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  1. Thanks for a great review of your Allure cruise. We're boarding 2/23. Do you have a copy of the week's entertainment? If so, would love to see it.
  2. D+ members do not have access to the CL when the numbers of D+ are high on a particular ship/sailing. D+ could have access one sailing but not the next as numbers of D+ onboard change.
  3. When you have access to the lounge(s) you don't get coffee on your Seapass
  4. 5:30 is too early if we want to have a pre-dinner drink. Turnover time for a table is more than an hour so it's harder to get a nice 2 top if you want to go around 6:30. We prefer the 2tops that aren't in a long row right next to one another.
  5. I like that they're starting MTD at 6:30. On our recent Jewel cruise it was 5:30 and early seating was 6pm.
  6. Jewel still has a Diamond Lounge and a Concierge Lounge. We just got off on Monday.
  7. From someone on Jewel now. This week D+ has access to the C lounge but not for next week due to higher amount of members.
  8. D+ numbers are growing every day so, even on regular sailings, there can be too many D+ for a CL to handle. Not all, but many of Jewels upcoming sailings from Dubai, will restrict D+ from the CL.
  9. On our recent Jewel cruise the sign on the door said Concierge Lounge but on our sailing D+ were not allowed in. This is happening on many cruises with high numbers of D+ no matter what the signage says.
  10. A Concierge works under the direction of Guest Services and the Hotel Director and can't.....on their own....make a decision like you've stated.
  11. It's not the number of Pinnacles it's the number of D+ cruisers that is affecting access to the CL. We're just off Jewel in Dubai from the Suez Canal cruise. CL was Pinnacle/Suite guests only. Jewel is still sailing from Dubai and the current cruise D+ have CL access.......the cruise after that they won't.
  12. Not good and sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I hope you wrote wrote it up in your post cruise survey.
  13. Pinnacle status will be recognized on the cruise you attain it but the benefits may not be given until the next cruise.
  14. Having a hard time justifying $500/pp more for Aqua over a Verandah on Summit for 20sq and Blu dining.
  15. Since John has a big following maybe he can start a "Friends of John and Lala" in the "Friends of Cruise Critic" Forum so everyone can keep chatting.
  16. Agree but miss the "Make Up My Room" sign/magnet.
  17. While we've enjoyed dining in Blu, for our upcoming cruise on Summit May'20, the price spread between Verandah and Aqua is $500+/pp so we've booked a Verandah. For some to have Blu and the Persian Garden it may be worth it but not to us.
  18. Great price if it's a wine you enjoy. Many wine drinkers started with White Zin. In the late80s/early 90s it was called kindergarten wine at many of the vineyards here in CA and was the wine that paid the rent. We've graduated and now enjoy Pinot, Cab and Merlot with an occasional Rose and would love it if they were the price of White Zin.
  19. Tiny suggestion Jed. While the font you're using is classy looking it's hard to read....especially on a phone.
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