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  1. I am particularly interested to know what is available on sea days. Have any been posted here? Thanks Julie
  2. Las Teresita beach sounds like a good option for our upcoming Celebrity Cruise(in port Oct.19th-a Saturday. Shall we plan on some time walking round the town near the port as well? Thanks! Julie
  3. yogagal47

    Website down?

    Roll call post for an upcoming cruise SINGAPORE TO DUBAI in 2029 alerted me to a change in the itinerary As I have not been notified I attempted to go to the AZAMARA website it seemed to be down.
  4. We already purchased a discounted first night in Murano-used our OB Credit Thanks all! Good for a chuckle today 🙂
  5. Guess I am not experienced enough, having taken only 3 Celebrity Cruises but -is it true that if you are in AQ you dine free in a specialty restaurant the first night?
  6. Since there seems to be a few Silhouette experts on this board can I ask some advice regarding shady areas on deck that might not be apparent to one who has never been aboard this ship? Are there any "secret" spots that tend to be less crowded-shady or not? Also, on our October 13th cruise out of Southampton, if we are in Aqua Class, what time will be ideal for boarding? Thanks all! Julie in Denver
  7. Good for you for staying active! We have done more than 10 Backroads Cycling trips. They would never restrict anyone because of age. The Tour staff onboard the cruise ship can do a bit of advance work in determining what level of fitness is required for participation. We did a cycling excursion on Corfu years ago off the old Radisson Diamond. It was great fun but the bikes were older models-no speeds as I recall-and there were some hills/climbs. Fortunately the excursion was described in such a way as to limit the interest by most of the passengers on the cruise. To Azamara's credit-when we had an itinerary change last minute in the Caribbean due to storms, a passenger went to the staff(one of the Quest's officers I believe) and requested a cycling excursion on the island of St. Croix. They did a great job of finding a local tour operator wh took our fairly fit group on a nice ride around the island.
  8. I am pretty sure that there was a cycling tour for Kuala Lumpur and for Sri Lanka-maybe Columbo Not sure We were originally signed up for Sydney to Singapore but after a fantastic month this past February where we did Vietnam/Cambodia Biking followed by a week on a Mekong River cruise then time on our own in Thailand, we decided to switch. We are flying to Singapore then spending 5 days or so at one of the Thailand Beach areas-probably Krabi. Then back for a few days in Singapore pre-cruise.
  9. Just went to the Azamara site and can no longer find any cycling excursions for this cruise 😞
  10. No bike tours if you are over 65-really! My husband will be over 65 for our Singapore to Dubai cruise April 2020. There were definitely a few bike excursions we were interested in signing up for. Like Teri, we are super active bikers, skiers etc. We've taken 10 cycling trips with Backroads. I hope this will not be a problem for us! Julie
  11. We had quite a few children on our Fjords cruise last summer. One was a family from Florida with 4 kids-two of them in their teens. They had cruised Azamara many times and loved it. They were a very active family, doing hiking and other excursions on their own and the kids were very well behaved. There were also 3 young cousins with a large Swiss family group. They entertained themselves at the pool and there were no complaints about them from other passengers. An officer had his family onboard and they also had a few young children. I believe there were a few last minute activities scheduled for them but they also participated in the usual stuff for the adults such as trivia.
  12. I appreciate the responses I suppose we will go ahead and book flights soon and hope that if there are any changes to the itinerary it will not affect the start and finish ports of call .
  13. Does anyone have any info/ advice? Our April 2020 cruise on Journey had 2 stops scheduled there and is scheduled to be in Kuala Lumpur on Easter Sunday. a bit concerned...
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