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  1. Good news for you Don after waiting so long. March is a lovely month in Tassie.
  2. We did the inaugural Royal Caribbean cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas from Hawaii to Sydney. I wanted to try Radiance of the Seas, which looked beautiful, at that time, but it didn't happen.
  3. What an ordeal, Don. People would be afraid. Not knowing when it was going to be resolved would have been horrible to have to live with for so long. Our worst period was when developers were trying to force us to sell. When I made the mistake of saying I felt safe living there, they had someone break in, take nothing, but leave a spoon, so we knew someone had been in our unit.
  4. That sound like a nightmare, Don, both the sewage overflow and the homeless campers. Why did it take 4 months? The legal process?
  5. I understand. I have been following the situation since before the first wave. It is a sad state of affairs. Hopefully things will improve for everyone with the new Administration.
  6. Hotel quarantine continues to be the weak link. I hope Auths learn how workers in hotel quarantine are catching the virus.
  7. I hope you get your vaccination soon. My NY girlfriend, who has had the virus as has all her family, is eligible for a vaccine, being over 65, working in a prison, being a teacher. Does seem a slow frustrating process, esp with current surge in positive cases in some States.
  8. I hope your block of apartments value the work you do. We were lucky to have lots of years when living there was a joy, with our children growing up at the beach.
  9. We owned a unit in a small block of 5 units, where we volunteered re general upkeep and were Chair of the Body Corporate, free of any charge. Worked well and everyone was happy, until we got a new owner who upset everyone. Getting a Body Corporate Management Company to do the books, didn't help solve the problem, which continues until today.
  10. Amazing that he has raised millions to continue his disruption of US Democracy. Pleased F..k has deleted his video as they believe it contributes to rather than diminishes the risk of ongoing violence. Also pleased Democrats now have the majority (with VP's vote) which will make it easier for them to govern.
  11. Yes, as long as you own and control your bit, not a share.
  12. Guns were drawn inside Congress and a woman was shot. Washington has a no guns policy! T. has a lot to answer for. Got a warning when he was requesting rioters to go home. His daughter deleted her tweet to Patriots. President elect Biden's speech was impressive. He has a huge task ahead of him - almost impossible as people are so divided!
  13. When you see people coming back to their seat with those trays of beers, that could happen!
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