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  1. Thinking of all Victorians tonight and hoping this lockdown is as successful as NZ's hard lockdown was. I'm looking forward to seeing your numbers come down. Melbourne is the theatre and sporting Capital of Australia, so I look forward to my annual visits. I was booked to Melbourne in March for its Garden Festival, which was cancelled. Now I'm hoping I can rebook for my annual visit to the Australian Tennis Open in January, 2021. Like many, I'm waiting for theatres to reopen.
  2. That is a scary increase. Are these people (38) positive, self isolated at home? e.g. can't leave their house?
  3. Not being a local, I don't know the suburb names, but I was intrigued where all these numbers were coming from. I guess the locals must know from word of mouth. With such small numbers of infected people, at this stage, Queenslanders are following where these infected people have been. Brisbane is a huge city in area, next to wall to wall development south of Brisbane to the Gold Coast. It is amazing how many of the mentioned places, which my friends have visited during the week in question, when infected people were swanning around SEQld. I would be impossible to keep up in Victoria.
  4. You can put the tent up somewhere where you can return home if it rains. I loved that Riverboat Postman cruise. Train trip from Sydney to boat for a relaxing scenic river trip. Enjoy!
  5. I recall hearing the majority of cases were from poorer areas. Possibly due to residential overcrowding, meat works, age care centres, and distribution centres. I recall reading about a Chinese owned big meat works in the US, which they had to close down after a lot of people died.
  6. Some caravan parks have en suites for camping sites, as well as camp kitchens. Luxury! I find you meet the most interesting people, from all walks of life, camping. With this nasty virus, I want to be outside as much as possible. Now Darwin holiday has been cancelled, camping is moving up!
  7. Do you have camping equipment? Glad we didn't sell our Canadian tent, which I love. Last used at Woodfood Folk Festival at Christmas. No festival this year. Maybe Bluesfest, Easter 2021?
  8. Qantas allowed refunds by 30/10/20 for new bookings. So when NT opened its borders, I booked flights to NT. Later NT closed its borders to some SEQld. regions, at short notice, and I was able to cancel my booking, at no charge. If cruise lines offered full cash refunds, within a certain period, I'm sure they would attract passengers. The days of risk being all one sided are over!
  9. I remember being surprised that NZ didn't allow takeaways during your lockdown. NZ is now the beneficiary of decisive action taken by your brave PM.
  10. Samflundssund - how Denmark flattened the curve. There is no direct translation, but it means putting the good of the people above our own personal interests, via collective responsibility and community spirit. I believe there are many Aussie quiet achievers, who already do this. We need to hear more of them and less of those individuals who are all about "self". BBC News
  11. That is the sad part. Like the Qld. couple (the lady works at an aged care home) who became infected just be going to a restaurant, where the infected women (who lied about their visit to Vic.) were sitting at the next table. The residents and staff of the home all tested negative, which is good news. In the meantime, all nursing homes in SEQld are closed to visitors, except in end of life cases. BTW The three men, who lied to border control about their visit to Vic., have tested negative, which is good news.
  12. I think all the State Premiers have done an excellent job, in these difficult times. I admire our Queensland Premier who was under enormous political pressure to open the NSW/Qld. border against local health advice. NT has just closed its borders again, at very short notice, against parts of SEQld. including Brisbane. I would not be the only person who had to cancel her planned holiday to Darwin this week. Yet I've heard no criticism of NT Administrator.
  13. Surprised to learn that airlines don't keep contact details of their passengers. Common sense says they should. I have to leave my contact details when I have a coffee at a cafe for 15 mins. Qld. Government is having difficulty contacting some of the passengers who travelled on the flight from Sydney to Maroochydore with the infected security contractor, who claimed diplomatic immunity.
  14. Remembering my Rugby League days, where I used to sit on the grass on the hill. The only times I sat on seats at Lang Park was when I volunteered at the Canteen. Then I sat behind the players. I followed Norths because I lived on the North side and they were the best team. My Catholic friends followed Brothers. I can't remember who followed Wests, but that was who I volunteered for. I also used to follow local football played in a local park at Hamilton, near Portside, where everyone sat of the grass.
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