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  1. I am sure that was annoying but this is one case when booking through the cruise line might actually be advantageous, as the tour would have been cancelled and refunded on board. I am not as familiar with seaweed problem locations on Roatan as Cozumel but I do know we have encountered a lot of seagrass at West End on a couple of visits. Not sure when your visit was scheduled but I hope you managed to find an alternative location?
  2. You would normally get better responses from the ports of call forums but I agree they are slow at the moment and only just becoming active.
  3. I understand. I presume it is BIG French key not LITTLE? I haven’t been to either but I have been to the other two if you have any specific questions. I guess it depends on the ages of the kids and what they like to do, and how adventurous? Way back when Maya Key was “Fins and Flippers”, there was a menu to order from but I believe the last couple of times it was a set bbq type meal - I don’t recall kids food - we had a toddler with us. By the way, Turquoise Bay has cheaper options, (in case other people are interested) - I just got the impression you liked “over-the-water”cabanas and I read a review about them once. We went long before the cabanas were built and the boys went fishing while the ladies relaxed., but there is not a lot there other than a pool.
  4. +1 I am also surprised it isn’t there since it us exclusively for cruisers. Do you have other ships in port that day - perhaps they are restricting mixing, or perhaps they have reached their limit with limited capacity. If you are intent on West Bay, I see Mayan Princess is an option, further down the bay. Do you normally swim out to the reef to actually snorkel? You would need to walk back towards Infinity to be closer to the reef in the water otherwise you would have the beach and the ocean, and presumably the resort pools, if they are allowing access to non-residents. Have you considered Turquoise Bay VIP? personally i would give Maya Key a try, if it is as it was although the beach isn’t very good if that is important. Transport is so easy from Coxen Hole.
  5. I am not surprised and are the port developments on hold or are there any signs of the port beach area developing?
  6. Are you sure you take a private tour to West End normally, or West Bay? Most people usually rave over West Bay and the reef and snorkeling. I would be very surprised if there isn’t a ship excursion to Tabyana (the cruise ship section of West Bay). Personally I find West Bay very touristy and busy. We have enjoyed a private driver several times in Roatan and can understand your preference for being able to customize your own tour. There are lots of separate venues to add together to customize your own itinerary. Whilst private drivers are good value for parties of 4 or more, Roatan has always annoyed me because of the inability to just get a taxi for two, to and from a location, at a reasonable rate and consequently we have at times taken ship excursions, a very rare occurrence for us. We have also enjoyed ship tours to Maya Kay, (recommended above) and Sol y Mar as well as private tours to several locations away from West Bay, including West End which we have enjoyed but wouldn’t particularly recommend for children. However, what was available and good before cruising was suspended may be completely different now. If you want to cruise at the moment I think you have to take your chances with what is offered in some of these locations. I first visited Coxen Hole 15-20 years ago, long before the present port buildings were built, or Mahogany Bay was open. Just before cruising was suspended the port at Coxen Hole was undergoing ambitious developments, (NCL had just been allowed to dock when a RCL ship was docked instead of having to tender in), but I imagine the rest of those plans are presently on hold. I know Roatan is a favorite of many but despite many visits it has never given me a warm,fuzzy feeling and I am always a little wary there.
  7. c-leg5

    Krazy Lobster

    Vendors are typical at clubs around the middle of the malecón in Mahahual. I suspect with fewer bars and less tourists they may even be walking further along the malecón.
  8. There are actually 3 piers. I have never been to Puerta Maya so I don’t know if there are any facilities within the port or even if they are open at this time. Most business around the ports closed down and I don’t know how much has reopened around Puerta Maya and International. I don’t have any personal experience of massage services but a google search for “massage near Puerta Maya” brings up 3. There are definitely facilities at El Cid and Park Royal but I doubt they are any cheaper than the ship and you would probably have to buy a day pass to access. Many beach clubs, including Sanchos, operate on a PAYG basis and wouldn’t require entry fee, or AI. If you want just a dedicated spa more choices by getting a taxi to town. Google “spa Cozumel” or try TA Cozumel forum.
  9. That would depend greatly on which port you are docking at? Cruise line? Most people settle for massages on the beach at beach clubs but you cant walk to most of those from any pier. Do you plan to do anything else for the day?
  10. Everyone already mixes on the ship. I don’t know if excursions are exclusively vaccinated/non-vaccinated but I thought the idea was to keep track of where the unvaccinated had gone and limit the exposure of locals as well as being able to see who within the ship had been in contact. I am glad to hear there is at least some pretence now that unvaccinated should return to the ship at the end as this was certainly not the case in early reports and seems to negate the point of bubble tours.
  11. Representatives of Sanchos have replied on TA that their pools are not heated. I don’t think the pool at Nachi is heated although they have a hot tub but I seem to remember reports it wasn’t very hot! Paradise Beach claims to have the largest heated pool in Cozumel. We chose to go there one January for that reason but I didn’t find it very warm although plenty of others were in it. Facilities at Paradise very good and clean - more like Sanchos than Nachi for activities.
  12. Usually Langosta in town.
  13. was that at Jamie’s? That has been on their website since before cruising was suspended - I am not sure how long. Don’t quote me on this but it may have been around the time they were changing from per person to per taxi. As with all things Mexican you can always try to haggle. Before cruising was suspended they had put a taxi “captain” at the dispatch, I don’t know if that is still happening.
  14. Thanks for the review. A few questions: At the ruins, Did you walk through the arch through the jungle to the outlying ruins, or did the tour stay in the main area? Did the bus tour go round the island and have any other stops, “photo shoots”? I know different beach clubs have been used over the years for this tour - was this one on the east side? Sounds like it maybe Punta Morena, ( prices sound about right!) with small pool although if it was, I wouldn’t describe the beach as small. Was the chocolate tour the facility next to Playa Mia?
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