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  1. I almost messed up at YVR by running over to the outlet mall! I have never been so stressed going through customs! I made it through what felt like a gauntlet, but would not do it again!
  2. It’s an Internet thing. I’ve been on 6 cruises and only encountered 3 issue Since: 1. People cutting in line to get on a bus.....we all got on! 2. A lady crowding the elevator and running over my toe with her suitcase, I said something and she did not apologize (grrrrr). 3. A man yelling at me for smoking- saying designated areas only- since I was in one, I thought he was joking until he yelled it again- I pointed to the ashtray and he stomped off. cruising is wonderful and most people are friendly and courteous. Just like here. I really wonder why some people have to be so aggressive and rude but try to remind myself that they probably have something going on in their lives. I try not to bite back, and mostly succeed- but no one is perfect!
  3. I keep hoping for one on this 3 day on Ruby......showing lots of minis and suites. But I will still be happy just to be there!
  4. Reporting back in. Called Princess tonight and added my cards to my booking by purchasing onboard credit. So easy!
  5. I had the BEST piece of cake in May. Don’t know what it is called and only saw it once. It was white cake with raspberry filling and a chocolate glaze. I will be asking when and if it will be served in 17 days! I would even BUY one- it was that good! also love the croissants, cheesecakes, cookies.......and the atmosphere!
  6. I thought that was weird as well. With Allstate, if you use drivewise, you can also earn $$ to pay for gift cards. I just got $300 in cards for $247 and it was thanks to seeing your post before it was moved. So thanks!!!
  7. Thank you for that history lesson. Wish they could have figured out a way to counterbalance in the Grand. It’s on my list for the Ruby this month! I missed it in May!
  8. Now I am curious. Please describe this shopping cart handle Skywalkers!
  9. Am I missing something? It’s on my list for my next cruise.....
  10. I was glad that I had a late (3:30pm) flight. I’ve googled for news articles and cannot find any.
  11. I am so sorry you are losing all of that time! I was excited to get a little more time on that last morning but would be a little bummed to lose that many hours in port!
  12. Good Morning! I received this notice from Princess last night..... ITINERARY AND FLIGHT GUIDELINE CHANGE Please be advised that due to newly updated speed restrictions to safeguard the marine life in the area, we must allow more time for the passage to Los Angeles from Vancouver. As a result, Ruby Princess will now arrive in Los Angeles at 9:30 AM on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 rather than 7:00 AM as previously scheduled. Does anyone know if this is US or CAN based? I’m not complaining as I think it’s a step in the right direction, just curious and want to know more. Also curious if it will delay the shops and casinos opening on Day 1. I did this trip in the opposite direction in May and was disappointed that casino and most bars shut down when we hit Canadian waters.
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