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  1. Cancelled an Oceania Cruises cruise on 7th April, refund received 15th May - 39 days. Pity P&O can't be as prompt.
  2. As far as I know it is OK - I use All Clear.
  3. I renewed my annual insurance last week. I was informed that, as long as there was no break in cover, all cruises booked before 13th March 2020 were covered in full for CV19.
  4. No, that is fine as long as it an openly available one such as reservations. Personal email address should not be divulged and nor should individual staff with no right of reply. The official P&O Cruises page is also OK - there is only one. - https://www.facebook.com/pandocruises/ I apologise if I put group instead of page. I thought my meaning was clear.
  5. Travel Agent Recommendations There shall be no third-party recommendation (whether positive or negative in content) of travel agencies on any forums within Cruise Critic. General discussions regarding the TYPE of AGENCY to be used to purchase a cruise will be allowed, as long as no recommendations for any source of purchase are posted. Touting of your personal cruise agent or cruise line "personal cruise consultant" (or any other venue by which you purchase a cruise) is not allowed on our message boards. Postings that contain "tell them John sent you" will be removed without notice. This means you should not ask about someone's travel agent, nor should you respond in kind. Offering to email someone your travel agent's name or info is also not allowed, nor is asking members to email you for the information. Cruise Critic will remove violations of the "third-party recommendation" guideline without warning. Additional posts may result in permanent suspension of your posting privileges.
  6. The official P&O Cruises - no others. https://www.facebook.com/pandocruises/
  7. I realise this is an emotive subject and have no wish to close this thread. However I feel a reminder is needed that you all signed up to obey Cruise Critic guidelines when you joined. All posts referring to specific travel agents (however cleverly you think you have disguised their names) and any Facebook groups other than the official P&O one will be removed. Please be kind and respect others point of views.
  8. Host Sharon


    Northern Iceland

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  9. That new ship is more than half built though so hard to cancel mid build.
  10. It was to discharge grey waste. No pax on board any more.
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