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  1. Agree they have to be cooked quickly. I had fresh breadcrumbs for whiting fillets, so used them for scallops as well. I learnt to cook seafood from my great aunt who cooked the best delicious seafood on a single burner metho stove. When I was very young my great uncle used to throw me a fish, so I could say I caught it!
  2. Surprised the French Open is going ahead. Only 1,000 spectators. Hope players and organisers stay free of the virus.
  3. Looking forward to trying Lewis butter. I like NZ ice-cream also. I buy premium milk here, as it tastes so much better.
  4. When you see the current second wave outbreaks overseas, it is not surprising the numbers of infected crew arriving on cargo ships, as well as Aussies arriving home from overseas. Australia and NZ are so lucky we are island nations in the Southern Hemisphere. h
  5. Did you see where they are nine infected crew on bulk ore carrier off Port Headland? Half crew have been taken off the ship and placed in hotel quarantine. WA Auths are isolating the remaining crew on ship and doing a clean. The ship came from the Phillipines. There is also currently an infected crew member off the coast of Qld. The crew on ships seems to remain the weak link in trying to control the virus.
  6. They were featured at the end of a row at IGA, so you might like to try your local IGA. I'll have to buy another packet as they are tasty with a cup of tea. I think they had Krispies. I agree Watties are the best baked beans. However I did buy some American baked beans, at half price at Woolies, which were delicious. Guess they were too expensive for local market.
  7. Today I couldn't resist buying NZ Griffin's Gingernuts - the ultimate dunker - the original. There were other Griffin's biscuits as well.
  8. February is towards end of the rainy season.
  9. Bought fresh sea scallops at Woolies and cooked them in egg and breadcrumbs - yum!
  10. We were only in Tallinn for a day on a cruise. I wished I could have stayed three days like you did. When we do land travel we always stay at least three days at each place. Impressed with your dawn walk around town. I found a small cafe with delicious food at a reasonable price, which I could find again, but don't remember the name.
  11. When my daughter lived in London, she used to take me to a fabulous popular vegetarian restaurant near there. We were all broken hearted when it closed down because of the high rents once the area became trendy. Now I go there just to check that I can still find my way around the seven ways.
  12. We were lucky to miss out on the wild weather on the Gold Coast.
  13. Fred.Olsen had a special Indian Night where the Indian food, including curries, was superb.
  14. I've never had good sushi on a cruise ship. Looks great, tastes terrible.
  15. The best freshest sushi we ever enjoyed was at a Seafood Market in Japan. Raw seafood heaven. Our daughters had expensive western spaghetti at a cafe nearby. Fortunately we all love raw sushi now, with a Sushi Train nearby.
  16. I love "government boats/ferries", versus tourist boats, where you see locals going about their daily lives.
  17. Agree volume of South Georgias wildlife and King Penguins have to be seen to be believed. My daughter has her computer screen showing two inquisitive King Penguins checking me out. The smaller Falkland Islands are a must. They were unforgettable, totally undeveloped. On one there was a penguin colony which albatrosses shared. I'll never forget one large bird almost landing on top of me. On another, I was surprised to see a penguin come up from its burrow, where I was sitting, taking a break on a walk to another penguin colony. I liked Stanley also for its history. I'd love to return to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia especially.
  18. Nothing like having a personal family guide. I went with my daughter who had been before in a shared cabin of three on a very basic ship. Hurtigruten's Fram was luxurious in comparison.
  19. If you have a choice, go on the longer cruise via Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. The cruise is much more than ice and snow, although they are spectacular. Penguin colonies in the thousands, seals, whales, albatross, history, and Stations belonging to various nations.
  20. Better to live the life of retired luxury.
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