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  1. Perfect music to the beautiful scenery. Loved it. Nancy
  2. Love these live reports. So many different perspectives on the same cruise is great! Thanks for doing it. Nancy
  3. I was sitting here looking at your video and hoping that you got a sunny day at least once on your trip and then the "Rain, Rain Go Away" part came. Perfect song. Love the puppies. Beautiful scenery on the train. Nancy
  4. Look forward to reading about your trip. Nancy
  5. Whales and beautiful scenery - I have always liked the way fog looks on a shore line with trees. Nancy
  6. Love the matching berets and T shirts. What a great idea. Thanks for the sail away. It brought back memories of our last Crystal cruise sail away from Vancouver. Nancy
  7. Hail, hail, the gang's all here! Where's the butter? Nancy
  8. As always, that made me smile. I look forward to seeing MORE! Nancy
  9. Looking forward to reading and "getting away from it all for a bit" with your added blog. Moving for the first time in 20 years and the blogs are my R and R from the chore of packing. Enjoy the time with your friends. Nancy
  10. Love Lisbon! I look forward to following along. Nanyc
  11. Blog is current up to Monday. Internet has been giving me a few problems and yesterday we were gone all day. A few observations: Lovely ship, great crew. We have enjoyed the excursions thus far. Food: My husband is a Vegan and they are doing a great job with food for him No issues with water levels My only complaint is the mattress is way too hard and being in an aquarium class room while cruising is noisy. Make sure you have earplugs. N-
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