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  1. I have never used them but “dot net” has had mixed reviews over the years, I would try and use the search engine for this forum to read past experiences although it is difficult to predict how they are now after the break. I must admit some of their tours look interesting. Island Marketing is “dot com” and we have used them occasionally in different ports over the years without problems
  2. Probably wanting the convenience of no transport time and cost if docking at International or Puerta Maya. Del Mar and El Cid are a totally different experience to the three you mention with regards size and amenities.
  3. It has been several years since we went to El Cid and they had different “pass” options. Once they tried to steer us towards the buffet but we were able to use the food and beverage credit towards the menu. We had done PAYG previously and the “menu” seemed much nicer - the buffet was very basic. If you are an all-adult party we prefer Del Mar now. It has always been very quiet and relaxing when we have visited off a cruise ship. IF they ever reached capacity loungers and shade could be a problem but we have never encountered that so far. I think restricting children and the fact it is little known helps with that. We have also visited on a Sunday (land visit) - still enjoyable but totally different atmosphere with children and musical entertainment. The current AI promotional offer certainly makes it good value presently and we are booked again for November. ElCid is bigger than Del Mar. When we want something bigger or have kids with us I prefer Park Royal but that is usually more expensive.
  4. Thanks for the correction. I'm sure you're right. I've only been there a few times, so my familiarity is limited. No problem, West Bay is most popular. We didn’t have problems with vendors at West End but there was a lot of sea grass.
  5. If you were alone sounds like you paid the going rate.
  6. Are you sure you were at West End or West Bay?
  7. Good to know. There were rumors on here that Krazy Lobster had moved there but that doesn’t appear to be the case from this post unless they are the new owners? Re-reading above post #14, I wonder if poster just got names mixed up?
  8. Does it just go to cielo or do you have to do the open water snorkeling too?
  9. LOL, usually agree with you, @crewsweeperbut have to disagree this time. I know it is subjective but “quiet beautiful beach” don’t come to mind for Corona, Money Bar, StingRay or Sunset. All good for snorkeling but OP said they didn’t want activities. Paradise does still have PAYG I believe and a beach, but I don’t consider it quiet. As I said I think OP will have to compromise- there are quiet places with relaxing loungers with a view of the ocean, there are places with swimmable beaches - not many that have both, that are not AI, or require more expensive transport.
  10. Can you check out locations of la chilanganoense and Krazy Lobster if you have time, Crew? Trying to work out if they have moved. If sargassum isn’t too bad I think we may give Luna de Plata another try. We only stayed a very short time last time as it was raining but I would like to try lunch there. It seemed a lot quieter but I am not sure they have baffles for the sargassum like the rest of the malecon have installed.
  11. Thanks - good to know! We have six visits to Costa Maya next year so looking for some new ideas!
  12. Do you have to pay a deposit, or in full? Any PAYG options?
  13. There have been very few reviews of Havana Beach over the years so I would be surprised if you get any reports since cruising resumed. You may find some old ones from the search engine. A few disturbing reports when it was Palm Beach, a number of years back. I am not sure if it just changed its name or had new owners afterwards. It did have a good chef reportedly but no idea who is there now. I would say after this long break, any location at any of the port stops is a gamble and no guarantees from past experiences. However lots of online photos of Havana Beach/palm beach to give you an idea of the location regarding shade. You realize it is a considerable distance north-east of the ports (about 1hour depending on port) away from the main tourist areas? It looks very quiet and relaxing but the furthest we have gone in that direction is Turquoise Bay.
  14. Not sure how many in your group but the going rate has been $8 per taxi, (for up to 4 people) for some time now. It used to be $2pp.
  15. How much was your taxi ride? I hadn’t heard they had gone up. Did you pay the same each way?
  16. I thought Ibiza was further south - is the location on Google maps incorrect, Crew? I have never been to either but considering La Chlangaloense on one of our future visits. Not sure where you are seeing mixed reviews - I only saw good to excellent on TA? There appear to be two locations for salsa classes, Pez Quadro and La Chilangaloense. I don't see many photos for RCCL but I would say Carnival looks like Pez Quadro, perhaps?
  17. Thanks for review. We were considering it for one our upcoming visits as they seem to do cooking and salsa classes. You many want to re-post on existing thread or post may be removed.
  18. Kaokao was the original chocolate factory. Mayan cacao company came later and although I haven’t been to that one I suspect it is more commercial. If you want to go to Kaokao i suggest you take a taxi - it is at the back of town and not easy to find. Also if you want to do the tour I suggest booking as they are at set times and limited people. The chocolate shops are in town ( I think there may be two now) but a search on TA will easily tell you. There are also chocolate workshops at various places - maybe Discover Mexico, Chankanaab, Mayan village on transversal, which may be worth investigating.
  19. Not sure if their website is up to date or if they have another tour but the honey and bee tour says “Mayan Cacao Company is wheelchair-accessible. Nevertheless, guests must be able to stand up in order to participate in the tour.” which is next to Playa Maya. The bee sanctuary is on the transversal.
  20. I am sure you could probably get taxi to stop for photo as I believe tgere is a “Costa Maya”/Mahahual” sign there(?)and then they will take you to central drop off location. Bars and restaurants are about a block away from the road the taxis have to use, on a pedestrian way. Take any road heading towards the coast from drop-off and look like you know where you are going, or you will get “taken”, “directed” to whatever location the helpful local works for. Some bars have better reputations than others. Personally I would walk, Probably about 3/4 mile along pedestrian way, but depends how mobile you are.
  21. We haven’t been to Costa May since cruising resumed but been many times before. It used to be quite easy to get a taxi to the lighthouse, in fact the lighthouse used to be one of the roads where taxis waited for rides back to the port, otherwise they will drop you at a central location and you will be bombarded by vendors so best to have a plan. The length of the whole malecon (pedestrian only) is about 1 mile. Once we walked the whole length, plus a little beyond, bar hopping as we went, testing different locations! Prior to Covid, the malecon had deveolped into quite a thriving area with one restaurant/bar after another, many only separated by a rope.The ends of the malecon were quieter with the middle having more “energy”. However the whole area is very laid-back, rustic, with basic facilities, - no big beach clubs like Cozumel. I have several upcoming cruises to Costa Maya and have been trying to see which beach bars have survived by visiting TA to see which have recent reviews. Before cruising stopped there was a push by many of the bars to go for a day pass or AI model to stop people using the facilities and loungers all day without making purchases. Clubs that used to be popular included Jamies, Blue Kay, Krazy Lobster, Tropicante (definitely closed), Pez Quadro (popular with crew). Malecon21 was a fairly new bar/restaurant that is one of our favorites (quieter) and seems to have survived and continues to get good reviews. Easy enough to arrange snorkeling tour from any of the facilities, usually by small boat to off shore reef,( certainly I have seen this from Malecon21). Some people have had success snorkeling from the shore from Blue Kay, which is close to the lighthouse. All the facilities have their own websites usually with menus and further details. Away from the malecon Maya Chan AI is a very popular cruising destination which has reopened which you may want to consider in your research.
  22. Never say never! I hadn’t had any problems until two days ago when suddenly none of the buttons were active. I couldn’t log in from boards page, but could from main page. If i tried to quote it quoted the whole thread instead of the post I selected and then after replying it wouldn’t post my reply. This was on the IPad and has been an ongoing reported issue for several weeks now although I had no problems until two days ago. Private mode seems to be a temporary fix which I seem to remember has been a work around previously.
  23. I have been using this in Safari and works for me too.
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