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  1. Not my favorite destination, but after several stops in Nassau over the years, including a two day/overnight stop, we have always found something new to do and had an enjoyable time. I have to smile every time I read on roll calls the number of people who plan to have a “quiet” day on the ship in Nassau.
  2. c-leg5

    passion island

    Was this the article you were thinking of? https://www.archdaily.com/777078/sordo-madaleno-arquitectos-disena-nuevo-desarrollo-turistico-en-la-isla-de-cozumel-mexico ....... one day, in someone's dreams. It is my understanding there is a road that goes most of the way already but it is mostly unpaved and requires a short boat/ferry/kayak ride at the end. I think it takes too long for it to be viable for most cruisers. I suppose it would be possible to upgrade it.
  3. You make a good point for someone actually wanting to sail solo. Gty are always worth a try but recently they haven’t always been cheaper which doesn’t really make sense to me.
  4. Obviously, I think that was the whole point of the original question.
  5. Good to know - not sure that has always been reported to be the case in practice. I thought that was why it was always recommended to book for two and TBD.
  6. I thought it got repriced? Also it would depend on muster station quota?
  7. Unfortunately none of those ports offer an easy trip to the ruins, with a child that age. Your only options would be Costa Maya (1-2 hour land trip each way, independently or through ship); or, Cozumel, very small ruins on the island which are not impressive but could be easily arranged, or long trip, involving ferry to the mainland. At the moment, I think the bigger question is what options will even be available for excursions by April, especially in Costa Maya. Whilst it is fun to plan and research, I would wait until much nearer the time to make any decisions.
  8. Much better things to do in Cozumel with a child that age. When do you plan to visit? What other ports are you visiting ?
  9. The storm that came through recently (Crystobal, that sunk the pírate ship) caused significant beach erosion on the east side. I haven’t read any reports about the west side, probably because the beaches are mainly at hotels and clubs that have been closed. Tourist venues are just beginning to reopen so you may find reviews on TA for current conditions soon.
  10. c-leg5

    Cozumel for the day

    You will most likely dock at International pier (RRCL pier) but always subject to last minute changes. This pier is next to El Cid, which we find OK for a few hours. For AI we prefer day pass to Park Royal, (next door) more pools, slightly bigger beach, or Del Mar Latino (adult- only, no beach, very small pool). All three within reasonable walking distance of International, so no transport costs. Nachi is very popular for older, quieter scene, AI only. Playa Mia has water activities and water park and is family oriented. Mr Sanchos is popular, has lots of activities, lively, AI or PAYG (one of the few clubs on Cozumel I have never been to so no personal experience.) Paradise Beach is another very popular, clean beach club with large pool.
  11. c-leg5

    Cozumel for the day

    There are three piers in Cozumel depending on which cruise line you are on. If you dock in town you can walk around shopping and visiting local restaurants and bars. You will need a taxi to get to a decent beach from all of them. Taxis are plentiful and safe on Cozumel. Prices are on a board in US$ at dispatch but check price with driver before you leave. This is normally a very active board. There were several large beach clubs but no saying what will be available when they re-open. I suggest you take a moment to read through threads on the last coiple of pages to determine what places you might be interested in and then ask specific questions. Most of the popular tourist beach clubs are discussed over and over.
  12. How would you even know this far ahead? By next year I don’t know how you would know what promotions will be on offer. Whilst August is unlikely to have kids sail free “officially” if year round schooling comes in all bets are off.
  13. c-leg5

    excursion help

    If there was a pool and you travelled directly from Mahogany, it was probably Maya Key. If you traveled by road and then short boat ride it could be Little French Key but this would probably be independent, not through Carnival. There was a very short window when it was a Carnival excursion, I believe, despite the owner always claiming this would never happen. There have been many changes at Little French Key over a relatively short period of time so difficult to say what it was like when/if you visited compared to now. you can google these locations to see if you recognize them. It is difficult to make recommendations going forward as there is no saying what businesses will survive the current situation.
  14. Some third party sites have the option to see refundable rates.
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