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  1. And how would you have handled the situation were you in a position to do so?
  2. So how is this a failure of containment? So far, there has been only one passenger who has tested positive.
  3. It may be unlikely, but if passengers can be airlifted from ship to shore or ship to ship, there remains the possibility that the Westerdam does have the test kit. The other consideration is that any symptoms which have surfaced to date among Westerdam passengers have been definitively determined to be attributed to other conditions. This would support the Westerdam's report of no cases onboard, at least to date. It has been 11 days since the ship left Hong Kong. How log is the incubation period for this virus? Time alone may confirm that no one aboard the ship is infected.
  4. They do have testing facilities onboard. I have twice been tested for certain strains of the flu onboard HAL ships. Whether they have complete capability to test or the coronavirus, however, is another matter.
  5. I think the person on the roll call misunderstood. How can there be port fees if the ship doesn't get to port? We just received a nice refund of all port fees for missing our last port on the Zaandam last month.
  6. For those who cannot or will not pay the cost of an excursion cruise to Antarctica and want to see penguins up close, bear in mind that you can see lots and lots penguins, upclose and personal, in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, the Faulklands, and in Chile (forgot which port). They are just as endearing in the sand as they re on the ice and snow.
  7. Having just taken the December 18th Zaandam cruise to Antarctica, I discovered a consideration that would nullify any reason I might have to take an inside cabin on such a cruise. I became ill with the flu on Christmas Day and was quarantined for five days, four of which the ship was in Antarctica. Had I been in an inside cabin, I would have missed out on Antarctica altogether, except for the ship's descriptions over the TV. Fortunately we were in a Neptune (a delightful upgrade from HAL at the time we checked in!) We were actually booked in a Vista Suite, so we still would have had the balcony, and I consequently missed very little. For people who choose an inside, it would seem that the type of cruise should be considered. If it is a once in a lifetime, as this one was for us, then a possible illness aboard should be considered. Sometime luck is not with us.
  8. And you don't consider yourself a "germaphobe?" Apparently you never use any library?
  9. Yes, and that is why the HAL cancel-for-any-reason up to the last minutes policy is a jewel. But one does have to actually cancel; not simply be a no-show.
  10. I think that it is because the S and R class ships do not have the room to "redesign" as in the Vista and Signature classes. At least that is what we were told in 2018 on the Amsterdam Grand Asia. We recently got off the Zaandam, and I was told by the future cruise consultant that the library and Crows Nest were staying.
  11. I'm with you! We do take our e-readers but much prefer browsing the library and finding other authors and titles. For that reason, among others, we prefer the R and S class ships. If they do away with the libraries on those ships, I will not sail HAL again for anything other than a 7-day Caribbean cruise, but we like the long cruises better.
  12. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your comment, but what would you have suggested that HAL do? Leave the passengers stranded in Hong Kong? Weren't the passengers from the Westerdam?
  13. But you can't get close to the penguins in Gypsy Cove. They are far below you on the beach. We took an independent tour to Bertha's Cove and Gypsy Cove. You can get right up to the Gentoo penguins at Bertha's Cove. A friend took a HAL tour to Bluff Cove and said they had King penguins. Have you tried independent tours? Patrick Watts is probably booked. There were, however, several other available guides as you disembark.
  14. Yes, and we were left behind by Patrick Watts because we did not take the first tender. To his credit, however, he apologized and immediately found another tour guide to take us. When he says: First tender - believe it! We were on a HAL ship, and they control by color code when you can board the tender. We had priority tendering and no excuse for not being first out.
  15. You did not mention what country issued your passport. We have U.S. passports, and there was no visa required for either Argentina or Chile.
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