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  1. Or you can just take a couple of empty bottles with you and fill them up on shore in NZ. Or you can buy bottled water in NZ.
  2. I agree. $1200 is a lot of extra money to outlay.
  3. Yes, it is not a good time to be travelling in the US for Aussies. However, if you live like a local, you can make your money stretch.
  4. Thank you. That could be a factor for big spending passengers with our weak Aussie dollar.
  5. Do Royal Caribbean use US dollars on board ships departing from Australia? Noticed OBC US $. Are gratuities included in cost?
  6. Yes it is magical at night. I recall being able to see the Australian east coast all the way, wishing I had a map to verify points of interest.
  7. On my last cruise on a small ship they kept the passports for the whole cruise, except for when passengers needed them for entry in to UK, then we all gave them back. Bon Voyage for your cruise cme2c. What are your ports of call? I'd love to do that cruise from Singapore to Sydney again.
  8. Yes, we all tried to avoid LAX, even before Trump. Did you see Air NZ plans to fly direct to Chicago, which appeals to my daughters.
  9. Years ago, We used to stop over at most of the South Pacific Islands en route to the US and UK, flying mainly Air NZ. It was heaven - a stopover for free on a different island paradise each trip. Now due to increased security, which I find tiring, I fly business class with EVA Air, from Brisbane via Taipei and Bangkok to the UK. I love being able to get out of the plane, have a shower and snack on the most delicious tropical fruit you'd ever taste, in the Lounges. My travel is part of my holiday. I wonder what 20 hours direct to UK business class is going to cost on Qantas. I can't afford business class on Qantas now. I can see the appeal to business people.
  10. If you google it, you will see strange wording for special offer. Taking trouble not to mention the TA's name, I forgot the price, which was $1,999 Aus, (plus $100 Aus OBC pp.) for 15 day cruise.
  11. No, it is one package at special price, second package at full cost. It thought it was a strange way to put it, as I thought the special was twin price at first, until I read a second package must be bought.
  12. I received an email for "Papua New Guinea: 14 night Luxury Cunard Cruise" for one package only. Second package must be brought. Has anyone seen a special cruise offer advertised in this format before? Why not put package one $x cost, package two $x cost = $total cost?
  13. This should be compulsory reading for those passengers willing to risk an early international flight, after arrival! Delays happen!
  14. Ha ha That is what it used to be, until the cruise lines discovered they could make some money from getting passengers to shift, for the cruise line's convenience. My upgrades have been free, e.g. inside to window (on top of the anchor).
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