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  1. Any famous people buried in that cemetery? Nancy
  2. Balzac! Love the Music Man! Another wonderful video. You are all quite dashing in your suits. Nancy
  3. Yes, I know I could just go and watch all of them, but it helps to brighten my day to come here and go far away for a few minutes. A bit poetic, perhaps, but it is probably the only "vacation" I am going to get in the near future. Thanks a bunch. Nancy
  4. Sitting waiting for our cabin to be ready 2018 35th anniversary cruise Vancouver to San Francisco.
  5. Yay!!! I As the old Skin Bracer ad went, "Thanks! I needed that!" I will go watch more on YouTube. Nancy
  6. "Now's the time to say good-bye to Scott and family...." Thanks for brightening our days with your wonderful videos. A lot of us have had to cancel trips because of the stupid virus and this has helped us go on a virtual vacation. Until next time! Nancy
  7. I agree. Thanks for making us laugh and thinking of happier times. Terrific cinematography and music for the Golden Gate and San Francisco. Glad you got to see the Muir Woods even with the construction and heat. I think I was 10 the last time we went there. Nancy
  8. Sorry you lost your Bingo winnings at the slots, but I would guess you had fun even though you lost. Glad to see it wasn't foggy for your entrance into San Francisco. Wonderful video for a respite to the craziness going on at the moment. Even with only 2 more, I think we will need the diversion. Nice tradition with the penny. Nancy
  9. Communicating in song lyrics isn't a sign of unwellness. I prefer to call it "creative communication." Misty Fjord: Spectacular. Nancy
  10. Susie managed a little song from "Singin' in the Rain." Hooray for morning people! Absolutely gorgeous and serene footage from Glacier Bay. Robes! Too funny. Nancy
  11. No video at all for one entire evening??? Shocking ! We want our money back! ( Kidding aside, I know it was a very enjoyable evening.) Nothing like spending an unplanned "sea day" with people you love and just relaxing. Every vacation needs a day or two of that. Count me in with the Susan fans. I've got a sister Susan as well. 🙂 Nancy
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