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  1. Steelers36, Thank you!!! I'm a regular spreadsheet user so I should be able to figure it out. If not, I'll certainly contact you using the new method you just showed me. Thanks again!!!
  2. Steelers36 and/or pcur, might either of you be willing to share a copy of your spreadsheet?
  3. Good to know. I'll check them out. I wasn't pleased with Princess my last cruise with them which was after they were purchased by Carnival. It seemed the quality of the food dropped significantly. We have cruise credit with them because we wanted to cruise with certain family members who talked us into it.
  4. Good points - fortunately I've got that covered. The monitors are very light and thin and fit will in a laptop bag purchased for travel. It's easy to move if I need. I'm not worried about the noise - just somebody trying to get my attention while I'm working. I can easily ignore the noise. And, working in my room is fine also.
  5. I didn't even think about that. Port days would be great for getting things done.
  6. Thanks for your responses - very helpful. I don't really need internet but once in a while to email a report or documents so great wifi shouldn't be a problem. I've had to work on previous cruises and so far the wifi has been sufficient. A modern resort might be the way to go but the feeling of being gone and disconnected from most everything is what I'm really looking for. I'd like to find a ship with an out-of-the way quiet place where I can set up my laptop, a couple extra monitors and just work without interruption. I don't know if that exists but I'm going to look. Know of any particular ships with such a place? I'd prefer a Princess cruise given all the cruise credit I've accumulated due to cancelled cruises but I'm interested in all.
  7. I'm sure this will be considered strange to many or most people but, I'm thinking about taking a cruise on which I spend a lot of time working. I can work pretty much anywhere I have my computer and internet (even if only once in a while). I think it will be nice to just get away from my office and the many interruptions/distractions. Does anybody know if this is common? Is it discussed anywhere on the boards? I haven't been able to find mention of it anywhere. Thanks!
  8. Can you recommend an alternate place to park at San Pedro? We've a large group with a lot of vehicles and would prefer to avoid the ridiculous parking fees.
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