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  1. review in post above. We enjoyed our day. Not AI like Maya Chan. Menu is online in their website.
  2. I would highly recommend new beach club Malecon21 for your purpose. You can sit on terrace for PAYG or $10pp minimum consumption to use lounger on the beach. Further south from Yaya next to Nohoch Kay. Open until 11pm!
  3. Thanks Houndfish for Malecon21 recommendation! We enjoyed a great day there. Loungers are padded and comfortable with space between them. There was a $10pp purchase necessary to use loungers on the beach. It did get hot on the beach and we did move to the terrace In main building eventually where it was comfortable and cool. Good restroom facilities. Pleasant music from guitarist and keyboard player for tips. No seaweed for this visit. Easy beach entry. I didn’t snorkel but didn’t see many fish. Will definitely return.
  4. I would suggest Blue Kay if you want beach snorkeling and space but be careful of charging. Most places on malecon and Maya Chan require short boat ride to access reef unless you are a strong swimmer. We have watched snorkeling tours from Luna de Plata. Hayhu advertises snorkeling but we haven’t been yet so I don’t know if it is from the beach.
  5. Thanks for confirmation! We have only been to Grand Cayman three times so I wasn't sure how many ships could tender into George town at one time although I certainly seem to remember more than two previously. I thought the other location was only used in bad weather. Our tender ride certainly didn’t seem bad compared to other rides we have had so I was surprised.
  6. Just FYI so you will be prepared on your next visit, Playa Bonita has been permanently closed for some time now (maybe 12 months). Renting a car has nothing to do with the taxi unions. Taking excursion transport from certain places can be which is why you have to go off-site in Cozumel to meet any independent operators. They cannot pick up directly at the port unless they have union permission. I have no idea why people have reported previously having to drive in and out of city limits If they have met the vehicle off-site but it has been mentioned in more than one review.
  7. cruise compass says “Alex” Cruise director is Brian Leavitt.
  8. Not sure if this was your first cruise from Galveston? Self-debarkation has always been an issue out of Galveston and only gets worse as bigger ships are brought in. As stated above it is caused by the large number of locals from Texas and surrounding states that drive to the port. We are local, self-drive but rarely do self-assist and know how long it can take to get through immigration. Embarkation and dis-embarkation are the most chaotic of almost any other port we have cruised from and we just “accept it” due to the convenience of not having to fly. I would never sail from Galveston if I had to fly. However dis-embarkation has improved, in general, since the renovation of the terminal. We were also on your cruise and are enjoying the sun as we begin our second week! We were back on board at a reasonable time so overall procedure must have been completed fairly efficiently this week but I don’t doubt you stood a long time in the immigration area. Agree with your comments on dining room. We haven’t gone to JR for years due to charges. We sail mainly for the ports and just relax on board the ship but Falmouth is not a favorite.
  9. Oops! Sorry it isn’t always easy to link single post on CC - trying again Sounds like Turquoise may work for you. It is a low-key resort. Not sure how attentive AI service is - we were PAYG. Go to TripAdvisor for recent photos.
  10. If it is a large ship it will be International and you will have shopping at the port, or to the right, opposite Puerta Maya, and at Puerta Maya (Carnival port) itself. Also restaurants at that pier. Some restaurants at International but nothing I would call authentic. We recently spent a pleasant day at Del Mar Latino AI, 5 minutes to left of International. Other places include Ernestos and Paprika. Smaller ships sometimes dock in town at Punta Langosta where there are multiple choices for local restaurants.
  11. Grand Cayman is a tender port. We have always tendered directly into Georgetown which has eating and shopping. I was surprised last week to see two Carnival ships by Spotts Bay, which I thought was only used in certain weather conditions? I would be interested to know if ships there provide a shuttle to Georgetown?
  12. It will take at least 30 minutes (about 1.5 miles) to walk to the beginning of the malecon, main place for restaurants and shopping. Taxi is $8 each way for four people. Otherwise food, bars and shopping at the man-made port area.
  13. Assume this recent review may answer some of your questions, depending on your cruise line and port, except that you will have a lounger on the beach instead of a bungalow. We went to Turquoise Bay several years ago before the recent packages with a private driver. You also used to be able to book direct with resort so I don't know if that is still a possibility to consider. Maya Key and Turquoise Bay will offer very different experiences and it depends what you are looking for.
  14. This is at Sol y Mar. http://www.solymarroatan.com we have enjoyed it but we were just there to relax. Snorkeling is offered but I believe it involved a boat - not sure how much you would see from the beach. Also a dive school. There were kayaks and some other activities as extras. We did PAYG. There were some daily specials.
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