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  1. After you book your cruise go to the library and check out the latest version they have of the Mile Post book. It will give you a good idea of distances and what to see. Then as the time gets closer buy your own to take with you. The details are unreal up to where to have the best chance at seeing wildlife and what milepost the passing lanes start (good to know if behind a tour bus).
  2. For glacier viewing and walking on ice Matanuska glacier is hard to beat. You drive right to it (although bumpy road) then put on wimpy crampons and the guide takes care of where to walk and more importantly where not to walk. It is about 2 hr drive north from ANC. On the way home stop at Musk Ox farm and Hatcher Pass. Not sure how C-19 has affected all this. Also not sure of current prices but way cheaper than glacier helo trip.
  3. N/A in Ketch 9/30/2021. For info NCL built a new pier at Ward Cove which is 7 miles north of Ketch. I suspect most if not all future NCL ships will dock there. I really have enjoyed your reports and photos. I had no idea that there would be a much snow as you have seen. Take Care.
  4. Ketch webcams. KPU Ketchikan Webcam – Totally local. Simply Better. (webcamketchikan.com)
  5. Train has webcam to view from caboose which show ship. Couldn't figure out how to copy and suspect it will go away when train leaves.
  6. For info the "looking south from dot 3 mile" camera has the Salmon Hatchery north of town in the center of view.
  7. TheSnowCloud Juneau area Webcams web still shots updated about every minute.
  8. If thinking about the train in Skagway ask about a discount because of bridge construction cutting the trip shorter than normal and think about if is it worth going.
  9. TheSnowCloud Juneau area Webcams This site has some nice views of Juneau and ISP. Updated very often. sightcrr
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