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  1. Do you not find that the CDC has harmed its case even further by doing the late night dance of ‘arbitrary and capricious’ changing of its ‘rules’ again.
  2. Sorry, under our Constitution that is not how it works. Agencies have NO POWER to do anything without Congress giving it to them. That is the basis for the lawsuit.
  3. Not to beat a dead horse, but which ‘orders and requirements’ legally in effect are you referring to?
  4. Well I shall apologize to your sensitivities in advance. 😀. I’ve been wearing brief men’s swimwear for over 40 years. I don’t only wear a certain Australian brand so I don’t go generic on their trademark. So be fully prepared on the Sept 26th Divina cruise up at the YC pool. I’ve never minded wearing them at American beaches, cruise ships, fine resorts, my backyard pool. Can’t say the same for my kids. 😉
  5. Justice Thomas dissented in the recent Supreme Court decision permitting extension of the CDC moratorium on evictions. This is the decision that Justice Kavanaugh joined the majority 5-4 decision, but stated that legislation is needed to clarify CDC’s authority in such actions. So recognizing that the central issue in Florida versus HHS/CDC is insufficient legislative authority to take the broad actions surrounding the CSO this should be good news for Florida’s position.
  6. Justice Clarence Thomas is the Justice assigned to the 11th Circuit.
  7. The MSC cabanas are not anything like HAL Half Moon Cay full cabanas or NCL Haven ones (which I have not tried). They do not have WC’s and full table service. There are four of us and we have a lot of credit to spend so we reserved one. Dennis
  8. A last minute stay, with a one-page ruling, with no explanation, and a dissent speaks to a purely procedural stay by the 11th Circuit. It can be either a federal court deference to the US OR an ‘invitation’ for Florida to petition for an en banc review. This is not a ruling on any merits of the case. It is a stay on the ruling to suspend the mandatory nature of the CSO on July 18.
  9. I think we’ve answered the OP’s question.
  10. Well, like I said earlier. If there is a White Night I will. No tie, as my linen shirt will not collar. I will need to check to see who the YC Director and Restaurant Manager are. As I expect they are in Ocean Cay now.
  11. If you are renting a car from MCO to Port Canaveral take a short trip south of Cape Canaveral on A1A to the original Ron Jon’s Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach before going to the port. It’s pretty much a destination onto itself. Pick up a pair of chinos and your husband will be good to go. We are in the Yacht Club for the Sept 26th 4-day. If you see two couples eating together, ‘dressed for dinner’ come over and say hi. I’ll ‘buy’ you a drink and have a laugh. BTW. If the 4-day has a White Night, I will be in white linen Bermudas with a white linen jacket. I doubt I will be
  12. Today is July 18th. I have not seem anything that the 11th Circuit stayed Judge Merryday’s preliminary injunction. Did I miss it?
  13. The question you posed is how MSC is going to pay for the new terminal. That I suggest is really not our business. How they pay for it may or may not even impact how much MSC charges for cruises.
  14. MSC Cruises is a private company. How is that any business of ours? I plan on enjoying this new port facility as soon as it opens.
  15. I certainly will. With Divina in her new port at Port Canaveral and Seashore coming to Miami Arthur would be a good fit for either. I have Divina in September and Seashore in November, so I’m betting I will see him on one those two. Lisa Y will be on Seashore before us so she may see him first. But knowing Arthur as soon as he is permitted he will let us know on Facebook.
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