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  1. We're staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ridgefield Park the night prior to our cruise and the hotel is shuttling us over to the port. As I understand, HGI uses private cars/drivers for shuttling. What would be an appropriate tip for the driver? I don't want to tip too much or not enough. There will be 2 of us and not a ton of luggage. Thanks!
  2. Iwant1

    FTTF Worth purchasing?

    Purchased FTTF once. When we got to our room it was NOT ready, it was STILL being cleaned so the cabin steward asked us not to leave anything and to come back. Then my luggage never arrived. I had to call the desk several times that afternoon/evening to find it. They finally told me several bags were there & I could come see if one of them was mine. Both my personal & the carnival tags had been torn off. Had they bothered to open my bag, they would’ve also found a tag right on top clearly labeled with my name on the inside as well. 2nd day of cruise the service desk called & told us that they were refunding our FTTF fees since the service wasn’t up to par. Glad they did because I wasn’t happy but didn’t want to cause a stink while cruising with my friend...she doesn’t like any kind of confrontation so I was trying to blow it off. Anyway, I’ve cruised twice with Carnival since then and haven’t purchased FTTF and didn’t need it as waiting times, etc weren’t an issue.
  3. Iwant1

    Breakawy..Ice Bar ..Is it worth it ?

    We did the ice bar on the Epic to celebrate a 50th birthday. 8 of us. It was a LOT of fun! Bartender was great! We all tried several drinks. They limited us to 30 mins which was plenty of time...I was ready to defrost by then lol!! I can now cross ice bar off my bucket list! It’s worth at least a one time experience IMO.
  4. We did the Baths excursion with NCL in March '16. When viewing excursion options for our upcoming cruise in Oct, it looks as though the Baths excursion is different. When there in '16, we took a ferry to Virgin Gorda then an open air type bus transported us to the Baths where we then walked/crawled through them to the beach. The excursion available now says that a boat takes you from the ship directly to a beach where you snorkel from the boat to the Baths and then walk through them. Has anyone done this exact excursion? We aren't really interested in walking through them again. Although beautiful, it takes a decent amount of time and we would rather just get to the beachy area for some sun and fun. Is it possible to bypass the winding maze and just head straight to the beach? :cool:
  5. Iwant1

    Rebel Yell -Jost Van Dyke

    Ultimate Adventure & JVD opened for our Oct cruise as well. Would love to check it out but $189pp seems pricey for 3 1/2 hours. Is it worth that? I have no problem spending that much $$ on an excursion if it's a really good one! :)
  6. Iwant1

    Breakaway Excursions Removed

    I just logged into my NCL account and I still see 64 excursion options!
  7. Iwant1

    Breakaway Excursions Removed

    Oh no, we're on this cruise too! I'll have to check it out! :o
  8. I would agree on that grouper sandwich...I could’ve eaten that every day lol!
  9. We're on this same sailing too! If they do remove Tortola or any of the others, I sure hope they replace with something else. As much as I like sea days, we already have 6 of them on this 11 day cruise :o
  10. Hubby & I are considering an 11 day cruise on the Breakaway out of New York for our 25th Anniversary in Oct '18 but when I review available excursions, very few are listed for San Juan (3), St Maarten (1) & Tortola (0). Could it just be too early to see them? We like to book through the ship but if there aren't going to be very many options, we may choose another itinerary. :confused:
  11. Our group is still trying to decide what we will do in Falmouth. Do you know if this excursion is available to purchase at the port? I would think so but don't want to assume. Looks like a nice place to spend the day!
  12. Iwant1

    Looking for recent Epic Dailies

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Heading out on the Epic 3/24 and trying to plan our evening activities. We want to book the Cirque show but also want to make sure we're not double booking ourselves and end up missing out on something fun like the White Hot Night party. If anyone has them, I'd love to see them...or if anyone knows specifically what nights have what activities that would be helpful too :D