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  1. Oh no, no water! How will you manage without bottled water in single use plastic containers that go right in the trash? I hope you're able to somehow pick up the pieces and carry on.
  2. Essentially they are legitimate, non-counterfeit products that are imported into the United States without the authorization of the manufacturer. It's mostly a thing with electronics. Products are manufactured for distribution and sale in a specific region. For example, I can buy a model of a camera intended for sale in Japan only in the U.S. from a grey market seller and it will cost less. The flipside of that is no warranty or support for the product so if something goes wrong you are basically SOL.
  3. The current iteration of La Cucina is a lot better than what it was a few years ago. I liked it much much more last year compared to the last time we went a few years prior to that. I would go to Cagney's, Le Bistro and La Cucina.
  4. NCL's implementation of a Brazilian steakhouse is not great. I would not let this be your first churasscaria experience. The cuts they serve aren't great and they tend to come around infrequently with the good stuff.
  5. People who don't want children around their vacation experiences should vacation at adults only resorts.
  6. All cruises come with unlimited, free, delicious, cold, filtered water no matter what room you are in. Seriously, in this day in age people still need to drink bottled water? How did humanity ever make it out of the stone age?
  7. I personally wouldn't leave anything in my cabin until it was ready. The stewards often have the doors to the cabins open to facilitate room cleaning and prep.
  8. Taxi drivers (and many Bermudians) make their livings off tourism. A taxi driver with a guaranteed fare is not going to ditch it. We always make it clear that we require a return pickup before boarding. We have had taxis pick us up as far away as Clearwater Beach to come back to King's Wharf and have never had an issue. I guess anything is possible, but if all else fails, the #7 bus has a stop at Warwick Long Bay, and 90 minutes would be plenty of time to get back.
  9. It costs anywhere between $2500-$3000 to fly from NYC to Orlando for a family of 5. Four years ago we started driving instead. I have three kids, so we can only vacation during school breaks. Travel during these periods is inherently expensive because demand is high, but this is still an incredible increase over just 10 years ago or so. Back in '06 or '07, my wife and I (pre-kids) flew to Orlando for something like $99 round trip each on Delta Song. There are certainly deals to be found if you can travel last minute and are very flexible, but many people, especially families, don't fall into this bucket.
  10. If you really want decent snorkeling, wake up early and take a taxi to Jobson's Cove. It's about 30 minutes from King's Wharf in Warwick Parish, one parish over from Southhampton Parish (where Horseshoe Bay is located). By early, I mean, aim to get to the beach around 8 or 9 at the latest. Ask the driver to return to pick you up at 10 or 10:30. This is plenty of time to get back to the ship for a noon departure. For convenience, as others have mentioned, there is the snorkel park at the dockyard, but that place has enough 1 star reviews on TripAdvisor that I would avoid it. We have never gone there. Jobson's cove is filled with parrotfish and other interesting specimens. We really enjoy going there. If you want to ride the waves a little bit, Warwick Long Bay just a few steps away.
  11. Tobacco Bay is my least favorite beach on Bermuda. It also gets extremely crowded because it's small, so your photos will mostly be filled with other beachgoers unless you get there very early. There are other good photo opportunities in and around St. George as a whole though. If you really want good beach photo opportunities, I'd go out to Cooper's Island Nature reserve. There are beaches all around and great views if you walk past Turtle Bay to Long Bay and the observation tower.
  12. This is true of all vacation costs. Look at how expensive it is to fly now too. Vacation costs are outpacing inflation, and certainly outpacing any income increases.
  13. Amazing -- people need air conditioning and a private bathroom on the beach. We really are in the worst timeline. ---- We've only been to Nassau and the options there are not great. Atlantis (crowded pools/beach/waterslide) sounds like you'd hate it. They do have an aquarium and a casino and that's what my parents did in Nassau last week. My wife and I did a tour of Nassau once, but I didn't really find it to be that interesting of a place. Last year my parents went to Blue Lagoon and said it sucked. Nassau is definitely a good day to stay on the ship and take advantage of discounted spa deals and so forth.
  14. I have three young kids. Many vacations aren't as accommodating to five people as they are with four. When options are more limited (or increase significantly in price when you need more space), planning vacations early is important. Not everyone is in a situation where they can just wait until the last minute to find discounts on unused inventory.
  15. Bermuda is not a Caribbean Island - it is in the Atlantic Ocean. There is also more to do there than just beaches and snorkeling.
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