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  1. Don't buy any Max work. The dude has had dementia for a long time. I have heard he has not done anything in years. His son & staff have been forging everything in his name..
  2. Because your selling a virgin drink. Not alcohol. When you buy alcohol the mixer is included. With the excepting of specialty drinks such as frozen, coffee, fruity, girly, etc...
  3. Does anyone understand how drink pricing is anywhere? The price for a drink is based on the alcohol. The mixer is a non-factor. It is like that everywhere...
  4. The shows are not that good. At least leaving dinner early to go see it..
  5. I have had issues with things running out on several trips. Sometimes it is at the beginning or mid-voyage. But they usually get it in at some point. Except for some of the import beers offered at the English Pub never materialized. I am not sure if they get supplies at different ports, or they already have it on the ship but put away and not restocked until someone gets around to it...
  6. Do you really think someone is going to ask the baby to leave? Really?
  7. While I would not recommend that particular voyage(all in 1 cabin for 12 days). I am pretty sure I wouldn't even do any voyage on that ship Even if it was totally free....
  8. The drinks are artificially marked up very high In order to get most of the people into purchasing drink packages.
  9. Just because the cruise line offers something Does not mean they do it well. You are better off bringing your own decorations and doing it yourself.. Save money & frustration.
  10. They should start requiring physicals and Doctor clearance..
  11. Pretty sure they will keep Mamma Mia. If they did change it, it would most likely be something more contemporary that appeals to younger generations. I doubt it will be anything from Rogers & Hammerstein.
  12. Mamma Mia is still very popular and will probably be around for quite some time. And actually very good. What would you suggest?
  13. We have stuck our kids in their own cabin since they were 11 & 7. Either next door or across the hall in an inside. 4 in 1 cabin is too crowded. I would rather not even go if we had to do it that way..
  14. You did not mention that you have already read the reviews or watched YouTube. Many people do not even know about the member reviews on this website. They come straight here with the classic " I am going on the _______OTS, tell me everything about it" Also, don't do to much research. It really is pretty easy to find out things while onboard. It is nice too save things for a surprise..
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