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  1. We are booked on QM2 Jan.3 r/t NY. Our first Queen. Why this ship......itinerary! Originally our thoughts were to book Oceana, which gives guest a lot of add ons, plus is very port intensive. After realizing since we are older, (we are no longer the first ones off the ship, returning as the gang plank goes up) sea days between ports are appealing and necessary. Plus we’ve seen most of The Pacific Rim of Asia on Holland. It is exciting to read and see on You tube exotic QM2 ports, helping to fill my Bucket list; We haven't seen Port Said, Haifa, the Suez Canal, Dubai, South African ports, Vietnam. The other side of Australia. Sri Lanka. How exciting to celebrate my 75 bday in Dubai! Gotta do a World cruise while we are healthy and vertical! Ann
  2. First a “thank you” to remind me to pack light...we are in our mid seventies, taking our 30 th cruise, a World Cruise to finish off a few ports on my bucket list. Our first cruise was three days from Southern Calif. to Baja. Those three days changed my life! We both fell in love with cruising. We love being pampered while sailing the oceans of the world, enjoying tales from dinner mates, hearing different music, we’ve taken several jazz themed cruises, seeing wonderful museums and examining art! What has changed since we first started cruising, well naturally ourselves, we are no longer the first off the gangway and last on. Now we enjoy a leisurely breakfast, take a half day tour, then back for a late lunch, a nap then out again. Finally dinner and a movie onboard. We’ve never favored ships tours, preferring to book locally, still do. The World Cruise will challenge our packing habits as to fit in with “theme nights”, which seems to be part of the WC culture. We've never zip-lined, but the need to ride a camel, seems important. Seeing lions feeding not so much. Preferring to seeing people feeding on exotic meals. I digress. Like others, comfortable shoes and light weight clothes are important. Buying souvenirs doesn’t happen. We still take photos, but not with heavy expensive cameras. We have taken our family members on cruises as a way to get us all in one place. However now as great grandparents the size of our family makes it prohibitive to find a time for everyone to join us and of course the cost. Thus we are taking the World Cruise. The date is July of 2019, what disturbs me most about changes in cruising is our political environment. Unfortunately some folks refuse to edit their conversations. What happened to the almost guaranteed friendships acquired while sailing. A
  3. OMGosh! Enough already! My friend at this moment is on QM2, she is thrilled with the lovely friendly guest she has met. This is the same person among others were hesitant to travel the QM2 because of the dress code “gossip. After disembarking she has a month of on land travel, thus not packing a gown. A
  4. To add to the conversation of “What Not ToWear” ; those of us who are labeled as “artsy” would definitely make a statement on their choice of clothing color. Not to offend to but to enjoy the event in their own way. Regardless of Cunards dress code surely if Canard wants my dollar, accepting any color of the rainbow among the traditional is o.k.. I chose Cunard for the World Itinerary not for Cunard's multiple parties. Carnival owns Cunard and other lines, parties are part of the fun for all lines while crossing the ocean. The difference between Cunard IMHO are those guest who are not open to others taste. Americans respect money, others the distinction of class, while still others the educated, but we all enjoy friendly, caring guest, regardless of their kilts or Sgt. Pepper outfit. Ann
  5. Hmmmmm......lack of bees, lack of flowers, lack of color. In a nut shell possibly a lack of food. I’d design a dress that has a lack of color. A dress in vertical stripes of black, whites, gray, winter colors. Sort of what the vegetation looks like after a fire. Perhaps a touch of yellow to indicate the possibility of nature replenished. I cant believe I’m writing about Project Runway on CC! On that note; while we watch PR for entertainment it’s good, IMO, PR is addressing social issues, I don’t feel too guilty watching the show. Over and over and over👀 Ann
  6. My apologies, sixty days. senior moment. ann
  7. Go online to Chase Sapphire info. It definitely states the insurance is eligible for trips up to days in 90 days length. I didn’t read ninety days out. Not to say it wasn’t there. Bummer for us as we had hoped to use its modest coverage for a long cruise. ann
  8. Thank you! Once while sailing on a themed music cruise chartered on Celebrity, the crew handed out plaid blankets in the theater. Probably not an acceptable fashion statement, however we were freezing and appreciated the gesture. The temperature varied daily throughout the ship. I’ve noticed the same on most ships, however not to that extreme. Good to know about QM2. Ann
  9. Sort of off topic.....each ship has its own temperature, some run hot, others are wrap worthy. What is your experience on QM2? Britannia dining, theater, library? Ann
  10. Ditto! My cosmetics, jewelry, travel info, wallet are always with me in a personal sized bag, which slides under the seat. Plus my favorite scarf! Ann
  11. Well ladies, I'm a cruiser from Northern California. My hubby and I recently booked a World cruise on Queen Mary 2. Egad! There are two formal events a week, where it is not uncommon for the ladies to wear a “gown”, men wear tux’s, sports jackets or dinner jackets nightly. I’m a believer in packing light, mixing and matching. Not over packing, you can imagine where my Project Runway Brain is going! More! More! More! So I need to focus, focus, focus on not obsessing. Not to let clothing be more important than the ports we are visiting. I’m like many of you, pack, unpack, edit, then pack again. My mantra is to layer, layer, layer...fly with your warmest heaviest clothing on, including boots or walking shoes. Always pack regardless of where you are going to cruise, one of each - sleeveless, short sleeve and a long sleeve top. In both Alaska and Iceland layers instead of a heavy coat worked fine. In Florida the temp turned a chilly 37* ! I had to wear my fleece gym pants over my skinny jeans! A large cream colored bamboo fabric scarf is my most important accessory: First it can be used on your lap, over your head, over your eyes, on the flight. Secondly around your neck when it is cold or raining, it’s great 👍🏻 on the beach! Plus a scarf is easily packed and dresses up any outfit. The second most important accessory I’ve found which works for me is a windbreaker. It can be rolled into practically nothing, packed in your day bag. When the weather changes, take it out again. Get one with a hood. It even was handy in Hilo over a cotton tee, when those tropical showers can soak you. Finally, in an “emergency”using the cabins hairdryer backwards can decompress the packing cubes.😀 Ciao, Ann
  12. Thanks to both of you! Ann
  13. Maybe it’s a California thing:What’s a gown? It’s not in my clothing vocabulary. Ive sailed on thirty plus cruises, wearing black pants or cocktail dresses for evening events. Do you mean a cocktail dress? Or full on Cinderella gown? Evening at the opera? I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t know. A
  14. My goodness! JMO you are exactly where I am about traveling and packing. I consider it a fun challenge to manage packing the least I can, while looking acceptable, creative and artsy. Accessories are the key! My husband wears his tux with either a black shirt or the standard white with a variety of different colored bow ties. He will wear the same pair of shoes every evening, as will I. Black pants for me with a variety of tops, jewelry, colorful scarves, a neutral wrap of some sort. It is always cold on cruise ships. One blazer for him, several long and short sleeved shirts, deck shoes, walking shoes.Easy Peasy! However I must say choosing one basic color of clothing will drive you to boredom after the first month! Be sure to bring at least two or three choices of color. Truthfully if you pack a variety of mix and match for a WEEK, and use the laundry, buy an occasional something off board you will get by just fine. No hauling multiple suitcases, fear of not getting packages, fear of lack of space. It’s a relief! Save space in your bag for a cultural item bought for yourself. We seldom buy gifts for those back home, their responses are not as ours. On that note: Egad! There are multiple dress theme nights, some according to ports, again buying an item off board adds to the uniqueness of the culture of a port. I’m careful NOT to spend much precious travel time shopping. The thing is we all do what is comfortable for our personal life style. Have a great cruise! A
  15. Recalculating! The ship is the Queen Mary r/t New York. Jan. 2020 Ann
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