I said - this is their first cruise - I know there are lots of venues all over the ship and I'd like them to be able to take advantage of all that's offered.
  12. We have friends sailing the Regal for their first ever cruise. I told them to be sure to take the ship's tour the first day but now I'm wondering if that's still done. I for sure don't want them to confuse it with the $150/pp (or more) back of the ship's tour .
  13. Wouldn't it be nice if they replaced that spray (still not sure what it's for) with a bar of soap?!!!!!
  14. If it's a payment towards the cruise itself you do it with the TA but if you're buying OBC or internet ,etc. you can do that through the personalizer. (I've just done it so can verify) But I reiterate - make SURE you've added the offer to your Amex card BEFORE you make any charges!
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