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  1. We've sailed with our kids (now adults) at various ages Our concern was to be in the same Muster station just in case We often did one balcony and put them in an inside across the hall. Have also done connecting rooms w balconies which works well. Have you considered doing all balconies? or all Aqua or Concierge? If its a first cruise-- not sure if you realize you could have the balconies opened to eachother... Which is a nice feature. It would solve the distance problem, changing keys, dining etc. Don't know which ship this is--you could do specialty dining for some of those meals as well. Seems to me it would be a lot to ask to have 3 people not in suite class to regularly eat as "guests" in Luminae. (even with space and the $fee)
  2. IF you can prove you need the accessible cabins--they won't move you. IF you are booked there..and don't need it (wheel chair/scooter)...then they will move you if they need the room for a pax with mobility issues. There IS a scam amongst some pax that intentionally book cheaper accessible cabins in hopes that they will be Bumped and get "upgraded" Honestly if you have used this TA before--shouldn't he/she have the docs that prove you have mobility issues (wheel chair/scooter) --- ? that he/she can send it on?
  3. Suites have some food/drinks service to their private space and the space looks lovely. The # of pax on board didn't change so its not any more crowded by the pool etc... for non suite pax...in fact in may be less The Suites space just added more chairs/loungers/tables/ etc in that private space. The servers for the Suites pax are the same as those for the other Suites spaces... just spread out differently
  4. ah ha... got it. TY saw this at the 5 min mark... re Wellness experience inclusives never know what you see online/outube etc is current or out of date
  5. WOW Just looked that up. Retail $20k US holy cannoli 🏃‍♀️🕺 DH joked it was a "heated towel rack" (he was kidding)
  6. This is good news. Hope that continues into 2020 on all MSC ships
  7. Can someone take a look at the MSC Merviglia pics here on CC and in the collection for the deck 14 YC "wellness" there is something on the wall... chrome, wood slats WHAT is it? I cannot zoom in to identify the tag. Had thought it a murphy bed but it would block entering the room https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/msc-meraviglia-996/msc-yacht-club-wellness-deluxe-suite-411463/msc-yacht-club-wellness-deluxe-suite--v18384575/
  8. A suite Gty is likely a SS2, and someone else will be upgraded (or bid up) just my 2 cents
  9. That would be disappointing as the YC was to have some pretty nice offerings on that YC buffet, adult bev, and YC area. For the price of YC, getting in line at an open/free buffet is not the kind of service/amenity one would expect for that price tag$ IF the O.C isn't ready--where will they sail as an alternative? We are pretty happy with our sail dates, got the same room B2B and it's pretty much a cruise to "no-where" as we have been to many of the ports before. This is an opportunity for us to try on MSC for "fit" . Would prefer not to push the dates later into spring and we specifically wanted to avoid any "spring break" impact
  10. Interesting that it will be the Celebrity brand and not RCCL... We've avoid RCCL because of the size We are booked trough 2020 and are looking at 2021. The E class IV rooms hold no appeal. I wonder if this is Celebrity moving to a true ship within a ship like NCL Haven and others. That the addition will be suite class pool/lounges/rooms all in one area accessed by suite pax/key card only
  11. Is the site having issue sin general Using an incognito window/browser.. It won't let me check pricing on cruises we are booked in/on Giving me the "error" please call message again
  12. Any idea what they will do for YC pax if that area isn't done? YC was to have a private area, upscale buffet, drinks included and golf cart transport etc We have B2B and will call there twice ... So if it isn't ready... what will be done?
  13. Was reading a thread about marmite and peanut butter being confiscated at airport terminals when going through security. And read people post about bottles of wine that were OK when people started on their journey--only to have them taken from them when they connected for domestic flights (including cosmetics and alcohol bought at duty free IN the airports) Anyone have any experience with this?
  14. What are you supposed to do when you see one?
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