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  1. Yes, thats what i remember. Snr Frogs moved in when their palapa burnt down, maybe at Carnival? Not my idea of “local” anyway! Keep safe, Crew.
  2. I thought the only location for several years for Carlos and Charlie's on Cozumel was next to Paradise Beach? I haven't been but it isn’t next to any of the ports. Have they opened a new location?
  3. Thank you so much for your review. This is definitely a place I have been wanting to try but have been nervous about the transport aspect, with short port hours - I wasn’t sure how well they had it co-ordinated as you don’t hear of many cruisers going there. It certainly looks amazing and email communications i have had with them have been very good. I have also had first-hand recommendations from locals, so hopefully one day I will get to visit.
  4. It wasn't a guarantee, there was one designated #. I presume it was temporarily out of inventory. All seems well now.
  5. it was advertised as a studio single price on the site I saw. As to whether or not Jewel has single studios, I have no idea.
  6. I see 1 cabin available at that price on a third party site. Perhaps it wasn’t available at the moment you booked?
  7. Would suggest she uses a private company (we use ToursPlaza) and let them advise her on places to stop if she would like an island tour to see different beaches and wild waves on east side - much different to the tourist areas of the west side but you need transport of some sort. (Not so nice if it is sargassum season.) She will definitely get sand and quiet at San Martin, (can’t guarantee shells) and limited facilities across the road. We also like Punta Morena, away from main restaurant area - lots of hammocks, some loungers and towel on the beach areas. More facilities and expected to purchase a drink or snack.
  8. Already multiple threads - hopefully they get merged.
  9. It is already detailed on the website: Q : When it comes to the Cruise with Confidence notification window, what exactly is “up to 48 hours before”? A : Due to immigration requirements, Royal Caribbean needs a full 48 hours to process your cancellation before your day of departure. Here are day-by-day scenarios below, to help you understand exact timing. It may seem technical, but we’re trying to give you as much time to make your decision as we can. For any additional concerns regarding our Cruise with Confidence cancellation policy, please feel free to contact us at any time before your cruise. CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE 48 HOUR NOTIFICATION WINDOW IF YOU ARE SAILING ON… YOU NEED TO CALL US BEFORE… Monday Midnight Friday in the time zone your ship leaves from Tuesday Midnight Saturday in the time zone your ship leaves from Wednesday Midnight Sunday in the time zone your ship leaves from Thursday Midnight Monday in the time zone your ship leaves from Friday Midnight Tuesday in the time zone your ship leaves from Saturday Midnight Wednesday in the time zone your ship leaves from Sunday Midnight Thursday in the time zone your ship leaves fro
  10. “Best” is very subjective depending on what she wants to do - walk on soft sand;? quiet;? activities;? ability to swim in clear water? However, if she wants large, sandy, quiet beaches to walk on I would suggest east side - Punta Morena, San Martin, Punta Sur. Heed warnings for swimming due to currents and secure round trip transport in advance (self-drive, or we prefer driver for a few hours). Shells can be hit or miss. Easier for transport Playa Palancar, or Passion Island, through the ship. Check out Google images and reviews.
  11. Have you been this week? Has it just started? No seaweed the previous two weeks, just the usual seagrass. The water at Maya Chan the first week of March was murky due to strong winds and currents that stirred up the sand.
  12. That is fairly typical for that number of people. For another $5 pp you could have had unlimited stops and driver for the day. The problem with Roatan is when you only have two people in your party and only want “transport” and not a tour. Then prices are excessive, IMO.
  13. Usually “clearish” if there isn’ an El Norte. Not sure if fee can be used, but $10 are additive ie party of 4 - $40 per party not necessarily $10 pp not difficult with a couple of drinks per person or a shared snack. water is quite deep to make it safe for jumping/falling off equipment.
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