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  1. Is this a group tour or private? In my experience ANY private driver company will take you anywhere you want. Do you want to snorkel, or not?
  2. Apparently there are several https://www.oyster.com/articles/7-family-friendly-caribbean-resorts-with-lazy-rivers/ (These are not ALL Jamaica but several are)
  3. c-leg5


    Also be careful “who” walks you from the taxi drop-off - we have had people from El Faro ( next to Tropicante) trying to escort us. We know the way and just say we have a reservation and know the way, but first timers need to be careful where they are taken.
  4. Thanks John we did it last week. I know ship excursions usually include transport but as you know Cozumel with taxi union rules can be a little unique. I thought perhaps they would get a taxi voucher. For anyone else that is interested - group return taxi fare included and choice of return taxi times. We were traveling with a couple that were doing the excursion and we were taking an independent taxi. They could have returned with us since taxi rate was for 4 but they chose to take the group taxi back, probably a mistake.
  5. c-leg5

    Bar Hop

    The website doesn’t actually give a starting time since it varies. OP, Also keep in mind Playa Bonita has been replaced by El Pescador and the drink is now a Blue Lagoon. Much nicer location to my mind, although Playa Bonita was popular many years ago and was probably my first east side bar! It was looking in a very sorry state when we passed last week. As a seaweed update: it was not as bad as I expected last week and was only really bad at Rasta’s. The water was probably the calmest I have ever seen on the east side - it was uncanny.
  6. c-leg5

    Bar Hop

    It totally depends on the number of ships in port, their schedule and number of people who sign up. Our hop last week started at 10.15am. We have had others at that time and later ones. If you write to Tom in advance giving date and ship he may be able to give you a general indication. Please understand this is not necessarily a “party” tour - very much depends on the group that signs up - and the amount you drink is entirely up to you. It is more an opportunity to experience the other side of the island - however, “drinks” do help with the “sing-a-long” on the way back, we had one hop where the group sat in silence on the way back!
  7. Is that the current rate for two people? Cresencio Lopez is the owner, presumably this is a relative? I am not sure how many other drivers he has. we generally tour with ToursPlaza and lots of suggestions for tours on their website. We generally also do east side for rustic bars and photo shots but there is the chocolate factory, lots of different tequila tours, north end, town districts, ruins, Punta Sur, Pueblo del Maiz, El Cedral. Lots of authentic local restaurants downtown.
  8. I “think” Bodden may have his own sloths and these are the ones that cannot be viewed after 11am? Review here Other places with sloths don't seem to have this time restriction.
  9. OK. I was thinking that you probably meant east side in Cozumel, not north. East side has the better beaches but the sea is too rough and currents for swimming except for a few limited areas. There are probably 6-9 bars on that side which as an older couple we prefer but not as satisfying for teens. If you solely want a beach day Paradise beach is probably good for your age range. If you want more variety and activities (but no inflatable water toys) I would suggest Chankanaab for convenient one-stop shopping but it comes with entrance fee. For true variety and customization (photo stops, tequila/chocolate tour, culture/food stops, snorkeling) you might look at a tour to various locations with ToursPlaza for 3 hours finishing at Paradise Beach and independent taxi back. http://www.toursplaza.com Progreso is not renowned for its swimming from the beach (gulf). This post offers good insight We just had a stop there last week and had a pleasant time at Maya Ka, ( nice restaurant set-up and small dip pool which was quiet the day we were there but imagine it could get crowded). Our planned excursion to Xtabentun factory and Merida was cancelled. There are many restaurants and beach set ups along the malecon but probably not what you are looking for for all day. Previously we have done the ruins and an AI Day pass.
  10. Looking at the Book Now link - when you go to the calendar to select the date you want to go, certain dates are not available for selection - I would assume that is when they are closed or privately reserved?
  11. Has the original Salsa Salsa moved from Hotel Cozumel, or is this a knock-off?
  12. Haffnar is leaving at the end of July and hopes to return to Jewel after vacation.
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