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  1. Agree, that was a very informative opinion article. Quite a contrast to the first on the Read More list of articles - "Coronavirus: Hopes to Get Trans Tasman Bubble flying by July". stuff.co.nz
  2. Yes, but some places are better than others, like the tropics in winter and NZ in summer. Unless you are a skier.
  3. Weatherwise, I can see myself visiting NT or NQ prior to NZ.
  4. Yes, I would holiday in NZ, once the Trans Tasman Bubble is formed.
  5. I am a Queenslander, who appreciates our Premier making decisions, on advice from the Chief Health Officer, re reducing restrictions and opening up of our borders slowly. Dr Jeannette Young is the Nations' longest serving Chief Health Officer. Their aim is to keep people safe and save lives. The majority of Queenslanders support the Premier. Even the Mayor of the Gold Coast, Tom Tate, backs the Premier. I wish I had the confidence to believe the Virus is under control. Queensland has just had a death of a 30 year old at Blackwater, which is currently under investigation. The worst outcome would be to have fresh community outbreaks, which necessitated a return to lockdown.
  6. What a wonderful time you are going to have reliving your former life in Sydney, after almost forty years. I suggest at least a week!
  7. Kiwis used to be the largest group of foreign land owners on the Coast. The ones I've met lived in resort style units, where they kept their clothes, etc. here, and lived part of the year in NZ, part of the year on the Coast.
  8. Lots of Kiwis have holiday houses/units on the Coast, where they spend the winter. They may be prepared to spend 14 days in quarantine, so they can continue to spend the winter on the Coast.
  9. Wasn't sure whether you meant all inclusive alcohol or all inclusive for Aussies/Kiwis, so thought I'd better check. I cruise for destinations, and don't drink, so it is not important to me. However, I think it could be important for drinkers, where you don't have to sign for every drink.
  10. I enjoyed the inaugural Royal Caribbean cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas from Honolulu to Sydney in 2007, with all passengers being only Aus./Kiwi. We didn't need more alcohol, but we did need more real tea. So in Tahiti and Fiji, they brought on board real tea, to much jubilation by the passengers!
  11. Thank you, David. That was wonderful watching the chick just sit there surrounded by the bigger birds. How much longer until he can fly?
  12. Thank you for creating Ocean Pearl on 16th April for a virtual cruise around NZ and Aust, which has been such a lot of fun. Brought back many happy cruising memories, as well as cruising ideas for the future.
  13. Today was too perfect to waste - 24c warm, with beautiful blue cloudless sky. So we went on a drive to Mount Tamborine for the first time for a long time. We drove to the lookouts with spectacular views of the Gold Coast, and drove around the old parts of the Mountain, with beautiful big trees and gardens. After pies and mushy peas from the bakery for lunch, we spent several hours watching the paragliders take off from the mountain top, next to us. I've never seen so many, so guess the wind conditions must have been perfect for them. On the way back off the mountain, we bought a beautiful bunch of wildflowers, pumpkin, white onions, yellow kiwi fruit, and avocados from roadside stalls.
  14. My dream is to stay in one of NZ's luxury guest lodges. We had dinner at Huka Lodge once which was the highlight of our NZ visit.
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