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  1. If you're beach people, I recommend just going to Horseshoe Bay if you have only one day in Bermuda. On a Sunday, almost all shops will be closed. Restaurants and bars are usually open, though some with abbreviated hours. I believe that the shops in the Clocktower Mall at King's Wharf are open on Sunday, so you could do some shopping there after you return from the beach.
  2. If you want to go to a remote beach without amenities, please don't break local laws by bringing unsealed food off the ship simply to make things more convenient for yourself. These laws are in place to protect local agriculture and all countries have them. Inform your cab driver that you'd like to stop somewhere to get sandwiches and snacks for the beach and you should be taken care of, and you'll be helping a local business owner as well.
  3. richg35

    Clearwater Beach

    Yes, the airport is directly across from the Beach. I wouldn't say planes were arriving every few minutes, but we have seen a few arrivals on our various trips to Clearwater.
  4. richg35

    Clearwater Beach

    Personally I don't see the appeal anyway - it's just piece of broken glass from bottles smoothed out by friction. It's basically just garbage.
  5. richg35

    Clearwater Beach

    I found that it was pretty easy to find beach glass at St. Catherine's Beach, which is in St. George's parish. It's about a five minute walk from Tobacco Bay to St. Catherine's Beach, although Tobacco Bay is my least favorite beach on Bermuda. I can't recommend any kayak information.
  6. richg35

    Clearwater Beach

    It's a building with a few pretty regular bathroom stalls. Assuming you don't need a ton of space to change, you should be fine.
  7. richg35

    Clearwater Beach

    Your best bet is to make arrangements with the cab driver who brings you to return at a specific time to pick you up.
  8. richg35

    Clearwater Beach

    It's well worth the time to get there. We always go there when we are on the NCL 7 day Bermuda cruises from NY that spend 3 days there.
  9. Google is your friend. Disney Dream Room 5166 There are individual reviews of this stateroom on other sites that should give you the information you're looking for. Example: https://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/cruise-new/roomreport.cfm?Room=5166
  10. At this point, for Caribbean cruises, sea days. A lot of the ports are "been there, done that". We pretty much only cruise to Bermuda from NYC now because you get a bunch of sea days, and 3 relaxing days in port where you can come and go as you please. We are doing a 4 night DCL in 2020 which stops at Castaway Cay twice and Nassau once, but even that won't be rushed. Castaway Cay we will have relaxing beach days and Nassau may not even get off the ship. It won't be a runaround where every day is a rush to get off, see what we can see and get back on. That said, if I was touring Europe then I would want more port days to see as much as possible because you're also spending a lot of time flying to and from. But that's a completely different kind of vacation than going to the Caribbean.
  11. There's nothing great in Nassau unless you want to go to Atlantis, which is expensive and crowded. Even the Bahamas tourist ministry has accepted that their approach was flawed (paying cruise companies money to dock rather than building up tourist attractions). https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-bahamas-unhappy-with-cruise-passenger-spending-20181022-story.html Many go to Nassau many times (because almost every Eastern Caribbean cruise stops here), realize there's not much to do and don't get off the boat on subsequent visits.
  12. Yes, sorry I don't know why I confused Tobacco Bay with Horseshoe Bay. Tobacco Bay is small and gets crowded. There's some things to see out by the rocks, but honestly I didn't think it was that great and Jobson's Cove was much more interesting for snorkeling. Tobacco Bay is one of my least favorite beaches on Bermuda.
  13. Aruba is my favorite Caribbean location. Great beaches, food and safe to drive around on your own. We have never done a cruise vacation there though, only air/land trips.
  14. I'd stay on the ship to eat rather than go out just for an overpriced meal at a dockyard restaurant.
  15. Snorkeling at Tobacco Bay isn't really good. It's a big open beach so there's not much to see. There is a little small cove area, but it's small and usually filled with little kids. For good snorkeling I'd recommend going to Jobson's Cove. It's really never crowded and there are loads of fish, including some pretty huge Parrot Fish that come to eat algae off the rocks. If you get tired of snorkeling in the cove, you can go over to Warwick Long Bay which is on the other side of the cove and play in the surf. There are no lifeguards or facilities aside from bathrooms.
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