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  1. It looks like examining our carry-on and checked luggage before we leave home might prove to be a really good idea. A USA Today article about a Wisconsin woman’s arrest in the Cayman Islands concerning a .25 pistol and ammunition she’d neglected to remove from her suitcase serves as a warning for the rest of us to be careful before we zip up our bags prior to departing for the airport or the parking garage near the cruise terminal. The woman faces the possibility of either seven years in prison if she pleads guilty or ten years in prison if she is tried and found guilty. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/a-wisconsin-cruise-ship-passenger-faces-years-in-cayman-islands-prison-after-a-gun-was-found-in-her-luggage/ar-BBVufYT?ocid=spartandhp My post is not about gun rights or concealed-carry within the US. It is a reminder for other cruisers that many of those ports of call we love and visit are in foreign countries with their own courts and their own laws, and like the cannabis fans who buy in Colorado who should remove their pot from their suitcases, gun owners would also do well to remove their guns and ammo from their luggage, too.
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