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  1. who is running LFK now? Also we tried to book BFK through Royal but the excursion seems to have been removed. Not sure what is going on in that area.
  2. c-leg5

    Mr Sanchos

    That is Dia de los Muertos, so it is possibly closed or has a private event. I would email directly to check - they have always answered me very quickly.
  3. It seems to be scheduled for International (Royal Caribbean pier) but keep in mind it could always end up at Punta Langosta if there are a lot of ships in, since it is a smaller ship. There have been a lot of rescheduling due to Cuba changes and mechanical issues so the sites are not always up to date.
  4. Choices are limited in Costa Maya. There is a simple beach day at any one of numerous bars along the malecon (assuming seaweed is not excessive) - Blue Kay probably offers most space for kids. You could stay at the port area with large free pool, aviary (fee), chocolate tour (fee). There is a water park close to the port which some have enjoyed with kids, but is quite expensive.
  5. directly through their website or through Island Marketing (broker).
  6. OP is on RCCL Harmony and will dock at Coxen Hole. The transfer would be a very simple water taxi from within the port area. I agree trip from Mahogany is probably longer but I have never docked there.
  7. Thanks - I wondered how long that would last. Could be a good diversion if there is a lot if seaweed as long as there aren’t too many on a given day. It is a very small pool.
  8. I am not sure why they would say they haven’t heard of it. A quick internet search will show you articles concerning a new law which was passed in February 2019 but it either seems slow to be implemented, or is perhaps being ignored. It is mainly aimed at alcohol sales from shops and mostly restricts late night sales. Bars and hotels in tourist areas seem to be able to apply for an exemption. I did read some complaints about it being implemented at a AI in Riviera Maya in June but it was unclear whether it was all bars or just certain bars within the resort. I agree that it doesn't seem to have caused the widespread concern that you would expect. I have also read different starting times of 10 and 11am but none as late as noon. It didn’t seem to affect us at Park Royal in April (although their day pass has always begun at 11 but I think the bars were open), or Chankanaab in June but I did notice Senor Frogs wasn't serving when we were waiting for the Bar Hop. We wouldn’t normally frequent Senor Frog’s so I don’t know if they have always opened late but I do know we have had beers previously when waiting and I just thought we must have met up later that time.
  9. c-leg5

    Car rental

    where do you want to go? I would think it would be much easier and convenient to get a driver for the day. You would have someone who would know the places to go tailored to your needs, and the convenience and flexibility. There are any number of driver companies recommended regularly on here. Seems a hassle to pay for a taxi to and from a rental when you could be on your way.
  10. Look for ward to hearing from you if you are there first.
  11. c-leg5

    sol y mar

    “I would certainly return. The facilities were clean. We liked that it wasnt busy like West End and it was close to the port.” Edit:Sorry- should be West Bay. Hope you enjoy your day and report back how its doing. Recent TripAdvisor reviews still look good.
  12. c-leg5

    sol y mar

    I haven’t been to Bananarama but I have been briefly to West Bay. I think it depends what type of day you are looking for, who is in your group (ages/mobility) and what you are wanting to do. It has been nearly 12 months since we were there - it was fairly new with not many reviews when we went and I don’t know if it has become more popular since then.We were looking for a quiet beach day so for us it was fine - we appreciated the good service, space to ourselves and no vendors to hassle us. I probably mentioned the sea shells and water shoes but keep in mind I am a wimp and generally wear shoes into the ocean! We liked the convenience from Coxen Hole - very short ride compared to hassle and distance to West Bay/End. For me the biggest disadvantage was lack of shade but if you read my review we sorted that out and I would move earlier next time. We took the transport only option from the ship and, for us, I would do that package again but probably through Bodden, (which wasn’t available when we went). Food and drink are on the higher end of beach bars but there were “specials” on a blackboard. I am not a “sand snob”, so a beach is a beach to me. Since West Bay is so popular I would guess the “sand” there is much nicer. If there are ardent snorkelers in your party I am sure that is much better at West Bay - at least from the beach but there was snorkeling available at Sol y Mar and I think I have read they may take you out by boat. There were other activities available for a charge. I would certainly return. The facilities were clean. We liked that it wasnt busy like West End and it was close to the port.
  13. c-leg5

    sol y mar

    Have you tried the search engine for this forum? There have been a few (not many) threads about Sol y Mar. Here is the main one I started prior to my visit last year. If you have any specific questions I will try and help.
  14. c-leg5

    Hayhu Beach Club

    As I said in my previous post they will arrange transport, or you can arrange your own.
  15. I had forgotten the response you got from shore excursioneer - just wondered if you have been now and if you could report on the current situation?
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