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  1. There was another thread recently and the person had made the $25 or such deposit and when they cancelled after a certain date--Celebrity hit them for the full deposit cancellation... The OP needs to read the contract rules and get on the phone. Waiting isn't doing them any favors and being lukewarm about it --might as well cancel
  2. When we purchased our fares for our sailing--the YC bev included (not limited) the mini bar--- this is an unacceptable change in that IF they reduce amenities/service--then the fare should reflect the reduction. I suspect this is happening because of public posts by folks who claim to load up luggage with snacks. (ridiculous behavior) just like the public post about consuming outrageous amounts of expensive champagne precipitated the YC bev exclusions. Gluttony, greed and abuse ruin it for the rest of us
  3. Great thread. Helpful to see menus and pics.
  4. Oops typo Yes reading $10 from the standard menu made me think its from the rate If it is $10 per kid--thats a bargain Though have to agree-- the service/pace in the specialties is slower/longer than MDR so if a kid can't handle the MDR setting with manners/decorum and no noise (devices with sound on), then it is not going to go any better in Tuscan, Murano etc. and the standard menu
  5. I read it as $100 off the dinner price At $10 per child that would be a crazy bargain
  6. We recently ran the numbers on a sailing and the hard numbers of purchasing a la carte instead of as perks was several hundred $ cheaper.. We cannot imagine WHY one would take the perks and pay the premium for doing so
  7. The system is likely going to book you on the first night in a specialty restaurant with that trio package even though you have a Murano first night as well We had that happen in Sept. Once onboard you need to see the M'D and be sure you aren't double booked your first night You can also then make your reservations for the other evenings. We had a Murano first night plus 7 other nights package -- and that was our experience. We were not able to make the other reservations before the sailing Hope that helps
  8. perhaps 2 different sailins? We are doing B2B and so will have 1 per sailing
  9. @nikkiw60 TY for this thread..as exec chefs arrange menus for all of the restaurants on the ship based on certain items..so this is very helpful! TY too for the pics -- Your thoghts on Ocean Cay restaurant and Buchers Cut appreciated
  10. This IS interesting as it completely leaves out the big ships of RCCL, NCL etc I noticed Berlitz I believe is owned /published by a UK company? Magdalen House, 136-148 Tooley StreetLondon SE1 2TU, United Kingdom The lines that a German speaking don't sail out of North American ports as far as I know. We have looked at one and the a la carte and style of the ship/dining didn't appeal. We have planned to sail QM2 (they have kennels) and may do that in a few years. Perhaps when being bi-continental is possible after retirement. MSC fares are cheaper than QM2 or the Celebrity Edge.
  11. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/MSC-Voyagers-Club/Voyagers-Club.aspx This chart may be helpful
  12. Definitely worth trouble shooting this now Have your TA contact them to get that sailing added to your account. Did you not link it online before you sailed? Just wondering as we created online logins last night and there is a window to link the reservation/sailing. So theoretically the profile sees our reservation, Diamond status, and even all of our passport information is in there. Perhaps you can go into your online profile and add in the MSC reservation number of the past sailing and see if that does the trick? Worth a try
  13. hmmm I was under the impression that there is a MSC office in south Fl And that was where our match was made... not in Italy. https://corporateofficehq.com/msc-cruises-corporate-office/ I am going to screen shot our profiles and so on because of the OPS thread. Just in case there is an IT glitch If this has been a concern for 6 months why its down to the weekend before...? That MSC corp didn't correct it... From our match experience MSC didn't respond to us for almost a month...including us having an email "job" number etc Our TA called (waited) and got an answer finally. It took about 3 days after we got tired of emailing/waiting for an answer for a month
  14. Nevermind--found it
  15. Of Butcher's Cut Ocean Cay and Hola! Tapas Bar Which do you prefer? I am trying to find images via google of those menus... TYIA OK Nevermind... Found Butchers Cut, Tapas Bar... I'll keep digging for OC WHICH ?
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